Thursday, October 29, 2009

Timeless Vixen


I found this shop on Etsy. I know you are shocked. You see, I'm doing as much Christmas shopping as possible on Etsy.
When I saw this coat I literaly gasped. I have a coat fetish which is odd considering the fact that I rarely need them here in sunny So Cal.
This shop Timeless Vixen is nothing but high end perfect condition vintage clothing.


This is a Christian Dior set from the 1962. She even has the tags and way back then it was $695.
I'm telling you though, I would totally wear this today.
I love it.


Since we are being honest here, I don't have the occasion to wear most of this stuff, or the money to purchase it.

But you know, this would be the perfect spring wedding dress for some retro lady. Someone out there could totally pull it off.

We'd see it in a magazine shoot and gush about how precious it is.


I would wear this too. It would be perfect for when B and I go to the theatre. No, we don't usually go to the theatre but we would if I had this dress.


Its soooo Mad Men. People really dressed up back then.

Speaking of dressing up and going to the theatre. Has anyone noticed that people just don't do it anymore? I find it sad that people wear jeans and t-shirts to see a show or production.

Dressing up for a special time out is part of the fun. Thoughts?


I love that this is listed under daytime dresses. Is that considered casual? She even has a sweater that goes with it.

Check out the shop as it is being updated constantly!

How often do you get dressed up?

Is dressing up something that you like to do?


  1. Those are wonderful clothes, and I like your concept of starting with the clothes and then finding places to go that suit them, rather than the other way round.

  2. Those are so YOU, or at least I think they are. I have to confess that I/We rarely get dressed up. Not my favorite thing to do although it happens. I have to go out and buy a mother of the bride dress but I have already declared that I will not wear anything with sequins and my shoes will be red. The Engaged One told me though that I can't wear a red dress. Darn!

  3. What beautiful timeless pieces! That kind of taste never goes out of style. The coat still had the tags on! Amazing!
    It is a shame that going to the theater or special occasion doesn't require dressing up any more. I remember dressing up for air travel!

    My mom had the most beautiful dress when I as growing up. A beautifully fitted ivory lace bodice, lined of course in the same ivory color, then a black chiffony skirt with layers and layers of fabric underneath, topped with a lovely wide ivory/goldish belt. Beautiful!
    Thanks for the great pics and a trip down Memory Lane!

  4. I just love that black dress! I like to get dressed up for special occasions. I think it goes back to being a kid and I do miss it. So even for family get togethers for holidays throughout the year, I skip the jeans.


  5. Beautiful finds...I'm not even going to try to pick out a favorite, they are all wonderful. I love getting dressed up and luckily get to do it pretty often (I have a lot of relatives, so I get to go to a lot of weddings), but I wish I had a bigger budget so I could buy pretty dresses like these :)

  6. I would dress up more if I could wear THOSE clothes :) Now, where can I find some in a $50 and under price range, and we'll be in business. Gorgeous stuff.

  7. I love to dress up too - just not too often! Like, we obviously go to church every Sunday, you know, with my husband being a pastor and all, and I love it that I can wear jeans to church. But the thought of wearing a pretty dress with pretty jewelry and nice makeup and the perfume just sounds fun. You just have to be ready that wherever you go, out to a nice restaurant or to the theatre, you might be the only one dressed up. And I don't like to feel like everyone is staring at me. But, I can still remember as a little girl, watching my mom come out of the bathroom, all dressed up and ready to go to some party, and I thought she looked like a princess - so different from every day. We went on a cruise once, and it was fun to get dressed up to go to dinner. Done rambling now!

  8. Growing up, we dressed up for church every Sunday, and although church has become a much more casual occasion, I still like to get dressed up for it. My girls enjoy it too, especially the youngest. Every now and then the hubby and I have date night and I love the anticipation of getting ready and dressed for a fun night out. The dresses are gorgeous and you are right - very Mad Men. Love that show!

  9. Oh girl, you hit a soft spot of mine, I love vintage dresses, could wear them everyday if I could afford them, you have chosen some gorgeous ones!!!! Off to look and drool!

  10. I love these dresses! My oldest daughter at 16 is trying to bring these back. Do you know that Target has some very retro dresses now like these for $40.00? You should definitely check them out. I would love to buy these but can't afford these high prices!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Oh I want that beautiful suit! I wished more people dressed up too. When we went to see the Phantom show in Vegas it was depressing how only a few dressed up and everyone else was wearing jeans.

    The best part about Mad Men is all the lovely clothes.

  12. Oh my gosh all of those are gorgeous and I want them all now. I think I should have been a housewife in the 50's! It has been awhile since I got dressed up. One thing I have been in the habit of doing is dressing up nice on a Friday night and making yummy appetizers when Hubs gets home from work. He LOVES it!!!

  13. I don't dress up much but boy, everything is beautiful!

  14. OH i love everything! most of my style is vintage, that white one I would rock! I have to go see that shop!

  15. Oh, those are so lovely! I would like to dress up, but I never really do. I could for church, because our church is in that kind of area (I don't mean that snotty...but it just is that way, people do dress UP here for church, you know?), but I don't. I don't have outfits. I have a bunch of random. I'd like outfits, though. I would love to look like a lady. Most of the time I feel like I look like I did in college, which is okay, but sometimes you just want a little more polished look, I guess. I should say,"I want a little more polished look, I guess."

  16. You're right about the vintage styles. I love them. I wonder what happened to dressing up to go out on a date or to the movies? I'm just as guilty though and prefer to be in my comfies instead.

  17. Love it---my daughter got formally engaged last night, so I'm counting on you to tell me EVERYTHING you wish you had known before the wedding---after the wedding! :0 lol!! I love these dresses==and you are right about that one--it could be on any number of characters in Mad Men--

  18. I just happened upon your blog via stophershesknitting and I have to say, I would wear every single one of those outfits. Maybe one on top of another to make it extra pretty.

  19. It really is a shame that we dress up so rarely these days. I remember when everyone had 'Sunday-go-to-meeting' clothes. And going to the theater meant dressing up. Even my Girl Scout uniform of the era had white gloves as a part of the complete uniform. Now I am so happy to see people in church, I couldn't care less what they wear. :D

  20. LOVE this post. Confession. I dress up for church on Sunday. Tasteful heels, dress/coordinated skirt and shirt outfit, NEVER pants. Coordinating jewelry, all of my make-up, meaning I don't skip steps, perfume, and a matching hat. It just seems right... like a date with God. And, it's fun to take off my yoga pants and look fab one day a week.

  21. Oh Naomig... "like a date with God". That is so perfect I had to forward your response to my mom.

  22. I love it! I've always said I was born in the wrong generation.

    I agree...I'd like to dress up but there's no where to go.

    I do have to say that growing up and splitting time between FL and NYC I could clearly see the difference in how the residents of each took care of themselves. Fl is definitely more relaxed.


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