Saturday, October 10, 2009

All you get is this bug

You stopped by my blog and all you get is a picture of this bug?

Thats right. He was sitting on my drivers door window. He didn't even fly away when I opened and shut the door again. I think he was eyeing the camera on my seat. I'm pretty sure he knew fame and fortune would be his if only he could make an appearance on my blog.


I didn't crop this at all.. I want you to take a moment to imagine what I looked like with my camera pressed against the window snapping pictures of bugs for my blog. I just knew you all would be thrilled. Thrilled I tell you. I mean, when was the last time you saw the underparts of a Mr. Wasp?

Don't you laugh, I know deep down you can totally identify. You see something and you just have to take a picture of it. At least thats what I keep telling myself.

Its a really busy weekend! B and I are headed to LA to the Jewelry District to design some earrings out of a pendant I have. I'll share more on that later. Tomorrow is my second (and final) bridal shower. I have to pluck my eyebrows (which frankly may take hours at this point) and shave my legs (which may take just as long-- eww, who said that?) and I need to drink lots of water. I woke up this morning with sausages for fingers.

Coming up, more wedding posts, more San Fran, another cancer story and definitely more food!


  1. Despite being grossed out and frightened at that wasp, it really is amazing. Very colorful and intricate, if you can get past the LEGS and STINGER. *shudders*

    I love that you post pictures of stuff like this :)

  2. Well, that was a treat. Bio 101!

    Have a great trip!

  3. What a delightfully fantastic photo. This guy is COOL!

  4. Cool bug picture. You know I would have done the exact same thing...pull out my camera and take pictures for my readers. Blog comes first:) Drink lots of water...flush, flush, flush!

  5. GREAT shot!

    Enjoy your shower!!!!!!

  6. What a cool photo and a cool looking bug for that matter! Oh yeeaahhhh, I can identify, can I ever....

    Be well! ~Andrea~

  7. that bug is ugly and mortifying!!! goooo great shot though!! so real!

  8. That was such a great shot... so sharp.

    Have a super time at your bridal shower! :)

  9. The bug is doesn't look real! More like a computer generated one. Very cool, to capture those moments, in my opinion.
    And shaving the legs...yes, I can identify with that as far as it taking hours. But that's what happens when you lose all semblance of sanity and don't take the time to rid your body of unwanted body hair (thanks, Dad, for those great genes); I'd rather sleep.
    Fun party time! Have a great rest of the weekend.

  10. What a cool photo. Can't wait to hear about your other adventures.

  11. well, sometimes you're the windshield (or door)and sometimes you're the bug - good shot of both!

  12. Mr. Wasp is totally awesome! Can't wait for the upcoming subjects.
    PS I waxed my eyebrows two nights ago! I knew we were soul sisters.

  13. Hysterical! That you actually took the time to photograph that thing just makes me love you more... That was a blog worthy moment.

    AND I can not wait to see the earring/pendant jewelry.

  14. Oh my gosh! That thing is perfect. He doesn't even look real, more like something George Lucas would dream up. Don't you love how everything in your life now is blog-fodder?

  15. you kill me...that is too funny!! what a great photo though, wow!! i would be a wee bit freaked out, I don't do bugs...oh that sounded so girlie!! thanks for sharing!


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