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Monday, December 27, 2010

It's all over now


We had a wonderful Christmas that I will be sharing with you just as soon as I retrieve the camera I left at my parents.

It's amazing I even remember to take the baby.

My dad always loads the baby, so maybe it's that he always remembers to send the Peanut home with me.


Until then I have a few pictures and a few videos to share.

It's all over now that I've figured out how to share video!

I love the expressions on his face and the way he raises his eyebrows.

You know it's bad when you post a video that is over a minute of nothing but the same sound repeated over and over. Can you tell I just had my first child?

I just think it's so cute how he purses his lips to mimic me and make that oooo sound!



  1. Why do we love seeing babies in caps of every sort! He is just so precious!
    Christmas is over, but I'm wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  2. I'm re-living the kids' baby days through you and Peanut!

    Enjoy these very special moments. :)

  3. Precious!!! luvuallbye

  4. It's so hard to put that holiday feeling into words but Peanut has done it so perfectly. He is quite the story teller. I can't wait for the sequel.

  5. He's a doll. I watched both videos, smiling from ear to ear, wishing I had filmed my kids at this age. Just precious.

  6. Hey my kids aren't babies anymore but I still video them doing all sorts of stuff. Especially with my new mino HD flip ;)

  7. he's just so beautiful Dandy. I especially love that look of adoration on his face when he looks at you.


  8. LOL! His little grunty laugh is SO cute! And don't feel bad, there's something about kids that make you repeat yourself over and over.

    For the rest.

    (Quit! Don't do that! No! Don't touch the candle flame it's HOT!) Oh...wait...maybe it just feels like the rest of MY life.

  9. He is so cute!! Reminds me of this - So take all the video you can and then when Peanut is six you can look at them and get all misty eyed and wonder how the heck they grow up so fast.

  10. He is so cute!! Enjoy this time and take lots of video because it passes too quickly.

  11. I am dead of adorableness. :) He looks sooooo much like B it's hilarious!!!

  12. His cuteness is overwhelming. I am so excited that you learned how to share video with us!! Woohoo!

  13. That was precious. You are a great mama-he'll be talking soon with all that practicing he's been doing with you. I, also, wish that I'd taken more video with my sweet little ones. Keep enjoying this time. This will be one of the best times of your life.


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