Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the Verge


Do you ever start a story/post and know its going to be all over the place? Well, you've been warned!

I'm standing on the edge, on the verge of doing something. On the verge of doing so many things. I have an anxious, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, slightly spastic, and expectant feeling in my stomach. This year is going to be an amazing one. I can feel it in every cell of my body. There are so many things on my list of goals I don't even know where to start. I have to constantly remind myself to take a breath.

I suppose all this is incredibly normal. I'm months away from my wedding with 2,971 things left on my to do list and I've just turned 30. The blogging just fuels the fire. Lets face it, writing a personal blog requires you looking at your life on a daily basis. That alone was the reason I started it. It makes me think about the things I love, the things I want, the things I need and the things I already have.

I've been charting my goals on a neatly formatted excel spreadsheet. Don't even start to think that means I'm organized. I am selectively organized. I have stacks of papers tucked everywhere. That will go on a list of things to do... purge papers. I have a spreadsheet for those things to. I'm neurotic. Do you feel the urge to run away?

Julie & Julia Trailer from RealTVfilms on Vimeo.

On a different note (or maybe it isn't different at all) I took my mom to see Julie/Julia on her birthday (which was yesterday, Happy Birthday Mom!). I really liked it. I related to Julia but so vividly to Julie. She is working an office job she doesn't like, looking for a creative outlet and finds something amazing in herself that transforms her life. It reminded me that it is always a good time to commit myself to learning something new.

I also saw so much of those husbands in B. He thinks I can do anything. Its a bit ridiculous actually. I could get up tomorrow and say "B, I'm going to be a concert pianist" and he would say "You will be the best concert pianist ever". But don't we need that in our lives?

On a side note... I would've watched this movie just to soak in the dresses, the shoes, the skirts and blouses of the Julia scenes. I love the styles of these times. This alone is the reason I just put Mad Men into my netflix. I want to soak in the style and try and reproduce it. I may start baking in heels and a frill apron. Hmmm, I need to get a frilly apron.

One last comment on the movie. It covers blogging. Its hard to explain the drive behind doing it or even what it is to people who have never been exposed to it. Why do we put our thoughts onto these blogs and send them out into the great interwebs? How do you explain blogging to people who have no idea what it is? I think its kind of funny because blogging has been around for years and I've only just gotten into it. But its still so new to so many.

I imagine the blog/book/movie of Julie/Julia is so popular because so many of us can relate to the characters. Have you seen the movie?


  1. I saw the movie and absolutely loved it. Julie Powell's blog was what introduced me to the world of blogging though I didn't start a blog until years later. And who couldn't love a movie that covers blogging AND food at the same time!

  2. I felt exactly like Debbie--food and blogging! But I'm with you on the styles. Wasn't that fun?

    Your randomness amidst lists and spreadsheets is somewhat-- interesting!! : ) I totally identify!

  3. No, but this is one movie that I definitely want to watch. So many people have recommended it...

    Spreadsheets for your lists? You sound like me! I love Excel. Oh, the lists you can do... But yes, I, too, am selectively organized. I like the sound of that --"selectively organized." I'm going to adopt that, if I may! :)

  4. GREAT post, Dawn!

    I'm sure your mind is going a million and a half ways these days! I love the way you are organizing everything on a spread sheet! It does put more control over chaotic times, doesn't it?!!!

    LOVED Julie and Julia! Back in the olden days, Julia was a hero to me. She is really the one who put the passion into the mundane daily chore of making dinner! I related to that movie in so many ways ... but the blogging was certainly one at the top.

    You were right, non-bloggers don't quite understand. Blogging is all about one's perspective ... one's point of view on life ... A techno diary with pics! And the kick is ... that you can read others' diaries and agree, sympathize, disagree, laugh, cry, admire and treasure thoughts, ideas, philosophies and talents without leaving the comfort of your home!!!

    Thinking of you at this wonderful, yet hectic time in your life!!

  5. I haven't seen it yet, but I am dying too! I understand about having so my thoughts, goals and ideas filling your head and heart. So much to much you want to do!

  6. I haven't seen it yet, either, but I'd love to! And you're so right, we all need somebody in this world who believes we can grow wings and fly if we want to. :)

  7. Oh girl, we are so alike. I loved that movie, and love Julia Child, and I couldn't wait to see the clothes too, as I'm a bit of a clothes lover esp. with that era!

    Also... the blogging thing? Yeah, unless you do it, you just don't get it, and you don't get it until you do it. Nice, that.

    By the way, you DO need a frilly apron. Every girl should own at least one. I have several because I'm an apron wearer. Grew up wearing them when I baked, and it's just habit now.

  8. I feel the same way about something brewing in me. And your right about blogging making you identify those things on a daily basis. I just love it.

    Saw the movie last week with a friend. I didn't even know it was about blogging, so I loved that. None of my friends understand what I do or why I do it. They all think I'm a little nutty to put myself out there. What is so great about privacy anyway. I've gained far more by sharing myself than I ever would keeping it all inside.

    So here's to this year and all that it holds for us. Good things, I'm sure:)

  9. Ah, a kindred list-maker spirit! I don't use Excel (but it's a thought). I haven't seen the movie yet, but the more I read about it.. I don't know why I've waited this long. -Tammy

  10. Oh this just makes me want to see this movie even more. I don't think I have read anything negative on this movie yet.

    Thanks for giving me your insight as well and I look forward to seeing it soon.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. I want to see that movie! I've heard so many great things about it! But the main one I've heard is from my husband... It's a chick flick! Well, that means I won't be taking him with me!
    Maybe this weekend...

  12. I haven't seen the movie but I hear so much positive feedback about it. I do love vintage and aprons and food and blogging! Did you make any cookies?

  13. Ooh! I want to see that movie, but my chances to see grown-up movies are few and far between! I really liked what you said about blogging - how it makes you look at your life on a daily basis. I used to keep a journal, and since having kids, that has pretty much gone by the wayside, but this is a journal of sorts that alsos has the benefit of getting feedback, which is nice. On the other hand, there are definitely some things you can't put out there for the whole world to read! I'm glad I found your blog!

  14. I loved the movie too! You're right on so many things about it, on so many levels.
    About your new adventures. Here is something I read you might like.

    "You're dreams aren't big enough if they don't scare you a little."

    So true!

  15. Hey Dandy,
    I just loved this post. You certainly do have an awesome year ahead of you! but you know, I wouldn't expect anything less for you. You are so vibrant and and lively--good things are just attracted to your life! I haven't seen the movie, but I'm dying to. I too am obsessed with blogs, blogging, and bloggers themselves and I have no idea why!

  16. PS I ate one (and only one) fortune cookie quite randomly each time I was pregnant. the first one said "a short stanger will soon enter your life for your benefit"
    and the second one said "important events are in your future". Isn't that cool?

  17. I'm a short stranger!! sorry I took so long :)

    I know, I'm a dork.

  18. I love it! I just put Mad Men on my queue. For the very same reason!!

  19. "Selectively organized"... oh girl, you make me laugh.


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