Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bonus Post

There are so many good Giveaways out and about these days I wanted to let you know.. but I didn't want you to kill me for skipping a wedding or cancer post... but then I didn't want you to miss out on some great opportunities....
So we have a bonus post!
dreaming anastasia
Head over to Today's Adventure where Nessie is giving away the book Dreaming Anastasia and an autographed poster.
For you food bloggers out there... you have to check out this giveaway. I saw this unbelievable opportunity that on Matt Bites.

Who out there has won a blog contest... and what did you win?
Oh and if haven't already... enter mine!

1 comment:

  1. I love blog giveaways! I've won $25, a baby food thingy, and just yesterday won a t-shirt. make my life complete, I want to win your giveaway.

    Oohhh, okay, my life will be complete even if I don't win. *sigh* :)


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