Monday, September 14, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time


First off, I want to thank LilOregonBug for giving me the fantastic idea of listening to audio books during my commute. I normally spend about 2 hours in the car a day, sometimes 3 hours and in Friday traffic often more. I drive from South Orange County to LA half the week and thru OC the other half.

I am loving the audio books. It does feel like cheating though and I don't retain nearly half as much information. I've returned a few books because of annoying voices... but I'll have to get over it. Someday I'll have the time again to sit and read. But I won't give up blogging for it and the wedding won't plan itself.

In the past 2 weeks I've listened to 3 1/2 books.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon is a book that I actually own, had started and hadn't finished for some unknown reason.

The book is written from the perspective of a 15-year-old boy with Asperger's, a type of Autism. One evening he finds his neighbors dog has been murdered and he decides to do detective work and solve the murder mystery. His name is Christopher Boone and although he has a major social handicap he is a math whiz. I found myself both cringing about and loving those social handicaps during this story. As Christopher works to uncover this mystery he will find out information that will change his life as he knows it.

The author Mark Haddon previously worked with Autistic individuals and had incredible insight into the workings of his character's mind.

I really enjoyed this book. It is completely different from what I have read/listened to before. I found the point of view intriguing and entertaining.

Has anyone read this?


  1. I haven't read it, but am always on the look out for something good. I'll have to check my local library's catalogue. I spend a chunk of my day commuting too and audio books are great! I prefer non-fiction on the road and I save the stuff I want to 'read' for bedtime.

  2. I've never read it ... but I am interested now. Like you, I don't have any time to "read", but I do have an hour commute each way to work. I'll have to find it on tape. thanks for the suggestion. BTW, the most annoying "book on tape voices" are people faking Southern accents. It makes me want to barf.

  3. We download podcasts to our iPod and take advantage of long drives to listen to favorite speakers that we would otherwise not listen to. Audios, too, are a great idea!

  4. I'll have to stick that on my list of books I want to take time to read someday!

  5. This sounds like a good read. Nice review!

  6. This is a FABULOUS book! I just love it! I've just been lent another Haddon book 'a spot of bother', quite a calm read - not quite so funny and intriguing but the same sad/comic compellingness!

    It seems you have excellent taste in books!

  7. Oh man, my BFF listens to everything on playaways from the Library. She drives a lot, but I don't... you think my kids would notice if I just put one earbud in on ear and began tuning them out a bit more??? ha!

  8. I loved this book. I had a student with Asperger's and he could have written it! It is written just like his mind worked and with the same vocal patterns. Great book!

  9. Oh I love audio books! ...maybe a little too much...I usually download them offline and listen to them while editing photos...oh also I download them for free from a local library (works just like loaning a book)I think they even allow you to burn some of the books onto CDs, but I've never tried that. OK, I will stop my rambling now and definitely check out that book :)

  10. One of our sons did a stint as an adjunct professor for a few years and had to travel the plains of Illinois on back country roads for several years. He LOVED those audio books!
    Even now, though his commute is much shorter, he still listens to them.

    That is a long time in a car, my girl! Glad you found those books to keep you company! The story of the "Curious Incident" sounds intriguing!

  11. I read it and then earlier on a trip I got it on tape and my husband and I listened to it. I loved it. I still remember what was going on when I read it. I was taking my oldest to her orientation for college and I read it while waiting for her at various times during the weekend. She graduated this spring so it was a while ago. Thanks for reminding me of a very nice memory. I hope you are doing well.

  12. No, but my neighbor's son has Asperger's. So she may really enjoy that book. I'll pass the name onto her.

    Great idea to do audio books. I would hate that commute...poor thing!

  13. I haven't read it but it sounds interesting. I too used to listen to old time radio plays on my CD player during my 3 hour commute each way to work. I learned so much and got through so many books that way. I hear that you can check them out at a library now. I used to just buy mine.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. I have, er had, the book. I lent it to the wife of an ex-colleague and never got it back. They've since moved from HK...

    Audio books, hmm. I've never tried them. Will have to check them out, if only to see how it compares to actually reading the book myself.

  15. I've really been trying to get into audio books, but so far no such luck. Then again, I don't have anywhere to commute except to the kitchen and back... ;)

  16. My boy has something within the realm of Aspergers, I bet I would totally relate to this book, what a cool author!! thanks for the suggestion!

    all I can think of when I hear "audio book" is 7th grade, some book called truman or something, we wouldnt read but listen, I thought it was sort of weird at the time. Our teacher was a csi agent back in the day and would tell us the most disgusting stories....thanks for letting me share that with you haha!

  17. I've read it, and had fallen in love with it while reading! such a great read!


  18. Thanks for the shout out, glad you're getting into audio books. Aren't they fun? And yes, I've returned books because of annoying voices. The problem I run into is I read regular books, and then listen to my audio books in the car, and sometimes I confuse the two. Or, I love the audio book so much, that I'm looking for excuses to go sit in the car! My feelings on audio books are if you're stuck in the car anyways, might as well listen to a story! :-)

    I'll have to check out this book, hopefully my library has it.

  19. I super-love this book. I actually preferred the audiobook version, too. The reader has the cadence down pat. The books sounds the way it was meant to. The way most of us could never make it sound in our heads. This book is uncanny. I have taught several autistic children over the years and this book nearly gave me the shivers. It is dead on, I tell you. I love it!


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