Thursday, April 15, 2010

The truth about my pants

Let's have a little talk about my jeans, shall we? A completely honest talk.


Over a year ago I donated all of my size 2, 4 & 6 pants. After having lost weight it was a way to say... nuh-uh... I'm not going to be fitting in those again. Left only with my size 0's, when they started getting too tight to breathe I knew I had to crack down on the diet and exercise.

I managed to keep the weight off that entire year. Having read my blog and knowing how we enjoy food you can imagine how fantastic that is. I mean, I fluctuate but it's usually the difference between a fitted or blousy top.

After the wedding came the holidays. Oh how I love holiday eating. And all my pants shrunk. Something about winter always makes my clothes shrink. It must be the cold weather.

Unfortunately and perhaps fortunately I had one heck of a flu for the week preceding our honeymoon. This left me at the lowest weight I've been since I was 21. I traipsed around New Zealand in the same 2 pairs of very lovely size 0 jeans. I only gained 4 lbs.

But then I got home and the eating didn't stop and the workouts still didn't compare to the physical activity we had on holiday. (I love saying holiday, its so English)

I gained another 3 lbs. The total of 7 lbs on my 4'11" frame is more than enough to make all my pants tight. Tighter. Tightest.


AND THEN I GOT PREGNANT! At 6 weeks I had some belly bloat and that, my friends, was the last time I buttoned my pants. At 6 weeks pregnant. When the baby was the size of a pea.

That week I was put on pelvic rest in which you can do absolutely NO physical activity... and I mean none. We had some spotting issues but all seems well and I'm dying to get some excercise in because I feel like a big mushy mushball.

I'm Mushy McMusherson. Nice to meet you. This also means that when people touch my stomach they are met with a pillow of warm softness.... and the opening of my jeans.

So I learned the hair rubber band trick. I just need that little bit of extra space. And a BeBand. On the good side I'm really only up about 2 or 3 pounds.

I'm not saying that I need to be a size 0, but it sure would be nice to be able to zip up my pants. I really wish I would have kept those other jeans. Then maybe I wouldn't feel like I'm squishing the baby every time I sit.

I'm curious about my weight gain during this pregnancy. I hear that 25-35 pounds in normal. If you dare to share... were you in that range?


  1. I won't post Hunter's weight fluctuation, because it would throw off the average. Suffice to say that she's skinnier now than she was even 4 years ago.

    Weather Moose

  2. Poor Hunter, she had a really rough time.

  3. OK. I had 2 and the 25 to 35 range is true. My problem was after I had the babies I had a very difficult time taking time to exercise and I was still eating for 2... So my advise to you is just eat healthy and exercise when you can, walking is a good one when you are able.

    I had 6 weeks of bed rest at the end of my pregnancy and that was tough. I was not good at being inactive.

    Take Care and I am sending good thoughts!!!

  4. The average is 25-35 lbs.
    I gained 35 with my first, 37 with my second AND I'm sure I'm on my way to 40 with this one. Oh well... I like to thing my plumpness looks motherly!! I'm due in 11 weeks and then it will be healthy eating and exercise time... ug...

  5. I gained 50 pounds with my first. Not. even. funny. Though most of it was gained the last trimester, thanks to water weight. I was out of regular jeans by 10 weeks, wearing maternity, mostly because I don't like tight things around my belly. So far I'm holding out with this one, but that could be because I have a lot bigger pants in my closet from after I had Q- I just keep grabbing the bigger sizes...But, I'm only up 4 pounds so far, so I'm not complaining too much. I also started out a lot smaller than the first go around, too. BUT, all of that to say, I wouldn't stress. I did buy myself some low key prenatal work out dvd's, though. It includes a 20 minute salsa workout, and I wonder, does that mean dancing salsa, or chips and salsa? Because the latter I can dig. :)

  6. I can't even fathom being a size 0! you go girl:)

    I was super paranoid about my weight when I was pregnant. I walked a lot. Worked out with weights at the gym...took water aerobics. I wrote down everything I ate and I still gained 50+ with each baby. I think you can do your best, but your body will do what it needs to do.

  7. Size 0?

    I'm staggering with that one. You would fit in one leg of my jeans!

    I didn't actually gain much weight with Lex; I lost fat and gained baby by eating super-healthy (lots of veg, no fast/fried food, very little refined sugar, etc) so it balanced out... don't worry too much about it, you're very active (and will be even more so when the baby arrives), and any weight you gain will come right off, especially if you eat healthily during and after.

  8. Size 0? Um, I don't think I am having much sympathy for the shrinkage of your pants. I waved at size 0 as I zoomed on by. But Mushy McMusherson!! Oh that made me laugh.

  9. I gained 26 pounds. I exercised through my entire pregnancy. Even then, after baby came I still had 10 pounds of pure fat to lose. So the pregnacy had only put 16 pounds on me. Imagine how much would have been fat if I gained 50 pounds--like so many women do these days. However, nursing took that right off.

    I did 40 sit-ups 3x a week until I was eight months. At that point I couldn't sit up any more, so I raised and lowered my legs! But the work had been done and my stomach snapped back like a rubber band. In the delivery room the nurses were dragging others in to marvel at how flat my stomach already was, so those sit ups were worth every grunt and groan. And vanity aside, my stomach muscles were so strong that I pushed that baby out with gusto. Even the doctor commented on how effectively I pushed.

    I truly believe keeping your weight down makes for a much more comfortable and healthy pregnancy. My friends that gained 40 to 60 pounds were miserable the whole time. And who wouldn't be carrying all that extra weight around? I didn't get uncomfortable until the last two weeks and that was more because the baby had dropped onto my bladder so I had to pee constantly.

    I also did not get a single stretch mark. I know some of that is heredity but I can't help but think that lower weight gain helps--less stretching your skin has to do.

    Lots of walking and gentle exercise really does help you have an easier delivery. If you are having spotting issues you may not be able to do as much so it will be even more important to watch your calories. I got so hungry during the middle trimester I was up in the middle of every night eating huge bowls of cereal. I can't imagine how much weight I would have gained then if I couldn't walk every day!

    With you being so tiny you are going to feel every pound. Everyone laughs and says they get to eat for two when pregnant. My doctor always said "Eat for two and be as big as two."

    Either way, enjoy every minute. You are living a miracle when making a baby.


  10. I think everyone must be a little different. I, for example, gain weight between pregnancies. Ppffttt! I haven't gained more than 10-15 with my last three and got back to my prepreg weight quickly, but I keep starting my pregnancies at a little higher weight each time! It's like I'm careful about what I eat and get plenty of exercise while I'm pregnant but as soon as the baby arrives, that's all out the window!
    ☺ Celeste

  11. My philosphy is do what works. I gained 52 with my first, 32 with my second and 37 with my third. Between each of them I never got back down to prepregnancy weight as I knew I wanted more, and just enjoyed the moment. After my third, I knew I was done so now I am back down to pre-baby weight. So enjoy the moment, if you feel like eating those X, then eat them. Feel like walking, then walk. You will know what to do!! Big Hugs!!

  12. I gained 25 pounds with my first and right around 30 with my second. Everyone is different and you can't really compare. I think it just depends on what your body is gonna do! Just eat healthy and exercise and work your butt off after baby arrives! *That* is where I failed miserably!;o)

    And size 0... I haven't even seen that size since high school! Ugh! Brat! lol

  13. I'm in my 8 month, going on week 32 sunday, and I have already gained the alloted amount. I eat pretty healthy and do pregnancy yoga so I think some people just gain more while pregnant. I wouldn't worry too much as long as you are eating well and doing light activity (like yoga or walking) you will gain what your baby and you need.

  14. You're too funny! Size zero, how can anyone actually be a zero? The first time I saw that on a tag, I thought it was a joke!

    The weight gain. My, oh my. Talk about evil memories. My underweight, slightly preemie son caused me to gain 50lbs. It was water. Water, water everywhere. At the end, I couldn't wear shoes; my slip ons were barely doing their job. Get the image? I walked. A lot. But if your body wants to retain water, well if mine does anyway, retain water it will. And it did. All I can say is thank goodness for breastfeeding! : )


  15. Wow, you rock for maintaining a size 0 with all the food loving you do! :-) I'm only an inch taller but I rock the size 6-8 (but I'm hoping to go back to my size 4 figure...someday). I think as long as you're healthy and not pigging out on fried food every night of your pregnancy than anything you gain will be "normal". I'd hit up the thrift shops for jeans because I have a feeling you'll be one of those lucky girls who will bounce back to size as soon as the lil peanut is here!

  16. Only you, Dandy!! To post a picture of your jeans with the hairband trick--well, you da woman!! (And size zero?? Really??!! I used to like you. I'm not so sure now!! :) I think I was a size zero at age 5-- maybe!)

    I am soooo enjoying your pregnancy. Hope your pelvic issues are taken care of--and that you are back on your feet in no time!

  17. Girl, I gained a lot. Went to the hospital weighing 162. I am 5' 5" and it was hard to get off after that. Took me years but it came off. I had Caden at 26 and now at 42 I weight around 117. I have gained about 3 lbs. this winter and I am trying to get them off.

    My advice is not to go crazy with the eating. I did. I ate from the time I got pregnant and it was not worth it. It is too hard to get off.

    You look cute though with your rubberband around your jeans:)

  18. Size 0 - maybe when I was 8! But I did do well with the pregnancy weight thing. Only gained 23 with the first and 24 with the second. Actually left the hospital weighing less than pre-pregnancy, but gained while nursing! :(
    The first one was 9 lbs. 11 oz! So the weight gain was almost ALL baby. The second was taken 2 weeks early and still came in at 8 lbs. 3 oz.
    Now I am 55 and I am finally getting serious about losing the 'baby fat' . we'll see
    Congrats on the pregnancy!

  19. I have always been in need of dropping any where from 15-50 pounds but through 2 pregnancies (both 8 lb. babies) I only gained 13 & 8 lbs. respectively.

    AND during one of those pregnancies I had a milkshake every day.

    Every day.

    It was for the baby.

  20. I gained 21 lbs. I think pregnancy weight gain has a lot to do with genes. Everyone gains it and loses it differently, and many times you have no control over it at all.

    When I was pregnant I was finishing my last semester of college (doing the two mile hike to class and back every time I had class), and I was also waiting tables four days a week until two weeks before my due date. This may have had something to do with my low weight gain. I also took walks often and did prenatal yoga, so I guess I was pretty active.

    I was always concerned about not gaining enough, but my doctor never was. I ate very healthy and stayed away from sweets also. My pregnancy cravings tended to be on the salty side, not the sweet side.

    I think I was on the road to gaining 25 pounds, but at 7 months we found out about the 1 in 4 chance of CF, and I didn't gain a pound after that due to stress.

    I never did fit into maternity pants, which I assume you will also have a hard time doing since you're so tiny. After the rubber band stretched so far that it exposed too much, I began using the band that would go around the waist to hold up the pants. It was really comfy. I actually made my own...of course. :)

    The other day I saw a woman that looks exactly what you will look like when you're showing. I immediately thought of you! She had your little body with a five month bump. Sooooo cute!

  21. Oh how I remember those days...

  22. At the end of my first pregnancy, after months of beef noodles, I stood proudly at 45 pounds heavier than when I started. The weight gains for the second and third pregnancies were not as dramatic.

    Sadly, even though I slimmed down each time and am the envy of many other moms, I never ever quite fit into my size 3 tight-fitted Guess jeans again...

  23. LOL girl...

    Okay, so my first pregnancy. Sit down. Here it comes. (are you sitting?) I gained.... a total of... 60 pounds. Yes, you read that right, cause I typed it right. 60. I'm 5'1. Just get a visual of that.

    I was like the blueberry girl on Charlie and the chocolate factory.

    Then. I lost it all in 6 months and was good to go. Breastfeeding was my friend.

    Then I got pregnant again, only this time, I thew up constantly for about seven months and gained a total of 23 pounds. (I hadn't gained any by the 20 week mark. NONE. Zero. They had to give me meds to make me keep food down.)

    I had to giggle though, because no matter that I gained or didn't gain... I was/will not ever been a size zero.

    Anyhoo, cutie pregolicious... You know your body best, and just relax and enjoy every little thing it's doing. (except the bedrest. That's not enjoyable.)

  24. Despite gaining only 14 lbs during both pregnancies (and both babies were @7lbs), I gained AFTER giving birth --while breastfeeding. Went back to pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but gained weight while breastfeeding. So that thing about losing weight while breastfeeding? NOT true for me. If anything, I was constantly hungry. :(

  25. I gained exactly 35 pounds with both kids and delivered weighing 171, I lost 18 pounds by the second day with both, but the weight looked a lot different with baby number two. You are sooooo tiny, but super short too so It makes sense. Im glad you are resting, I was on bedrest with Isaiah for a few months, he wanted to come at 27 weeks. The deal is to realize what your cravings are containing, protein, iron and what not and finding a healthy alternative to it so that you arent taking in a bunch more calories. Oh and I weighed the same with both boys even though I was on bed rest for 3 months with Isaiah and worked 2 jobs with Taurean. It didnt matter whether I moved or not. My body did the same thing. Wow that wasnt the longest comment ever.

  26. I gained 40 lbs with Bug and 65 with the twins. That's probably a lot, but I think that's just normal for my body--I just gain a lot during pregnancy. It was mostly just in the belly, though--I didn't get all huge everywhere else. Plus, I (thank goodness) never got french fry or cheeseburger cravings. I always craved fruit, cereal and smoothies (and CIB, of course :o)). So I knew the weight gain was a healthy one. I remember I couldn't wait for my belly to pop. I was tired of just looking, like you said, mushy, during the first trimester. I wanted to actually look pregnant and start wearing all those cute and incredibly comfortable maternity clothes! Good gravy, even my black work slacks had a soft stretchy cotton waistband. They were heaven!!
    But anyway, on to the real matter: a size 0, girl? Holy cow, that's tiny!!

  27. You are so tiny ... i think that it would be natural for you to start showing earlier. It's a good thing, though ... means that sweet baby is growing!

    Best thoughts and wishes going your way for an easy 34 weeks!!!
    Hugs to you!

  28. I just popped over after ages away, and was so excited to hear your news! Congratulations!!

    25-30 pounds is a minimum. Don't let anyone tell you differently. I gained 50 pounds with all three of my pregnancies, and it all came off again when I started nursing. I don't necessarily recommend gaining that much, but I also don't recommend dieting during pregnancy. Eat healthy portions of healthy foods, and let the rest take care of itself.

    :-) I'm so happy for you!


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