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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Holy Chubs!


If you don't like looking at pictures of other peoples babies please come back tomorrow... I will be sure to post about something adult-like.

If you don't feel like looking at 45 pictures of the same baby from the same day doing almost the same thing turn away now.

OK maybe 45 is a bit of an exagerration.

I don't see my niece nearly as often as I should. And now that she is reacting and expressing and making little noises, I felt the urge, the need to take 200 pictures of her. You can all thank God I don't have a baby of my own. I must learn to control my picture posting when that does happen.

Those slim, toned, sexy legs belong to my youngest niece Cassidy. I told her I was photographing her rolls and the little munchkin flipped me off. Did you see that?! Kids these days have no respect.


B has a way with babies... and animals... and me. Is there anything sweeter than to see your honey holding a baby? Please note the drool on the chin. And the elbow and underarm creases.


And then B started the swaying, with the soft back rubbing and Cassidy got real comfy. In went the 2 fingers. I was gettin' all relaxed just watching them.


And then this happened.

I totally get it Cassidy, it happens to the best of us.


And then she was awake again. Look at that big yawn!

Why Auntie, are you taking a picture of me?

Yes dear, are you ready for your close up?


Oh I don't know, is my hair messed up?

It, uh, looks, err, fabulous. Messy is in. You can pull off that wind tousled look any day.

Little 'ole me? Why thank you.

I'm a little drooly right now, do you think people will mind?

Glossy lips are sooo in right now. You look mahvelous dahling, simply maaaahhvelous.


Oh Auntie, you are simply hysterical! I take back all those awful things I said about you.

Why thank you Cassidy, I appreciate it.



  1. Nieces are so much fun - yours is adorable. I can't believe mine is already 7 yrs old. Enjoy yours while she is little. And you can never take enough pictures of them!

  2. oh my, she is soooo cute! You're lucky to have such an adorable niece :)

    Also, what a coincidence, I make it my hobby to take lots of pictures of other people's babies (but in a totally non-creepy way) :D

  3. haha! My littlest monkey's just seen the pictures and in the way only a 21month old can has very sweetly said "oooo's is? bebby der" meaning, who's that? there's a baby! LOVELY pictures. chubsters are the best! xxx

  4. What a cutie!! I understand the picture thing. I have a 10 month old grandson who has had the camera shoved in his face since he was one hour old...he doesn't seem to mind!!

  5. Oh, Cassidy is adorable!!! She deserves every roll-lovin' photo you took. Beauty like that should not go undocumented. My favorite is the one above 'little ole me'. It looks like joy and surprise and love all in one expression. You are such a talented photographer.
    And HEY! We got to see B! Hi B! You're terrific!

  6. she is amazing and gorgeous and precious and lovely. DO WANT.

    Ok seriously B is awesome. I love guys who arent afraid of babies, my husband is a chronic baby cuddler and it is just as sweet to watch him as it is to watch the smooshy babies.

    I love her eyes...sigh....

  7. Hee, don't you just wnat to smoosh kisses all over those cheeks! B is awesome, he totally wants to be Mr. Mom.

    I'm having major issues witht he pictures. The one where she has her fingers in her mouth has those lovely sun spots in the corner but it keeps getting cut off in blogger.

  8. OK friends, why is it when I preview the post the pictures look normal and then when it get posted onto the blog everything get cut off on the right?

    Even if I resize the pictures and set it to small. I'm technologically challenged. Help.

  9. omgsocute

    I think the cutting-off part is just due to your layout, because if you *click* the photos you get the whole thing.

    Mine (being left-aligned) will spill the pics out over everything on the right, even though the preview seems to look fine, unless I go back and forth a bit resizing the pictures after I insert them while writing, or you can use the "html edit" tab and resize stuff like youtube videos down a bit until you like the size.

    And that is your overly-wordy, not-really-a-techie advice bit for the day. :)

  10. Thanks mimi, that was really helpful!

  11. Oh...she is adorable! Great pics. :)

  12. she is so cute Dandy, love your commentary! Great photos!


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