Monday, September 21, 2009

Ebony (EB)


Jump EB, Jump! This is Ebony.
When we were in Sacramento a few weeks ago we stopped to visit her parents.
I'm pretty sure she thought we were visiting her.


Isn't she gorgeous? Yes, she is a pit but she is not in the least bit ferocious.
I'm not even sure she knows she is supposed to be a big tough girl.


She likes to look at herself in the mirror. She preens.
She loves B. B has a way with animals. Animals and babies.
It must be because they have so much in common.


I was thinking about stealing her ball... but I think she is on to me.
EB is really just a big baby in pit bull's clothing. She thinks she is a lap dog.


We like to cuddle on the couch. I told you she is a big love bug.
Please don't look at my legs. They look weird.
I told you not to look! Actually they represent the ivory in the picture.
Ebony and Ivory... live together in perfect harmony....


  1. Love the ebony and ivory!! : )

  2. LOL, I'm ALWAYS the ivory in every picture. Ebony is a beauty!

  3. Ebony is a beauty! The pic of both of you together is so sweet! We had a Pit when we were first married. She owned us, and was the biggest sweetheart ever. So, I understand! -Tammy

  4. Oh man, I can relate with Brandy, I'm always the ivory in every picture, too. :P I worked for a veterinarian for 5 years, and pits were our favorite patients. They are generallythe most loving breed of dog out there. Matter of fact, more dog bites per year occur by the beloved Labrador than a Pit. They just get a bad rap. She's beautiful, too! Her coat is so glossy, which is no small feat for a Pit bull. :)

  5. She is so cute! When I was little we had a rottweiler like that. She was a sweetheart :)

  6. Sweet baby!! I'm trying to figure out what you are talking about with your legs. They looked fine to me.

    Stop by my blog later. I gave you an award:)

  7. what a precious girl!!! and whats wrong with the legs? but good ebony/ivory contrast though. hahha! ;P happy monday girl!

  8. The only thing wrong with the legs is that there isn't enough of em showing! Seriously though, beautiful's all in how they are raised (pits).

  9. What a cutie! And those ears!! You, my dear, are gorgeous. :o)

  10. Aw. She's such a cutie. Maybe you need one?

  11. Awww...Ebony is beautiful. I'm owned by two shih tzus and a pit that is 7 months old. He is a big Baby Huey. He thinks he's supposed to be a lap dog. He is the most loving, drooly boy around.

    Your legs are fine!!

  12. side by side on my piano...I was singing to you, I love her, I am afraid of big dogs but always willing to conquer fear...I was attacked by a great dane once...Im a bit sheepish now.

  13. What a beautiful adorable dog. She would be one that I too would cuddle up with and just hang out on the couch with!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Oh your legs don't look weird!! Silly girl. Sorry I looked, but you said don't look and of course I looked. I try to obey, but it's like a compulsion or something...

    And now I'm singing that song. You know, I'm not the biggest fan of that song... but now I'll think of you when I hear it... or drive my family nuts by humming it for the remainder of the day.

  15. That EB is a lover boy, isn't he!! And YOU are the one he loves! He couldn't get any closer to you!!!

    Hey, girl ... you look great!!!!

  16. Awww man... she's colored just like our dog (Blackie.. our son was 7 when we got her, and he named her. What can I say?). And, that "out of the corner of her eye" pic reminds me of Blackie, too. Sweet doggie.. so sad to me that pits have such a bad name because of stupid people. And p.s. Your legs look fine. Silly girl.


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