Tuesday, September 15, 2009

May I take this dance...

I hadn't planned on doing this post today but I'm tuckered out and can't bring myself to upload photos and commentary and give the food... er, posts... my full attention.

Besides this is very important stuff here!

Lets chat about that very special first dance as a married couple. You know the one in which you embrace and share a private, intimate moment in each others arms, swaying to the music of your hearts... while others stare at you while they shift uncomfortably in their seats. What? Did I just say "music of your hearts"?

We need to make a final decision and I've handed it over to B. We wanted something with a classic feel without being wildly popular. We had to be able to dance to it which ruled at 90% of our music choices.

Etta James is one of my favorite singers. Oh the power in her voice. At Last is a classic that I adore but I wanted something... different. I know, I know, you aren't at all surprised. We also wanted a song we knew we would appreciate 50 years from now.

Here are the finalists (I think... unless you have some great suggestions. Wait no, don't confuse me. Actually, I'm always looking for new music, so yes, suggest away)

Trust in Me


My Dearest Darling

1. Which one do you like?

2. If you are married: What song did you chose for your first dance?


  1. Okay, the audio in my laptop is not working, but I will check out your choices on the PC later...

    The song for our first dance was Lauren Wood's Fallen, because... well, okay, I will blog about, like, now.

  2. we didn't dance! I know i'm weird but I HATE dancing so I banned it. I was scared enough about walking down the aisle!

    I really like both songs - it depends on the mood you want. the 1st one is pretty sexy and sultry and the 2nd one is more cheery and smiley. Do you want your guests to swoon or smile?! xxx

  3. I'm with Alice. Each is pretty in a different way. Music is of major importance to me. We didn't dance at our '76 wedding. I'm with you on something classic. So many pop songs come and go...you want something that endures.

  4. I liked at last and played that at my reception. I kinda favor the first one. You can'r go wrong with either though. Good choices!

  5. Important choice I agree. We chose 'You look wonderful tonight" Eric Clapton. I still cry everytime I hear it. Pick the one that makes you cry (tears of joy ofcourse..) Figtreeapps

  6. I like Trust in Me, only because it was a touch slower than the second one. The minute I heard it I could see it being danced to. I love her voice!
    We didn't dance at our wedding, because if I'd of allowed it we'd of done a boot scootin' boogy all Texas style, and I just don't scoot my boots. ;)

  7. Mine was a second marriage after a disastrous and long first. So we kept it small. It was we and our parents and a handful of family. So no dance. But I can tell you happily that we've been dancing through the past 20 years. Sometimes with feet flying and loud, sweet laughter. Sometimes dragging, sweating, crying as we dealt with tough issues. Always praying. And I can tell you the dance gets sweeter with every day. Be secure in God's love. Be secure in your love for each other. Through tough times we clung to the former as we built the latter. Both songs are lovely.

  8. This is a toughie...I like both of them, but I will have to go with "Trust in Me"...it's beautiful!

  9. Oh Etta James... she is like no other..

    We had no dance, we were young and stupid and didn't know how to throw a wedding par-tay! (we'd do it much better if we went back in time)

  10. Me and John danced to Miss Etta, and then lonestar (family tradition) its always a hard choice, but both are so good I don't think I am any help when it comes to deciding!

  11. Okay both totally cute...

    First one = slow and sweet, but...

    Second one = Nobody will see it coming, and you can dance slow and then WORK IT on that bridge! :) Oh yes.

  12. Ah, what a great topic you have brought up. We recently went through this same debachle. We thought about Etta. "At Last" is a gorgeous song ... however, it's a bit overdone. So, we opted for Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt "All My Life". We may still change our minds, but so far, this is it for us.

  13. Oh my goodness, the pressure of this vote! I have to go with "My Dearest Darling". The other seems to have a touch of longing to it, and this seems a bit more celebratory, more of a statement of something that is rather than wishing for what might be. But who am I to suggest? I danced to Strangers Like Me from Tarzan. What was I thinking????

  14. I'm also going with "My Dearest Darling." The first one is lovely, but I'm a happy wedding kind of girl!

    Our first dance was to the Manhattan's "Shining Star." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIvOPXgxLfg/

    I'm not a good dancer, but a friend of ours who teaches dance choreographed a basic little routine for us which wwas AWESOME and helped so much! We messed up a little but it went well and people were so impressed (all credit goes to my friend).

  15. We didn't have an official wedding, it was completely last minute with his parents in a courthouse. So we didn't do the first dance or even a dress. It was my second and his first but I will always miss that opportunity to see him in a TUX. Perhaps we will for our 15th???

    Our dance song would be While I'm Waiting by John Waller or Love is Not a Fight by Warren Barfield, or my favorite and number one choice would be Divine Romance by Phil Wickham.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. While they're both lovely, I prefer the reverence of Trust in Me.

    As for our song, what a whole three weeks ago? I just posted about it. Feel free to take a gander.


  17. That is what I LOVE about you, girl! You are this young, hip woman who knows what classy is all about!

    Both are great Etta James choices, but I like My Dearest Darling just a smidge better than Trust In Me. But that is just me!

    I was not as clever as you ... way back in 1972. The band that played for our song were all friends of my hubby who also was in a rock band at the time ... they played Chicago's Color My World. Still one of our favorites!

  18. I love Etta and enjoyed them both, but "Trust in Me" spoke to me a little more than the other one. Sadly, we are Baptist and dancing wasn't allowed in our Church. Can ya believe that? We DO dance though.. sinners we are.. haha. I love being in on the wedding plans!! Thanks for sharing :) -Tammy

  19. Oh I liked Trust in Me!!! I haven't heard that song before!

  20. PS you coming to blogcrush tomorrow? I really want to meet you.

  21. Hey!

    Love your choices. You don't strike me as a country music fan but you just need to go listen to this one (not too twangy), not for a first dance but it's such a beautiful love song - and the voices, it'd be good to play at the reception... or maybe later.

    "Lay Down Beside Me" (Alison Krauss duet w/ John Waite)

    Also, "The Best is Yet to Come" by Tony Bennett that'd be a good one.

  22. I honestly can't remember what we danced to. I'll have to ask my husband. I know he wanted "To All the Girls I've Loved Before," by Willie Nelson. But I nixed it!!

  23. I've been horrible at commenting and visiting this week, be patient with me :)

    I can't wait to spend time listening to all of your songs and I'll pass on your feedback to B!

    And Amy... I love country music :)

  24. Hiya Dandy, Your choices are fantastic.
    My favorite is Trust in Me.
    We danced to Nat King Cole's "Our Love is Here to Stay".

  25. While I love the sentiment of Trust in Me, I think I prefer My Dearest Darling. I, personally, absolutely do not have the dance moves to justify either of these songs, but I'm imagining how positively romantic and powerful and decadent a scene it would be to see bride and groom covering the dance floor with sweeping steps and low dips...
    Of course, the day and the song and the moment will be enrapturing enough that a jr. prom shuffle would probably be just as effective, but these songs make me want to take some dance classes. My husband may never forgive you.

    Oh, and I've been married eight years and I am drawing a complete blank on the song we danced to! I know, I'm a bad person. And I didn't even keep a cute little wedding scrapbook that lists all those details. I have to say I don't think it has effected my marriage at all.

  26. My Dearest Darling. DEFINITELY!!!!!!! It is so unexpected. I, too, love Etta, but actually never thought of this for a wedding song. How fantastic!

    As to our wedding dance - we didn't. Yup - you read that right. No dancing at our wedding. My song, though, is "What a Wonderful World."


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