Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Autumn Equinox

AUTUMN from Greenwave on Vimeo.

At sunset today Autumn officially starts! In celebration of the change of seasons I thought I would put up a few gorgeous videos. (Turn on the HD and view them full screen if you can) The first 2 are calm nature scenes and the last has a bit more energy. Enjoy!

Many of you will get to experience the wonderful fall foliage yourselves. Please share it with me! Having been born and raised in Southern California the changing of seasons has more to do with holidays and activities than it does with nature.

Fall Foliage 2007 from Nick Bowie on Vimeo.

These last two videos were taken in Maine. These are for you Sherri and Kayla!

I have always dreamed of being able to witness the beauty in New England during this season. Someday I'll make it there.

Autumn brings so many things I love. Roasted fall vegetables, the smell of baking, hazy days, spicy scents, cool air and warm blankets. Oh and coats. I love coats. I don't need them but I love them.

The fall makes me think of friends and family coming together. Nights beside the fireplace, gatherings in a warm room and the start of the holidays.

Tumbledown Fall Montage from Desi Van Til on Vimeo.

"For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad."
- Edwin Way Teale

What do you like about Autumn?


  1. Fall is my favorite season!! Why? Flannel sheets, tailgates, pumpkins, jeans, and the beautiful fall flowers and foliage! My husband would love to live where it is fall year round--or those temperatures anyway. Thanks for the videos. They will get me through until we look that way around here!

  2. Fall is my favorite time of the year.
    Jeans, sweaters, football, pumpkins, pecans, slow roasted meals, cool nights, and wonderful foliage. We don't get a drastic change like they do up north, but still beautiful in a subtle way here in Alabama.

  3. My absolute favorite season. Thank you so much for sharing these videos. My kids and I are watching them now. Just gorgeous!


  4. Lovely videos, Dawn! Puts me in the mood for hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace!

    Ah, Fall!
    Several of my friends have moved to Florida from the Midwest. They talk about how much they love the warm weather year round. I don't say anything, just smile, but I always think about how much I would not like being where the seasons don't change.

    I think for me, not only do I love the look of Fall, but the smell of it as well. In the mornings, now, there is a special faint scent that will increase in intensity as the leaves begin to change. As you breathe in the aromas, you also breathe in a drier, faint coolness that is ... exhilarating!

    Welcome to Fall, my old friend.

  5. We don't get the changing of the leaves here either... and the weather? I'm still waiting for it to cool down.

    That said, fall is my favorite season. I love the promise of cooler weather (eventually!) and when I lived in the Philippines, that's when you start hearing Christmas carols being played on the local radio stations! :)

  6. So beautiful. I love fall too. So festive and exciting!

  7. Autumn is *not* my favorite season, but that's not what you asked, is it?

    My favorite thing about Autumn is when it acts like summer. :)


  8. Our leaves change, but with that comes wind that would knock your socks off, so we don't get to enjoy them on the trees but for a few days...then they blow into neighboring states. Today is the first day it's even felt like fall, which is fun timing! One day I'm going to go to the New England states where I can enjoy the turning of the trees in it's fullest. :)

  9. Oh I love the crisp, cold morning with frost on the lawns and in the streets where people have turned their water on. The beautiful leaves that change color and perform a dance in the streets swirling in the currents of the wind!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. What do I like about Fall? I'll tell you.

    I like no longer having to wear sleeveless things. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. I no longer have to truly care (until early spring) about the muscle tone (or lack thereof) in my biceps. Jiggle all ya want baby, that's my motto.

    I'll off to find a sweater.

  11. Leaves and sweater weather and apples and baking. Oh yeah.

  12. I will definitely share the New England fall with you :)
    It's amazingly beautiful!
    Oh, and there are too many things that I love about fall! I agree with everything said in the comments above :)

  13. Lovely! I love fall. My birthday is in the fall. The colors are stunning. I love roasted veggies and fall soups and sweaters.

  14. The North Shore of Minnesota also has glorious fall colors. This will be my first fall without a real change of seasons!

    I'm more of a summer girl, but I still love my fall apples. We eat more apple crisp than I care to admit.

  15. Apples, Fall colors, COLD CRISP sunshine, pulling out the wool socks, thermaskin underwears, and sweatshirts even tho it's still a little too warm for them, because winter is coming--YAY!, Canning, making and eating soup... I could go on, but I'll stop now. :-)


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