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This picture is of 2 pairs of shoes my mom bought for the baby. This way we have all our bases covered. I brought them home and set them on the table to show B. The next day I couldn't figure out where they went until I opened our closet to get my shoes. B is always picking things up and putting them away, it's only logical he put them with the rest of the shoes. So there they are, waiting to find out who wins the honor of being on our baby's feet.


Today we have another appointment and ultrasound. I'm 14 weeks exactly so we can all throw a big second trimester party (again). My doctor said if the baby cooperates she should be able to tell us the gender. She won't be 100% sure but I'd still like to hear her guess. Then she will confirm in another month. Did you find out the gender of your baby?

What do you think ours will be? Boy or girl?

And since some of you have already asked....and I feel I should be honest. I want a girl but I really thinks it's a boy. Which will be just fine. I mean, who says I can't buy sparkly things and fairy wings for a boy, too. And bikinis...with little baby bellies showing.



  1. We found out both times (and with Mikey too of course, but that was different!). I've loved knowing and talking about and to our baby by name. Although there's always that 5% chance they've got it wrong this time!

    I am NOTORIOUSLY bad at guessing gender. I tend to decide right at the end and am always exactly wrong. For now, I'll say GIRL!

    Hope scan is lovely and exciting!! xxx

  2. We didn't know the gender of any of the progeny...although with Cartoon Girl my father knew. You see, Papa is an OB/GYN and he did one of my ultrasounds because it was the first grandchild and all. We told him that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby and he WAS NOT to tell my mother. He said fine he wouldn't tell her the sex of the baby.

    But he did go home and tell her not to buy blue.

    He did no more ultrasounds for me when I was pregnant with the other progeny. Grandpa status only.

  3. I was long before you could find out the sex. I'm hoping for a girl for you--especially if you're thinking of sparkly things and bikinis. (Poor B!)

    Love the shoes your mom chose. Those little boys shoes look just like B. But I have to ask--no high heels??!! : )

  4. I HAD to find out both times. C wanted to be surprised. I just had to know. I couldn't go through the whole pregnancy referring to the baby as "it." That's just me. IF we ever have #3, I will try to hold out and be that point, I wouldn't mind either way. :)

    I wish you and B a healthy, happy baby... a girl if both of you want a girl, but hey, if it turns out not a girl, you can always try again! ;p

  5. We waited. I'm old fashioned, and I figured I have the rest of my life to know, a little mystery until then was fine with me. Everyone said I was having a girl, so much so that I was convinced we were too. I even had slight touches of pink in the nursery. Good thing I also had a dash of blue! I wanted a boy though...I wanted to buy race car pyjamas! Weird because I don't even like car racing, I have no idea where that came from, but that's what I wanted to do.

    I just love any and all shoes in size extremely small!! Have you seen the little baby crocs? Too cute, and I don't even really like them but in baby size everything is adorable. : )

    Happy 14 weeks!! Yay!!

  6. YAY! So exciting. I was a freak about finding out. I had four ultrasounds...just to make sure:)

    There are two kinds of people...those who absolutely don't want to know and then those of us who HAVE to know:) So glad you are like me!

    I wanted a girl too. Boys scared me a bit. But now of course I would love to have a little boy too:) Can't wait to hear what they think yours might be!

  7. I'm like Becky, I'm one of those people that MUST know. I can't shop good bargains if I don't know! And I'm bad about guessing the gender, too. With Q, I knew everyone wanted a boy (he was the first boy out of 4 girls) and so I tried reverse reverse psychology by preparing everyone and their dog for a girl. (I hate disappointing people, so why not condition them? :P) even though my deep down gut feeling said it was a boy, I didn't let myself admit it. That being said, I think you're having a girl. I also kind of think I'm having a girl, even though my first instinct was a boy. In other words, I don't have a clue. I find out probably at the first of June!

  8. Those shoes are so cute, I wish John picked up around here! the pandas might make me cry a little. We found out with both boys. there was no guessing. It was quite obvious at 15 weeks...ahem...

    I would freak if you had a girl because they dont exist around here. But I do love having boys. I am so glad we get to watch you throughout your pregnancy, my biggest regret is not taking belly pictures so make sure you do.

  9. Yay! I think it's a girl, but we'll see eh!?

    I thought about waiting but I wanted to plan.

    Happy 14 Weeks, Dandy Jr.! :)

  10. I didn't know either time. The first I was sure was a girl and she was... Now the second I was also sure was a girl and when HE came out I was so shocked when I saw him. Oh, MY what a wonderful surprise. I was blessed to have one of each and I would not have had it any other way.

    Tough decision. Good Luck, as long as you and B can agree that is all that matters. :-)

  11. What cute little bitty shoes!
    I found out with my first two and was surprised with the others.
    ☺ Celeste

  12. So so happy for you sweetie. Let us know what the doctor says. You never know you may get a little girl who prefers sneakers to girly shoes!

  13. Hi,
    Do you know why your full posts don't show up in Google Reader? Only a snippet. :( Sad about this.

  14. Match and I have talked about this, and he really wants to wait, so we plan on that when we have a baby. Unless the baby does the cooperation thing and it's obvious, hehehe. :-) I love your adorable shoes in the closet. So precious!

  15. What cute shoes. Since you want to know, I hope that you find out!

  16. Such cute shoes! Your mom is going to have a ball picking out outfits and toys ... and so are you!
    14 weeks? Wow! Blessings to you!!!

  17. It's a boy!!

    No, it's a girl!!

    It's a boy OR a girl.


    I love you for organizing your shoes that way.

  18. You are so funny. I love, love, love that he put those shoes away with all the rest of them. So precious.
    We found out. I wanted a boy (first time around)-it was a girl. At first I was sad, but had time to get used to the idea. I was glad that we found out. Second time, I was used to girls, thought another girl would be fun. It was a boy. Again, glad for the time to get used to the idea. We found out for number three, too, but at that point it was just for fun. I also had two miscarriages, so a healthy baby was all we cared about. She was perfect! Now she's a two-year-old stinkpot, but when she was born, she was pretty much perfection. ;)

  19. We found out with both pregnancies. I'm a planner. yep. Had to have the nursery done and the appropriate color clothes all washed and folded in the dresser drawers weeks before my due date. :o)

  20. I vote for a boy. Boys are so much easier than girls:)

    Just my two cents!

    The baby shoes are very cute!


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