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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spreading the Obsession

The following pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the post. :)


My blog obsession needs to be controlled... and yet I am here passing on the disease to you.

I work from 2 different offices and rotate between 2 laptops at home (mine and B's, depending on which is hooked up) and the computer at my laundromat (which is still my parents house). In total, I am on 5 different computers regularly.


While its easy enough keeping track of new blogspot posts, I was tired of trying to keep track of non-blogger blogs. Besides, I still haven't figured out how to search Blogger for different types of blogs. You probably all already know how to do this. How do we find each other out there in the blogosphere?

Then I found Bloglovin'. It is a site that keeps track of your blogs. You register with Bloglovin, entering an email address and password. Then you pull up your favorite blogs and become a follower much like you would here. Whenever your blogs put up new posts they pop up. I use it for all my non-blogger blogs.


As long as a blog has an RSS feed it can be linked to Bloglovin. If you can't find the blog you want to add then you simply cut and past the URL into the search in the corner.

My favorite part about Bloglovin is how incredibly easy it is to find new blogs of your interest. You can search Top Blogs, Blogs by Category, Hot Blogs Right Now and it will even suggest Blogs You Might Like. Oh and I almost forgot the Save feature which allows you to store your favorite posts.


You are probably all going to come back to me and tell me we can already do all that here. Feel free to leave constructive criticism whenever you see me floundering.

Whats up with the "ghost dog" picture? Can someone tell me what I did there?

How do you keep track of your blogs? Or is noone as demented as I am when it comes to reading them? Yes I know, turn off the computer and pick up a book. I hear you.

I had to add this on. Just for kicks and because I saw Halloween stuff at Target today click here to see a creativ poodle grooming costume contest of sorts.


  1. I use Google reader to keep track of all my blogs, since I have a google account it just works out for me.

    BTW. I. am. so. excited. for. Halloween.! Seriously! Almost as excited as I get for Christmas time!

  2. I use the blogger dashboard to follow non-blogger blogs, you just have to click "add" and add it using the URL. I'm getting close to the limit on how many I can follow, though, so Bloglovin' may be the solution I'm looking for. I know everyone loves Google reader, but I just can't get used to it.

  3. I've never heard of bloglovin. I'm like Nessie- blogger dashboard. I want to try Google reader, too. Now, I want to check out bloglovin. Thanks!
    By the way--no idea on your Ghost Dog photo, but isn't it cool??

  4. Mornin', Dawn!
    Non-blogger blogs? Your SLIGHTLY older mid-western friend is not exactly in with the times, jivin' with the lingo, or grrovin to the tunes ....

    May I ask ... What is a non-blogger blog?

  5. BTW .... Great photos! Love the flowers with the water droplets and your cute pug nose of a dog!

    ... And how on earth DID you get that ghost dog pic???

  6. Ooohhh, I love your photos!!!

    Gotta check out bloglovin... next week (after the cousins leave and after I'm happy that the kids have settled in with back-to-school schedules).

  7. I've heard of Bloglovin...but since I already use Google Reader and blogger dashboard, I'm going to have to restrain myself. Life is just so hard sometimes. So may good blogs to little time.

    p.s. The pictures are beautiful...and the ghost dog picture...slow shutter? low light? shaking hands?

  8. Yelena- probably all of the above :)

    CG- I meant blogs that aren't hosted by Blogger- the ones that aren't at

    Of course I had no idea you could add to your Dashboard. I'm a nerd like that.

    Courtney- we should have a little get together with Hocus Pocus and some baking- i do that a lot in the fall :)

  9. I use Google Reader to keep up with my fav blogs. Very convenient isn't it?!

  10. I use blogger dashboard and it words well for me. I am a bit obsessed with reading what everyone is up to. When I find a blog I really like I look and see if they have anything listed that they follow and that is how I find new blogs that interest me.

    Love the photos!

  11. Dandy,

    You can go to the layout button and click add a gadget link. Once there it will open an option box of all kinds of things you can add to your blog. One of these is a blog list. Simply click that box and follow the prompts. Sometimes it won't let you add some blogs you are following but if you view your blog first, then scroll down to the bottom of the following list and click on the pencil to edit, you can select the option to click add "all blogs I am following" or add by URL which is perfect for following those other blogs that aren't on Simply type the URL and your set. Don't forget to save all your settings.

    Then simply open your dashboard and they are all listed for you to read. If you need more help, just email me at

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. Haven't heard of bloglovin. Could use some organization so far just using blog list or friend connect or my own recall or clicking on everone's links from other pople's comments! I need help figuring out how to make a header for my blog but I'm a computer tard!!!

  13. I have never heard of bloglovin but it sounds like Google Reader which is what I use. Of course, Google Reader is like blog crack for me. I was trying to cut down on the blog reading but it just helps to feed my addiction.

  14. Google Reader changed my life! You can access it from any of your computers so that's not a problem. Try it :)
    Love the ghost dog pic.

  15. Sounds like you have lots of good advice here, Dandy, so I won't weigh in. But I DO want to thank you for your encouragement. You are so young and lovely and can probably easily identify with Bo's wing stretching. I'm coming along and am down to 14 Kleenes boxes a day! lol

  16. Dandy, I am going to have to check out bloglovin. Never heard of it and i would love a way to find new blogs. Sometimes I google food blog or twins blog and I get NOTHING, so I too was wondering how I could find blogs of interest. For keeping up with blogs, I use my dashboard. But I bet it's more fun on bloglovin!
    Thanks for the tip!
    PS Your dog is a superhero. His power is vanishing.

  17. Hmmmm...that could be interpreted either way. And since it is VERY important that you know this about your dog, I will clarify:
    His power isn't vanishing (as in: he's losing his power), he has the power of vanishing....
    See? What a relief that I cleared that up.

  18. I have enjoyed your blog since you started---you commented on mine once, and well, lets just say---I'm pitiful and I get so excited when someone comments, so I had to check yours out! I have really enjoyed your ramblings---I love ramblings! I use Google Reader for keeping up with all my blogs---sadly, I am on my Reader way too much! Enjoy your day and take some time to clap about something!

  19. love google reader myself. the only problem, is sometimes i get lazy and don't comment enough because i have to click out of the reader. oh well!

    xoxo, K

  20. What's a non-blogger blog. Someone who doesn't use "blogger"? I know that's a stupid question...

  21. Its not a stupid question at all! What I meant was a blog that isn't on "Blogger" just like you thought. I just couldn' figure out how to write that and my term didn't make any sense at all :)


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