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Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Bacon, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways....

Last week I told you about the Orange County Fair that we went to.

But I left out my favorite thing.


Don't judge me! How could I not try such a thing?


So we walked up and I ordered. I heard the snickers and whispering voices behind me. "Eeeew, thats disgusting, I can't believe she is ordering that."

We were surprised when the vendor pulled a little chinese take-out box from the refrigerator behind him.


B and I love trying new foods. Earlier that day B had emailed me with an attachment of the vendor list from the fair along with some of the foods they would be serving.

There was no message on the email. There was no "Can't wait to go to the fair with you." or "Can't wait to take pictures of cute animals".

The e-mail was simply headed "plan of attack, ready, set, eat!!".
My B is a serious food lover.


My pick was the chocolate covered bacon.
I challenge you to wrap your minds around this.

Don't think of it as a greasy slab of bacon dipped in chocolate. Its not. Think of it as a chocolate bar with a crispy salty center.

Are you a fan of sweet and salty things? Chocolate covered pretzels? Its like that.


At the end you get a bit of bacon flavor.
Notice in the pictures there isn't any grease.

On top there are bits of kosher salt. In fact they give you extra salt for it.

I didn't salt it, I wouldn't do that. You know, I'm getting married in December and I don't want to gain any more weight. I wouldn't want to retain water.


I can officially say I've never met a piece of bacon I didn't like.


  1. I would never, ever in a million years, have come up with that combo but I love them both and have to admit, I would love to give it a try! I've pretty much come to the conclusion that dark chocolate goes with everything. : )

  2. Hmm...I've heard about this, but never dared to has always been one of those mysterious carnival foods to fried oreos...

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh. I am now wiping the drool off of my keyboard.

  4. Chocolate with a bit of savory center... sounds like my kind of thing.

    Ugh! I'll have to come back to check out this post again. I can't see any of the photos; they're not loading, for some reason. :(

  5. YESSSS! I have wanted to try this for awhile now! at my family reunion everyone was talking about it, sounds like its right up my alley....I eat everything. I do.

  6. OMG that looks sooooo good...

    Had I not reached a bacon limit this weekend (it exists, I found it) I would probably be drooling more, but I'm certain it will come back!

  7. Dandy,

    I believe I would have tried it. You know there have been weirder things out there to eat. This one is mild compared to those.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I love bacon! I can't imagine it chocolate covered. Your pictures make me think of Heath toffee bars!

  9. Wow! Now I have heard of EVERYTHING! I honestly would try it in a New York minute ...I love that sweet/salty combo!

    How was the fitting? Thought about you on Saturday!

  10. I would actually give this a go! I love sweet and salty and I like me some bacon here piggy piggy! Yes I are college edumacated...anyhow forgot to tell you I have tried frog legs. A prom date ordered them. They are alot like chicken only rubbier meat! For the record I had chicken cordon blue and it was much better than my date's choice!

  11. Okay, where can I go to get some chocolate covered bacon? I am now in search of it!!! Yum!

  12. Would never laugh at you, it is the ultimate salty/sweet combo - to bring out the flavor of chocolate you always need salt!

    There is a custard you would love with bacon-bits at the bottom, and a chocolate shell atop -yummy, yummy!

    Happy Monday,

  13. Number 1, I love it and I want to try it.
    Number 2, you've got yourself a good guy in B. Any man who says "plan of attack ready, set, eat" is a keeper in my book.

  14. Sweet and salty is one of my favourite flavours! That sounds really good to me. I'll look for some the next time I'm at the fair. It's way more appealing that deep-fried twinkies and oreos!

  15. Oh, YEESH!! Really????


    Reserving judgment.


  16. my mouth is watering. That looks incredible!!

  17. I'm not as adventurous of an eater as you are and have been against trying chocolate-covered bacon, but this post of yours has changed my mind. I mean, I love chocolate and bacon on their own, how bad could the two of them together be? Now I just need to find it.


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