Monday, April 26, 2010

Road Trip to Becky's!


The lovely Becky of Farmgirl Paints asked me to guest post today while she vacations in Maui (lucky girl)... so please stop on by and visit me there!


  1. I'm coming from Becky's blog where you guestposted and now that I've spend quite some time on your blog reading your posts I just had to leave a short comment.
    This blog is really lovely and your wedding theme was just wonderfully chosen!

    Have a blessed week...

  2. I would totally have commented but it looked like she'd gotten hacked, so I refrained!! But I'm here to comment that I'm a hack chicken, and I LOVED your post... and I want to to to NewZealand too now! ( I mean, I did before... but your photos made me remember that I wanted to to there again.)

    And I laughed out loud about your drying off with a leaf comment.

  3. I loved your post on Becky's blog. I discovered my own love for waterfalls as a teenager at camp. There was this one waterfall (not as large as yours) but really beautiful. And if you were lucky, and I was several times, you spent the week in Milner Cabin. At night you could hear the waterfall as you went to sleep. It was the *best* sound to sleep to and I loved it. Anyway, I loved your post and am now following you:-) I also liked the dialogue post between you and your husband. Did you get the popsicle? lol.

  4. Dawn,

    Loved all the beautiful tropical pictures and you are right, in places like those it's easy to imagine fairy's and magical creatures live there. So glad that you didn't fall into the water for B to see but made a quick exit none the less.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I loved your post that you did for Becky. It was wonderful.



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