Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Before you get too caught up in bridesmaid dresses... don't forget to enter the Halloween giveaway!

OK, now for the lovely bridesmaid ensembles....

This was my inspiration! Its perfect for a winter wedding!

I'm just kidding. I wish I would have seen this picture before and I could've sent it to my bridesmaids as a preview of what they had in store.

Its not that bad, its kind of cute. Are you shaking your head at me? We had a dance outfit just like this, only in silver for a performance in high school. If you want to see bad, head on over to Tacky Weddings where this picture came from.


OK, as some of you know I want my wedding to a bit different (just like everyone else). I tend to have some ideas that fall outside the wedding norm. To be honest, I'm not convinced that my thoughts are outside the box. I did find however, that I was repeating over and over to people that I wanted things to be cohesive without matching. Vendors and guests looked confused.

I have 4 bridesmaids and they are all very different. There was no way I would be able to pick a color and style that they all would like. Soooo I thought, why not let them pick their own dress line? Why not let them pick short or long dresses? Hey, why not let them pick from several different colors? Why not?


The ladies decided they wanted the Dessy dresses in Matte Satin and they wanted them to be floor length. Tina came with me to the bridal shop as we pulled dresses of all different hues. The ladies that worked there were really confused.

Most conversations go like this...
Them: What dress are you looking to put the bridesmaids in?
Me: They will be wearing dresses by Dessy in Matte Satin but in different colors and styles.
Them: So they'll all be in different colors. What style are they getting?
Me: No, they'll all be in different styles.
Them: Ooooh, different styles. What color will they be wearing?
Me: Um, we're just going to take a look around. Do you have a swatch book?

So Tina and I pulled dresses from the rack and ended up with 5 colors that looked good and were the tone that I wanted. I had a good idea as my mom and I had been looking previously. At the next family function I let the family narrow it down to four.


I put these against black and white so you might have a better idea of the colors in comparison.

So here are the final four colors: Left to right in the order the girls will be standing we have
1. Taupe 2. Espresso 3. Latte 4. Mocha

Is there a trick to taking pictures of things with a sheen? They are 4 distinct colors and they don't come across they way I see them.

Knowing me like you do, are you surprised that most of the colors sound tasty? If they would have had a material called Chocolate Motherlode Cake we all would have been wearing it. Although, I don't suppose designers use the word motherlode to sell clothing much.


First up is Tina who will be wearing this dress in Taupe. She picked out hers as she wanted the lightest color. Every dress Tina tried on looked absolutely perfect on her. We had a slight bit of confusion because we were originally looking for champagne which I thought was beige and she thought was pink. This still makes me laugh. I love you Tina!


Next up is Debbie who will be wearing this dress in Espresso (like its shown). Debbie knew that she wanted her color to be the darkest which will be nice in contrast to her blonde hair. Although she said its to hide her fat. I could write an entire blog of funny things that Debbie says. I get all my sarcasm and quick wit from her.


Then we have Sherri wearing this dress in Latte which will be perfect with her skin. Sherri has ginormous boobs and we needed to be able to control them. Yes, I know you read this, you lurker... and I just told the interwebs about your ginormous boobage. I did.


Lastly we have Chrissy wearing this in Mocha. I could put her in a chartreuse trash bag and she would look hot. Thats why I put her on the end, furthest away from me. What?

I'm contemplating having the ladies walk with paper bags over their heads down the aisle. I don't want any competition. I kid, I kid. But do you suppose thats why some brides pick really awful and uncomplimenting things for their maids to wear? Surely not.

There won't be any designated shoes either. They'll be picking shoes in neutral/similar colors and wearing jewelry of their choice. I want Tina to get her shoes so I can show you them. Super hot.

What colors were your wedding?


  1. I love your colors, Tina was trying to explain them to me, but I love actually seeing what was picked out! Your wedding sounds like it will be beautiful! : )

  2. Ooh, I luuurve your choices!

    My bridesmaids were all wearing different styles of dresses, too. Two were in green and one was in lavender... the same colors as my missalettes.

    (Psst! I did a little shout-out for you over at my blog. Please do drop by and pick up your 'award.'

  3. Love the choices! We were married in May (24 years ago now) and the dresses were a green color that I would never choose now. My poor bridesmaids!

  4. Those dresses are beautiful. Love the colors. No judging--pink gingham- it was 1976!

  5. Sherri has to know the interwebs are now all jealous of her ginormous boobage. We all want the boobie fairy to visit, that's why we (me) get preggo. I also like your strategy on Chrissy. Keep the hot friends far away at your wedding. lol.

    Love all the dresses and colors! I can't wait to see how the final product turns out.

  6. I LOVE the idea of having different styles, and even different colors! I tried to tell my girlfriend that's getting married to go that route, but she wouldn't listen. Pfff! It makes perfect sense when you have several different body styles, though, perfect sense! I love all styles, but the last is my fave, very classy.

    I was married in June and had dusty rose colored dresses for my three bridesmaids. They weren't traditional dresses, tho. More a summer dress type.

  7. Beautiful choice and I love the colors, very elegant for a winter wedding :)
    But...I do like the Christmas dresses.. very festive :D

  8. Lovely!! The colors are beautiful and the styles are so elegant. I would love to plan another wedding (to the same guy!) We were married 25 years ago and everything was dusty rose -- from bridesmaid dresses down to the mints. It's my least favorite color now.

  9. I Love what you choose very elegant and classy. I had my gals pick a different style but they all had the same color a gingery spice color! It was an autumn wedding.

  10. Love love love the colors, and the dresses! I also had four bridesmaids, of very very different sizes and shapes, so we did something similar. All the girls had dresses of the same material and the same length, but they each picked the style and blue hue that suited them. It worked out great!

  11. Gorgeous dresses!! And love the color choices too!! As an awkward 12 year old, I was chosen candlelighter in my cousin's wedding in the early 70's. I swear, my dress looked just like your first photo - red velvet and white fluff. Ohhh, the humiliation.. lol. Back in April of 1979, for our wedding -- the color choices were "forest green" and yellow. Hmmmm. How times change :) -Tammy

  12. Hello! New here over from Mamahood,Among Other Things..
    I love your blog!
    Your colours and ideas for your wedding are gorgeous!
    WHen I got married, 13 years ago (gulp), my girlfriends wore black.

  13. Lovely, lovely colors and I like that it's cohesive but not matchy-matchy. Matchy-matchy is overdone.

  14. I had 1 bridesmaid and my daughter as the flower girl.
    I took them with me and we picked out these beautiful burgundy Jessica McClintock dresses. After we picked the dresses I took a swatch to the florist and picked out Stargazer Lilies for the arrangements and the florist took over from there.
    The arrangements were gorgeous and everyone wanted one to take home.
    We were married in October, so the darker colors were perfect.

    I love your dresses. I love the colors too. Can't wait to see pics of everyone wearing them.

  15. Good Morning Beautiful Lady,

    Please stop by my blog this morning to pick up your very special award.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. I could wear Chrissy's choice in Espresso b/c I have to have no chance of cleavage showing- too modest, I am. So, if you need me as an alternate, I'm available, and only a call away here in Michigan.

    The colors are lovely and I just smile when I read your planning this thing out to a "T" and blogging it for the history books. It's just so great.

    I drove fast to a hickville town where they have a well known shop filled with wedding dresses, my mom picked one out and she bought it. Fine. Done. Moved on to napkins. I wish I could do it over and do it your way.

    Did I see Kierra Knightly here? Fash idolizes her. Has pics of her up everywhere. Fash is interested in fashion- duh.

  17. What a coincidence!! My brother is getting married on the 17th. There are 8 bridesmaids, and we were all given free reign on our dresses as long as they were Dessy in matte satin (or duchess satin, I think) with the same color, Moss. Some are short, some are long, some have sleeves, some do not.

    I'm very curious to see how we'll all look next to each other. I'm hoping that it isn't disastrous. But I LOVE your idea of different colors as well. I think they're beautiful!!

    I'm going with my bridesmaids next Friday to try on the Dessy dresses I picked out for them to wear. Can't wait!!

  18. I've never been into the big wedding thing. Of course, now I've been married three times but even for the first time, it just wasn't for me. However, that said, I do appreciate that for many women the really big wedding is something they've literally been planning since they were very young. It's a very important moment in their lives and as such, should be as wonderful as they could ever want.

    Personally, really loved your colors and the dresses the ladies will be wearing. They colors and the styles seem to complement each lady. Good work and congratulations on your wedding and the fact you are a cancer survivor.

  19. I loved my non-matching coordinated bridesmaids! They all had different shades of teal/turquoise/peacock blue. My sister (MoH) actually wore a pantsuit that her friend made. My sister-in-law had her dress made in Nepal where she was stationed for work. The other two actually chose the same dress in different shades.

    I bought their jewelry as a gift, so it matched, and I would recommend having their bouquets match to give them one element of cohesion. And they all wore black shoes, I think.

  20. I love love love all the colors and dresses! They are beautiful! Just gorgeous! Sherri's is probably my favorite. And I, on the other hand, do NOT have ginormous boobage. But I think that dress will keep them under control for sure. :o)

  21. Oh my goodness you had to ask didn't you? My colors were red and white. I hate my wedding photos and the fact that I had no taste, no style, no money, and no experience. However, in my defense, I had just turned 20 and the only thing I knew I wanted for sure, was my man.

    These are gorgeous, and I LOVE the idea of letting your bridesmaids choose and be original... and also that you are going to make one of them be really far away... Oh man did I laugh. Yes, that is why brides pick atrocious dresses... though I didn't. I just had no clue otherwise...

    Can't wait to see the continuing details!

  22. Love the color palette! I let my girls wear black dresses in any style they wanted. Fabulous. And the only color we used was red bc my weddind dress what white with tiny red roses down the back of the train.

  23. gorgeous! i can't wait to see the pictures. and yes, i suppose we will give you a bit of time after the wedding for the honeymoon, but after that, it's nose to the grindstone...errr...i mean fingers to the keyboard.

  24. Beautiful! My bridesmaids wore an ivory color - same as me - we had wildflowers - sorta wild prairie-ish - and I guess I wanted that to stand out more - summer wedding in Iowa what can I say. Good luck with all the planning!

  25. Lovely! The bridesmaids will look lovely! And you will be the LOVELIEST!

  26. Wonderful ideas! They really work! I can't wait to see more photos!

  27. What a great idea! I like it because it's so true that not everyone will look good in one color. I can't wait to see pictures from the big day!

    I'm not even engaged yet but of course I dream of my big day. I'm still not sure if we'll even have a wedding party, we might go the super simple route so we don't have to choose. I would love to do autumn colors, browns, reds, and have an outdoor fall wedding. Sigh...someday!!

  28. So, so pretty...every dress is gorgeous!
    I laughed out loud at your descriptions! "motherlode" hahaha; telling on your big-boobied friend hahaha (oh, how I wish I knew what that was like. To have big boobs, not to have a friend. I think I have friends...); the list is longer, but I must get to some dishes, and laundry, and sweeping, and ironing. Isn't this day supposed to be over already?! I love your blog!

  29. You are going to have the most gorgeous wedding. Oh, yes you are. I got married when I was barely 21. Needless to say, as much as I loved my wedding, it would be very different now. But, of course it would be. That was nearly 18 years ago.


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