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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Orange County Fair


Last Thursday night B and I went to the Orange County Fair! Let me take you on a little tour of what we saw.

There were elephants to ride on! This was where we first walked in. Perhaps a sign of what I would look like if the fair were in town year round.


We got in just before sunset and some of the animals were settling down. Is that comfortable? It gives me a neck ache just looking at her.


Ladies, could you please line up for me? I'd like to take a picture.

Thanks so much, you look beautiful.


This guy was such a tease. He would come up to me and let me pet him but the minute I raised my camera he would look away.

Don't you play sly with me mister! I know your type!


Everywhere we turned we saw signs like these! Can you read that?! Deep fried white castle burgers?! Deep fried s'mores?! Can I help it if I totally giggle at the phrase Zucchini Weeni?

Actually we didn't notice until this very moment that there were frogs legs or I would have tried them. Has anyone had frogs legs before?


Just look at the size of that corn dog! I know the picture is blurry but it was the best I could do with him waving it around like a sword.


Oh and the donkeys. Its the first time I've seen donkeys up close. They are so pretty! They are soft and velvety looking with gorgeous black-lined eyes and seeing them made me think of the wonderful folks at Flat Creek Farm that also have donkeys.

Yes that was the best picture I could get. The donkey had an itch and who am I to stand in its way.


Look at this man. Are you a llama? Alpaca? Doesn't this gig have a dental plan? That is one heckuva underbite. Sexy hair though.


Here is another blurry one that I needed to share. Just look at that smile! What are you dreaming of Mr. Pig? A world without bacon? I can't believe I even just typed those words out... that would be a tragedy. Please forget you ever read that.

Back to Mr. Pig, don't we all wish we could sleep like that?

Just for giggles I thought I would share the original picture....


If you can't see the whole thing (the butt), click on the picture. This ladies and gentleman is why you need to pay attention when taking pictures. The most human-like quality of a pig if you ask me.


For you crafty folks I took a tour thru the Youth Building. These quilts were awesome!


In highschool I spent a couple summers here helping with displays and working in the activity section. This really meant doing crafts with the kids. Grueling work.

I so wanted to take this Halloween quilt home with me!


And how sweet is this tinkerbell costume! I think this post is starting to exceed my allotment of exclamation points!!


Of course, we spotted the Turkey Legs! They deserve capitalization.

I didn't take pictures of the other food B ate because it all looked the same. Fried and brown.


Oh and don't forget the corn! B likes his with butter. You may die when I tell you how I eat mine (while at the fair, not at home). 1. Take corn and open up 2. slather with a thin layer of mayo, yes mayo 3. shake parmesan cheese all over corn, feet, pants and anyone standing down wind 4. add garlic powder 5. add chili powder 6.. don't inhale while eating.

In closing, because I like to present nothing but my best side, I let B pick his favorite fair picture.


Yes, I will going back to Weight Watchers on Saturday.


  1. Love it! I haven't been to the fair in a couple years..but oh how I love food! :) I seem to remember Tina working at the fair too? with.......Miss Milbey? Or something like that? I don't know.. but yea. fair. siblings. I remember. I think :)

    But uh.. Mayo? On corn? That's grosser than fries with Mayo (something my exboyfriend loved ew ew ew ew)

  2. Good job, at least one picture of a cow's butt! I don't feel like I have been to the fair unless I have a picture of a cow posterior. Butt, I mean but, I am having trouble getting my mind and taste buds around mayo on corn on the cob. How did you come up with that combo?

  3. I've had frog legs. In fact, I used to have them every year at a fish fry with friends. They taste like chicken. (Isn't that what they all say?!!) Great pictures. Quite fun!

  4. Looks like great fun! Another reason for me to look forward to fall. I can't wait for the fall fairs to start in my neck of the woods! : )
    That pig is too cute, I want to take him home!

  5. That looks like an awesome time...ok, I admit the mayo on corn made me go "what? really???" hahaha, whatever floats your boat, i guess...but now i will have to try it :) I think fairs are the best, especially if you have someone fun to go with!

  6. I'm not sure about the mayo on corn?! Maybe its a Puerto Rican thing? My niece introduced me to it and we're definitely not the only ones. The table next to the corn was all set up with mayo, parm, chili powder etc.

    Just wait until you see what else I tried. Its coming up in another post. :)

  7. mmm. Mayo on your corn, I don't think so. I will try it with butter and all the rest though. Looks like you had fun. I have not been to the fair in years.

  8. I loved the pictures, especially the alpaca with the fro. I've never tried mayo on corn but since you've got me curious, I'll give it a shot!

    Did they have deep fried pickles there? Now THAT sounds interesting!!!

    Looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

  9. That is a totally cute picture at the end there.

    I want a Zuccini Weenie. Now. Deep-fried avocado though? That just sounds messy.

    (And mmmm... mayo on corn! I'd totally eat it like that, and will have to try it!)

  10. the corn mayo combo sounds AH-mazing! I love the fluff-do on the mystery animal...B's fave pic just really sums it up well...I am totally jealous.

  11. You must live close to the OC. We live in So Cal as well and should get together and enjoy some of what California has to offer.

    We will be headed to the Pomona Fair on Sept 9th as part of a homeschool group. Let me know if your interested, I got free tickets and we go before the public arrives.

    The picture of the cow and pig are my favorite. I know I should have a farm at some point in my life. Something about a different way of life just screams at me.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. Laughing my butt off! Totally want a zuchinni weenie, fried avocado and would taste the corn your way. Hey send PW a note she has ton of corn! The elephant ride looks like fun!

  13. YUMMMY!! I'm rethinking my loathing of county fairs right now.. I may have to break down and go find a $100.00 bill to spend. lol

  14. Great pictures. I feel like I was right there with you. I just love the fair. At least you are eating the turkey drumstick. That's good for you right?

  15. So true, everything is expensive.

    I think the turkey drumstick was the healthiest thing there!

  16. Dandy I meant to check that out and forgot after the movie!! Thanks for the reminder!

    What great photos you took. I LOVE the one of the girls on the elephant (I WANT TO DO THAT!) and the donkey scratching his ear, especially. But they're all good!

  17. as my husband would say "good lass!" I love a girl who will eat with abandon! We need a fair like that near me!

  18. OH man... the fair! I love how yummy the food is, but I'm with you, I'd be an Elephant if the fair were here all the time.
    How cool that your fair even has elephants, I've never heard of such a thing! And I'm loving the pig butt. :-) Hehe.

  19. Honey, that pig was in HOG HEAVEN!! I can't stop looking at that picture!

    ... Round abouts where we come from, deep fried snickers bars are the considered a delicacy! Do you all have them thar?

    What a great time! I haven't been to a county fair in years! Need to go just to check out the food!!

  20. Oh we have deep fried snickers and they are fantastic! I had one last year at the fair. Honestly, I love fried foods. I make a cheating version where I use the pillsbury crescent rolls (the fact I used reduced fat makes me laugh) and roll them around mini chocolates like snickers, rolos, etc. and bake. So good.

    Your accent is cracking me up!

  21. The corn is crazy. Crazy corn. I'm hungry now - again.

  22. Dawn! I don't know how I missed this yesterday. I am eternally grateful to you for posting *donkey pics*! Aren't they the cutest creatures ever? Ok, so I'm biased, just a bit. I love all your fair pics!! Guess what? We are going to the Missouri State Fair tomorrow to see - guess what? donkeys! I know you're jealous.. hehe! Oh, and I certainly plan to have at least one corn dog :-p Thank you for thinking of me, and my long-eared friends during your visit to the fair. -Tammy

  23. Ahahhaha! You crack me up. You are my type of gal--fair food is just the best!! This post has so many worthy quotes--a world without bacon--WHAT?! Pig butts, sexy hair, Zucchini Weenis. It all makes for yet another fabulous post from you!!
    PS That halloween quilt was truly great. I love halloween/harvest themed stuff.

  24. That's some corn, thar, young lady! TTFN ~ Marydon

  25. I LOVE elephants. And, elephants with hair dos? Well! I am in love!!


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