Monday, September 7, 2009

Tejon Truck-stop Treasures


Last weekend B and I drove from Sacramento back to Orange County.  Its a drive we have done many times... but this time was different.  This time I had a camera to play with.


I was getting bored and I was getting restless.  So when we stopped for gas just before we hit the grapevine I decided to wander around.

Who knew the Chevron in Tejon had such fun stuff?!


That second one is perfect for me!


Oh Bettie Page...


You sexy thang.


Um... how did this work itself in?  Can someone please explain this to me!  A self-heating meal?  I really wish we would have gotten it.  I could do a whole blog post on the trauma.  I may have to go back.  But I'm afraid they might be gone.. they were on sale for only $1.99.


There were these charming piggy banks.  Words of wisdom and truth.


OK, put the cocktail down.  Or don't.  Maybe you should continue on until this post is over.

I'd like to close with this little gems.  Creepy?  Cute?  Disturbing?  Funny?

Is that the tootsie roll owl in the background?  What are these?


Well, this one is just a tad more disturbing... I hadn't noticed the doll.  And yet, my first reaction was still "Ah,  look at these cute little.....what the heck?!"

Oh the entertainment provided at truck stops is never-ending.


  1. I'd love one (or two or three or four or five... you get drift!) of those piggy banks! I'd line them up on the shelf. And the one that says "Raising Kids Fund"? I'd tell J & Z that it's theirs and that they have to put their savings in that one...

  2. Those pictures are great! And just the thought of a "heater meal" makes me shiver....and not in a good way I might add.

  3. Those are cute! Well, all except for the disturbing things at the bottom. And the self heating meal? Wow. I bet it cooks your liver and kidneys on low for months afterwards. :P

  4. How cute is this treasured find? I mean Huewell Howser didn't do a California's Gold episode on this? How could he have missed those lovely self heating meals. I think for the $1.99 I would have had to try them.

    Love all that old vintage stuff. Would have picked some of that up as well and the banks too! The stuff at the bottom is just disturbing, but they do say there is something for everyone. I'm just glad I am not one of them.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. that is too funny, I collect mugs with the retro ladies saying funny things, people always buy me that kind of stuff....I guess I just exude that attitude. The little weird guys are sort of grute if you ask me... sort of hybrid

  6. Really? all these at a gas station? wow! I love the piggy banks, they are always so funny :)

    p.s. I think you really missed out with the self-heating meal...hahaha


    What a hoot! Those things are the things I normally pass right by at a gas station ... but you, Dawn ... you brought them front and center and made me laugh out loud, loudly!!!

    How can we do without the Heater Meals! (What is in those things?)

    I love the chocolate fund container and the little zombie dolls remind me of the Waiting Room in BeetleJuice!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  8. I love those pseudo-kitschy things! Some friends got me one of the piggy banks ("I'm saving up to quit my job!") and I have a magnet, too. Love love love.

  9. Oh!! I love the retro stuff... I collect retro magnets with clever sayings on my fridge. :-) Thanks for your comment on my blog!! Love yours!

  10. chocolate fund, because chocolate can't get you pregnant! hahaha! and that self heating meal!?!?! oh i would've loved to see you do a review for that! haha! great blog, can't wait to read more :)

  11. WHAT A FANTASTIC PLACE!! Two choices for dinner--take it or leave it--HA!! And I also loved turning off the lights instead of cleaning house. Too funny! Thanks for continuing to bring me entertainment from the most unlikely venues!

  12. So very cute. I love those retro 50's housewives and what they're *really* thinking. :)

  13. I NEED that chocolate piggy bank!

  14. Funny post!!! Love the tootsie roll "owl"!

  15. I could just see you walking around taking pictures. Such a natural born blogger!


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