Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love him, I love him not, I love him...

Taupo-Christchurch 142

I'll start by letting you know that I have no idea who this dog belongs to. B & I were taking a walk and she was just wandering around the houses and yards. She came right up to B, her long lost friend, and rolled over for a belly rub.

We've always talked about wanting a dog. Actually, when I searched out the apartment we are in one of the reasons I picked it was because it was pet friendly. We planned on getting a dog after we settled in to our new apartment.

Taupo-Christchurch 143

We've been in our apartment for over 2 years now. B just wasn't ready for it. Then we got engaged and spent our time running around planning. We decided to get the dog when things calmed down. Then we weren't going to get the dog until after the honeymoon.

Of course, during the last 2 years I have continuously sent B pictures of local animals that needed adopting. Why I do this to myself I will never know. Eventually I gave up the idea.

Last week B & I were taking a walk around the complex. Side note: Having not done any exercise since diagnosis confirmation of pregnancy my legs were actually itching from the extra circulation!

Anyway, as we were walking around B turned to me and said, "Lets get a dog."

????!!!!!!!! Um hello? I have been wanting to get a dog for years and you've decided that now is a good time to get a dog? Now with a baby on the way?

Not only that but where I always leaned towards adopting an older dog B is looking at puppies. Clearly the man is losing it. I give him a week to change his mind.


  1. Oh you need a dog. What's a bit more stress. You can handle it.

  2. Hmmm, what brought that on?

    C would never agree to having a dog. Not that I am so sure that I want one either. I love dogs, having grown up having dogs as pets, but I'd never had to really take care of them beyond petting and playing with them. I don't know if I will be able to handle having to take care of one, on top of my two tikesters. :)

  3. Ahahaha! My dear sweet husband did the same thing. We got a puppy in November, exactly 2 months before Q was born. A PUPPY! Thankfully it wasn't too bad, and she was an outdoor dog after the first few months anyway. But, I did spend a lot of time walking around on carpet on my knees, my big pregnant belly nearly touching the floor, cleaning up dog messes....Then, hubby decided he wanted a male, and that's what he got for Fathers day/his Birthday the following year, so I had not one but two puppies and a newborn. GOOD TIMES.

  4. Awwww that dog is so cute!!

    Well if you're going to do it, I'd say do it now while you've got the time to train, because after Dandy Jr. comes along, you'll be a bit...

    BUSY. :)

  5. Oh, my... i am a big fan of dogs and puppies, babies too. I have adopted dogs from puppies to young adults. The thing about a pup is you get to train them just as you want them. House training is always a challenge but better with a pup. Tip: Just remember they always go after they wake up, after they play, and after they eat. If you take them out then and praise them when they go you can have the job done in a few days... You will have to keep us posted.

    Kids and dogs are wonderful together. :-)

  6. That's exactly how we were--I wanted an older dog and Jay wanted a puppy. I was like "no way are we getting a puppy are you insane!?!" We got a puppy. SIGH. And she was crazy! But loveable. :o)

  7. Oh, you need a dog! They're a wonderful stress-reliever too, you know. keep us posted, please :) -Tammy

  8. Dawn,

    I love that you and B would consider adopting a dog or a puppy to make your home more complete. I can only imagine how much love you and B would give him/her and it will be a blessing for all of you. Can't wait to hear what you decide on picking out. WOO HOO!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. I got Shelby when she was six weeks old. That was a learning experience. She cried all of the time. I never thought I would get ANY SLEEP. It might be good preparation for a baby. The plus side is that when you adopt a puppy, they are DEVOTED in ways that dogs aren't. At least that has been my experience. Anyway, I love that little dog like she is a baby:-)

  10. Oh girl... all I can say is that I got a dog during my first pregnancy. Honestly, for me... it wasn't a good situation, but it was a good dog. We eventually found a very loving farming family for him to run and bark at. It was a hormonal decision on my part I think... Just saying.

    And I'm sure it would be much better in your case! So get one if you feel up to it girl!

  11. Puppies remind me a bit of babies-- the biting and messes! You might adopt an older dog-- that way you can be surprised in a few months!

  12. Dogs are good practice for babies. Although my hubby almost killed our first dog with a little lawn fertilizer incident. He has done okay with the kids so far. : )

  13. Just do it! You will never regret it. It will prepare you a little for your baby:)

  14. We got a puppy right after I found out I was pregnant. It was kinda like training – not it was training. Totally. Have fun with that. ;-]

  15. Hmm... I would say, get the puppy at the same time you bring the baby home from the hospital. Sounds crazy, but you'll be up all hours of the night anyway, you might as well be training a dog while you're at it. Just a thought. :-) Don't do it while you're pregnant tho, because that's when you need to be getting lots of sleep, to prepare for the months that you won't get any sleep. :-)

  16. We got our great dog, Daisy, three weeks after coming home from China with Naomi! Kind of like a 1st birthday present for Naomi! At least Daisy was already housebroken. Those were a couple of tough months, but now it all seems like a distant memory.

    I don't know what to tell you...I guess do what feels right!! I love kids AND dogs!


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