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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Cookie Table


I'm not sure how it happened but at some point I took over the holiday baking. My mom always did it before and then it must have been the first year I wasn't managing at Roy's when I was home that I took over. I can't remember but it's become quite a production.

I start waaaaay ahead of the party, like in October. I bake and freeze what I can and then bake the last minute stuff in the days before the party.


Here you see the Revel Bars, my mom's Peanut Kutter kisses, Chocolate Peppermint Decadence and the Cranberry Orange Chews.

I made less cookies this year than the last few years but there were still a ton.


My mom sets up the tablescape and I just add in the cookies. Here are Spritz, Rum Balls, Cherry Winks and some store bought Danish and chocolate cookies.


In the middle we have Lemon Bars Deluxe and store bought fruit cake.

The fruit cake actually went really fast. Do you like fruit cake?


My mom's fudge. She saved the spoon for me to lick. I love the fudge.

I like it without nuts but some say it's not fudge unless it has nuts in it.


Salted Butterscotch Shortbread bars and more Rum Balls.


On the bottom left you see the Easy Peasy Macaroons and the Chocolate-covered Cherry Cookies. On the right are the sugar cookies my niece Makayla and I spent waaaaay too long decorating.


Last but not least the Almond Window Cookies with both apricot and raspberry filling.

I have a sugar high just thinking about it.

Not pictured are the Almond Orange Bites that were displayed by the coffee :)

Let's see... what'll I make next year?


  1. Everything was so good ,,,and so pretty!!! luvuallbye

  2. That is amazing!!!! I cannot believe that you just had Peanut and now you're doing all of this. I think the only thing I was able to accomplish after having my baby was to wash my hair every three days and I was proud of that. I'm going to be making the orange cranberry cookies today. YUM!!

  3. dang. that is a lot of cookies. yum!

  4. Yes, I love fruitcake! And fudge with walnuts! And a bite of every thing else on the table! Your cookie photos would make great Christmas cards! lol

  5. You ROCK girl. Thanks for all those recipes. What a spread:)

  6. yum! It's like a little bit of Cookie Heaven. Ok, a lotta bit.

  7. Now that's a cookie party!!! I only made monster cookies and spritz cookies today. Oh, and brownie pops. Technically they aren't a cookie, but they were yummy!!! Cookies are good for breast milk production I hear. :)

  8. Wow, I've also heard that cookies are good for your milk!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and B and peanut!

  9. That cookie table looks awesome!! I'm really impressed that you could bake anything with a newborn. And I think fudge is better without nuts.

  10. I think I gained a few pounds just reading this post. Looks delicious. My holiday favorite are hello dollies. They're chocolate chip and butterscotch chip bars on a grahamn cracker crust with coconut topping and drizzles with condensed milk. Simply mouthwatering.


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