Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pillow Talk

DawnCraig  0341

~A picture from our wedding where I look accurately crazy and B is obviously putting up with me.~

The alternate title could be "Ways to annoy your spouse" or "Please just let me watch MASH" or "Fueled by fruit popsicles".

Me: B, do love me?

B: Yes.

Me: But how much do you love me?

B: A lot.

Me: Are you sure?

B: Yes.

Me: Do you think I should have another popsicle?

B: No. But the peanut can have a popsicle.

Me: Do you love the peanut more than me?

B: Right now?

Me: Yes, right now do you love the peanut more than me?

B: Well, yes because the peanut doesn't speak yet.



Me: B, do you love me?

B: Yes.

Me: Can you go get me another popsicle?


  1. our poor, lovely husbands. Poor Dave gets things like this all the time...

  2. Thats awesome...

    me: hey B do you love the peanut?

    B: Why yes Jana, I do ever so love the peanut

    Me: Then get it's mommy a popsicle. Word.

    ***I hate to take sides but I really understand the need for popsicles.

    Seriously you guys couldnt get any cuter.

  3. Doncha love those private, weird, crazy conversations...if anyone could hear the words at our house, they'd never take us seriously again. Never. Ever. But isn't it fun! lol

  4. That's right, Daddy B! Get that Momma a popsicle.

  5. Love it! So happy!

    sorry if I posted this twice... having issues!

  6. You are absolutely beautiful & glowing! I am pretty sure he got you one didn't he :)

  7. How sweet. Men do put up with all of our talking don't they?

  8. Hehehe, I love this conversation. I'm always pulling that on Match. I sweet talk him into getting up and getting me a drink or food all the time, and I don't even have a peanut yet! :-) I love that you call it a peanut too.

  9. You are funny ~ I like you!
    and fairies are real! aren't they?! =)
    yep ~ I am visiting from Becky's blog!
    congrats on the peanut!
    now following along =)

  10. Hahhaha! You guys are funny. I love B's expression in that photo--so classic!


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