Friday, September 25, 2009

Mad Men and madness in general


We've done so much lately my posts are piling up everywhere but my blog. Yet here I am. I'm posting pictures of gold foil. You have to understand I have an upcoming crane deadline that is fast approaching.

I'm surrounded by tiny little piles of gold foil paper. They are multiplying. I can feel them lurking in corners. Staring at me... unfolded and not at all crane-like.


I promise I'll be back to posting substance soon. That is, if you consider 45 pictures of my dinner substantial posts.

I decided to rent the first season of Mad Men to keep me sane during my folding.

What was I thinking? The show is actually make me mad... or sad... or unsettled.


Let me start with what I like. I adore, ADORE the clothes. I can't get enough of the style. I want the furniture. You know I love the cars. The music is fantastic. Really, I want to go back in time and steal all of these things. Then I want to bring them back to my world.

My world involves living and voicing opinions and loving someone and not feeling trapped. I am 4 episodes into the first season and its all so tragic. Tragic I tell you! They are all screaming on the inside. Just watching it made me want to burn my bra (although it would be such a little fire) and smack some sense into every one of those characters. And yet, I am still watching.

I am still day dreaming about the clothes I would like to pluck from the screen. When did wearing dresses become something for special occasions? I need to wear more dresses. I need more red lipstick. It went from normal to daring to wear red lipstick and there just isn't enough red lipstick anymore. What am I rambling about? I have no idea. I think I have gold foil poisoning.

So tell me, you Mad Men fans.... is there a bright side? What keeps you coming back for more? Is everyone trapped and struggling forever? Do you always feel the urge to have a martini while you watch this... or is it just me?

Also, when was the last time you wore red lipstick? I'm taking a survey.


  1. I think I tried red lipstick about 10years ago and like ALL lipstick it made me look like a drag quenn. Never seen mad men - it sounds a bit intense for me!

  2. Sorry, I don't think we get Mad Men here (but then I don't get to watch TV much beyond kiddie programs!).

    Red lipstick? Aeons ago --when I was performing in a school program, way back in grade school, I think!

  3. My daughters love Mad Men and have been after me to watch but I resist! I am already sucked into The Biggest Loser and that is all their fault. I am not letting them lead me down any other TV roads!

    Red lipstick! I am lucky if I remember to put on any lipstick.

  4. I've only gotten into Mad Men this season. Very nostalgic. Brings back lots of memories. My memories are a bit on the lighter side, thank goodness!

    Red lipstick? As much as I adore it on others, I could never pull it off! I bet you, however, look gorgeous in red!

    May I ask what the gold foil is for? Something for the wedding, I'm thinking?

  5. I've not seen Mad Men, and I haven't ever worn red lipstick, mostly because my face tends to turn shades of red very easily and that would just be awkward.

    Please, no bra burning...Just go buy yourself some cute dresses and this too shall pass.

    Good luck on the craning - (is that like crane and making all in one word?) and I hope you meet your craneline. :)

  6. I agree, the world needs dresses again. I've never worn red lipstick, it doesn't work for me. But, I do drink martinis, does that count?

  7. Oh Alice, you could never look like a drag queen, but that did make me snort.

    I think I'll put on some red lipstick for all of you.

    Oh and the cranes are for the wedding, I should have mentioned that. Here about my project here:

  8. What planet am I from? Never even heard of Mad Men:o

    Have a great weekend Dandy:)

  9. I have never seen or heard of Mad Men either. I guess it may have been about 6 months ago. I like red lips in the winter with black.........

    Have a great weekend and I hope you get all your cranes done.

  10. Awesome post! I haven't seen Mad Men, but I want to ... for all the reasons you posted about the style, the music, the cars, etc.

    I also have a very strong feeling I will have the same reservations about the show, but now you've got my curiosity up, so I'm bound to Netflix it.

    Strangely enough, I was in Walgreens today on my lunch break and was looking for some really long lasting lipstick to try out (need to find the perfect type and color for my wedding next year). I don't think I've EVER worn red lipstick. I'm more of a soft plum person. But, now that I think of it, my coloring probably will allow RED. I'll try it and let you know if it's comfortable enough for everyday wear. Thanks!!

    BTW, when is your wedding date again?

  11. Red lipstick...just yesterday. My grandmother rocked red lips until she died at age 68, so I guess I inherited her love for it.

  12. Yay for RedheadKate. I love that your grandma never stopped wearing the red lipstick.

    E- its such a good idea to start looking for these things now... I'm getting married December 5th and feel like I'm already running in circles.

  13. "little fire" and "gold foil poisioning" cracked me up. You have a spot-on sense of timing alongside of your sense of humor; have you ever considered stand-up? It takes both...
    As for red lipstick, it always made me look like a vampire right after dinner, so no, haven't done that lately. I do remember being an Air Force wife in the early 80's and most of the older women still wearing only dresses. No gloves, though; that era had passed.
    Now I have to go and ponder the size fire that my bra would make. I suppose I should get hotdogs and marshmallows while I'm at it. Or maybe not, since that's probably what made the fire so big in the first place.

  14. Hmmm, haven't seen this show. Wow, it has been way too long since I wore lipstick. I think I may have to pick up some clinique next time I'm at the mall! Loved the red-head in the green dress...wanna look like her!

  15. I have to agree that I love the vintage clothing and furniture as well as the music. Something about keeping things a little bit more wholesome and yet romantic at the same time.

    Wore red lip stick only on the days in highschool when it was 50's day. It seriously is not my color.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. I"m afraid of red lipstick. But I really wanna try it, really I do.

  17. AHA! You crack me up.
    "unfolded and not at all crane-like"
    "(although it would be such a little fire)"
    "I think I have gold foil poisoning." Oh my gosh, thanks for the laughs!
    And for your survey: I CAN'T wear red lipstick! It's a cruel cruel world I live in. But with my skin coloring, it's just wrong.

  18. I wore red lipstick for the 1st time this summer, my 12 year old stopped, looked at me, walked away, came back and said "dont wear that color on your lips mom, it makes you look like a cheap hooker." Gee...I tossed it in the trash. I guess its not my color.Figtreeapps

  19. Well first of all, I can't seem to find the Perfect REd... I need that and THEN I'll wear it every day darling.

    I also think we need to bring back dresses!

    They are so feminine. I love them... I also miss hats, and men who wore suits, but you can't bring everything back. Darn.

    Happy weekend sweet friend, enjoy the gold foil...

  20. I used to pull off red every now and then but only when I was feeling bold. I haven't watched Mad Men but my daughter has and keeps telling me to check it out. I may like it.

  21. Oh dear, I've never even heard of Mad Men.

    But on the clothing front, I totally agree with you. My husband and I kind of simultaneously abandoned the thrift store "style" of high school and college when we just got tired of feeling sloppy every day! We had no kids to pay for and a ridiculously awesome job situation that left us with no housing costs for more than two years while my husband was in grad school, so...we shopped. And I stocked up on "day dresses" because it turns out they're easier and more comfortable than my average jeans and t-shirt! And now that we have two young girls, I let them wear their "Sunday dresses" any day they want. What's wrong with putting in a little effort and looking like you care every day? Don't get me wrong, I have an extensive collection of holey jeans and ratty sweaters, but if I decide Tuesday is a nice day to get dressed up and wear the nice perfume, then great! Why save it for a special occasion?

  22. I don't watch TV so I've never seen that program though I have heard of it. I agree I LOVE that era! With a name like Ingrid it's what my parents intended. Btw, I just wore red today! My daughter loves it and my sons are like, "Mom, what's up with your lipstick?" It's kinda bright. :)

  23. Ganbatte kudasai on the cranes!

    I love red lipstick! I keep meaning to find a good shade for me so I can wear it myself.

    I tend to wear a lot of skirts because I hate shorts (I look awful in them), and I'm starting to wear more dresses. Love them.

  24. We don't have a television, but I often get a disc on Netflix to see what all the hoo-ha is about. I do have Mad Men coming up soon on my queue. You've made me even more curious.

    Oh, and good luck with your folding oddesy.

  25. Can't beleive all the people who have not seen Mad Men. Love it! Love all the twisted uncomfortable repression of it all. And getting a few moments of Jon Hamm of course helps. Don't think I have ever worn red lipstick-really. well, maybe with my eighties light blue eyeshadow...nope pretty sure I had frosty pink to go with that. Enjoy your blog!!

  26. Twisted Uncomfortable Repression should've been the name of this post!


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