Friday, April 9, 2010

Restless and weird


Today I am about as motivated as my dear sister Gingerbread. In fact, I feel like I have been lying in the gutter. I never feel rested in the mornings. My nights are filled with frequent trips to the bathroom, waking for no reason and maniacal dreams.

Last night I dreamt that B left me. Only I wasn't sad, I was mad. In my dream he was driving his truck down a street by my parents house. Driving away from me. Only I was chasing him in my fury. I was riding my big wheel behind him, yelling all the way.

My big wheel. Do you remember those? I can still hear the sound of the plastic wheels on the pavement. Pedal, pedal, shakes fist, pedal, pedal, scream, pedal, pedal.


After 5 weeks of not working out and generally turning to mush (more on this later) I feel like this lovely little one here.

Only it's not quite that cute on me.


And I think my butt might look like the one pictured above.

Speaking of dreams, I also had a dream last night that I completely blame on my sister Debbie.

In my dream I had family over to come see the new bundle of joy. I walked them into the baby's room and we leaned over the side of the crib to find.... a litter of cocker spaniel puppies.

To make it even more interesting, I was totally excited. They were so adorable with their soft golden hair!

I blame it on Debbie because we had a facebook converstaion that went like this:
Her: Are you going to find out what it is?
Me: Absolutely!
Me: I just can't wait to find out.
Her: Oh I hope it's puppies! I love puppies!
Me: Me too! I want a basset/ boxer mix!

Odd. I mean, where the heck did cocker spaniels come from?


But most of all I'm really looking forward to scenes like this. Kisses and cuddles and chubby softness (that is not my own) and even the drool.


  1. My daughter has had really weird dreams with both of her pregnancies. Some of the dreams this time have her pacing the floor!

  2. Dreams can really be funny. And sometimes just plain outlandish. I should write them down.

  3. That's normal. I think even dreaming about puppies is common. How weird is that? Those chubby baby legs were sooo cute. Makes me go mushy inside. B looks like a natural holding a baby. (That is him right??) You are so lucky;) Keep on a pluggin' on. It gets a little better.

  4. Pregnant women dreams rival that of what I can only ASSUME free spirited people in the 60's experienced. Seriously. The ones about the spouse leaving? I hate those. Forget pedaling the big wheel after them, pick it up and chunk it at their head. Then you wake up, feeling remorseful for being angry about fictitious instances. And, I feel you on the leg rolls. I have a 10 minute prenatal pilate dvd in my Amazon cart, but can't bring myself to purchase it yet. I mean, 10 minutes? Really?
    Hang in there. Pretty soon we'll be waddling and really miserable. It gets more and more exciting!! :)

  5. HHBL never remembers his dreams. I always remember mine and they are entirely weird. I am sure Freud would have a field day with me.

  6. Hahha! Pedal, pedal shakes fist. HA!! I'm dying over here. The dreams were really weird for me too. Dare I say it? Sex dreams? No? Okay. Just me? Wait, maybe that wasn't until 2nd trimester. Anyway, the gaining weight part is fun. Cuz it's so necessary and out of your control, and you can just hork it without remorse.
    Then just breastfeed til the leg rolls go away. :o)Hmm. Wait. That means I should STILL be breastfeeding. Sigh. Oh well.

  7. I hated the waking up so many times in the night...but just think of how it will prepare you for middle of the night feedings! I often got up 8-10 times to pee; then once the baby (each time-there have been three) was born, she or he only got up a couple of times. You'll think you're sooo rested! :)
    Sorry about the crazy dreams. And that is a very sweet picture of your husband!

  8. So so sweet and I am so happy for yall. You can work out later....don't worry about that. Just enjoy.

  9. Dawn,

    Your dreams are completely normal and it seems that when we are pregnant we dream more vividly and have more bizzare dreams than ever before. I just finished reading a book on sleep and found that all of yours are perfectly to be expected. You have concerns about the new life you're both bringing into the world and all the worries that go along with that.

    Make sure you stop by my blog for a chance to enter in both book giveaways as one ends tomorrow.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Aww, you and B will make really swell parents! :) I just know it.

    I don't remember weird dreams when I was pregnant... Both times, mine was a dream. That's why I so would not mind being pregnant again. :)

  11. "Both times, mine was a dream."

    Ooops, sorry. I meant a "dream pregnancy." All this talk about pregnancy is making me all dreamy!

  12. I'm sorry that you aren't sleeping ... but I do enjoy hearing about your crazy dreams!
    This is such a special time! Enjoy!

  13. hehehe, I think I would be excited about having puppies for babies too. We're having a duck baby and Match has been joking that it's like I'm the one who laid the egg the way I'm dotting on the incubator. :-)
    So far your pregnancy has been very entertaining. Thanks bump! ;-)

  14. Ha ha! I dreamt the first pregnancy I had a litter of kittens, this pregnancy the sex dreams have been weird, Thanks Elle Bee for admitting it too. Hope you start feeling better soon :)

  15. I told you to look out for those pregnancy dreams! : ) Bet it was a relief to wake up and find B still beside you!!

  16. I laughed so hard I cried! You're so funny!
    Hang in there, these are all good signs and it will be over before you know it.
    ☺ Celeste

  17. I'm just going to repeat what they all said already...

    Sound like you're pregnant. :)

    Fun stuff, huh? Heehee... but trust me, it's all worth it in the end.

    Especially when they're old enough for chores.

  18. I remember big wheels! They used to be so fun.

  19. I never had a big wheels, but I did have strange dreams when I was pregnant too. Oh, and I had a doozy of a dream last night, I sure hope that isn't a sign, ahem, of anything! Unless of course, it means a litter of puppies is headed my way. Can I order ahead of time? I'd like beagles please! : )


    PS. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy being able to act out on your lack of energy!

  20. hahahahahaha!!!! Last time round I dreamed that I gave birth to a couple of blades of grass which turned into jelly-babies and Mikey ate them...

    My sister in law dreamed her baby (due on thurs) was born with a big thick monobrow!

    Pre-pregnancy I had grand plans for being healthy and super-active. Stupid girl! I now eat cookies and strawberries for tea and tell myself I'll just re-join weight watchers when the baby's born!

  21. Haha, love that you shared these dreams, you're such a hilarious storyteller! But it makes me wonder, if I have such bizarre dreams now, what crazysauce ones will I have when I have my own bun in the oven?? (And puppies! Can we say best facebook conversation ever?)

  22. I had crazy dreams let me tell ya. Whoa. Crazy. Hope sleep comes and the trips to the bathroom are more like sleep walking trips than wide awake trips.

  23. Haha! Love dreams. Wonder what yours means?

  24. Just think though if you did have some puppies it would be a medical miracle and you would be written about in the medical books!! hang in there...and just think baby fat to pinch soon!

  25. The dreams have been so entertaining ... the best part of my night, to tell you the truth. But this morning ... in the shower ... I looked down and saw HUGE, SPRAWLING, DARK SPIDER VEINS all over the back of my legs!! Noooooo! Devastating. :-( Hopefully we'll know in 2 weeks what the verdict is on our little Fraggle. Which would you prefer? Boy or girl? (I will leave the Cocker Spaniel topic alone.)


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