Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Saturday Evening


I love this tree.
Its stands near the church we'll be married at.

As much as I sometimes long for seasons, days like this remind me why I love my area so much. As we ran errands during the day we found ourselves driving down the coast. It was a perfect 75 degrees and the air smelled of the ocean. People were riding their bikes along the beach.

We stopped by and picked up my new favorite cupcake EVER. Its from Frostings. Yes, I realize I've covered Frostings, but I didn't cover the Lemondrop Cupcake.


As much of a chocolate lover as I am I cannot pass this cupcake up. Do you see the inside? The Lemondrop is filled with lemon curd. Filled to ensure one perfect bite after another.


What are we missing? A couple glasses of champagne and a setting sun. I'll handle the champagne.


Is it me or is it like the heavens have opened up and are shining down on that lovely cupcake?
~cue singing angels~


While I was taking 62 photos of our cupcake B whipped up some breaded salmon with snap peas and king mushrooms.
He is so good to me. You see, since we ate a cupcake for an appetizer he is trying to cook healthy foods for me. In case you didn't know... we are getting married in 40 days. I have a dress to look fantastic and amazing in. But I eat cupcakes for appetizers. There must be some balance here.


Ah, here is the sunset we were looking for.

We'll just assume we didn't finish the bottle of champagne and then eat cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. You know what they say about assuming....
What is your weekend like?


  1. You know ... despite our age difference and where we live and our heritage and our careers and you being so tiny and ... well ... me being the exact opposite ... I think we definitely are kindred spirits.
    Last evening, we also traveled along a waterway and took pictures of an awesome sky and ended our evening dining outdoors with a glass vino and had ice cream for dessert!
    We did not, however, have a cupcake! (Which, BTW, looks like the best cupcake I've ever seen! I can almost taste that lemon curd ... so creamy and yummy!!!)

  2. OK, you just reminded me why the coast IS a great place ... even if we do miss out on seasons :)
    My weekend didn't include champagne but DID include a 1/2 caff coffee :) close? sorta.

  3. OK, I love the idea of a cupcake as an appetizer. MMMM. Now all that lemon curd in a cupcake has my mouth watering. Sounds like a perfectly lovely evening.

  4. I need to find a bakery in our area that has scrumptious cupcakes.

    We spent our afternoon yesterday freezing our buns off at a soccer game. The day started out warm and sunny, but a cold front moved in and today it is in the 30s. And we have another soccer game:(

    Last night, we celebrated my husband's birthday and on the way to dinner, I snapped a tree photo and some sunset photos. Which I will post later today.

  5. I am not convinced that lemon curd is not the most delicious food ever. In fact, I might make some lemon cupcakes today. Because I can.

    Love the new champagne flutes! =)

  6. I'm more than a little jealous over here...of the 75 degree weather, the champagne, and the lemon drop cupcakes!!!

    My weekend was spent mostly tending to the last of the kid's sickness...I think we're finally on the mend!

    :) T

  7. I think you may have had one of those moments when the world stood still. I wrote about some of those kinds of moments in my post tonight. Come have a read.

    I loved that cupcake and I want one right now. I loved that champagne glass, too.

  8. Wonderful photos! Looks and sounds like a perfect evening!

    Btw, I want that cupcake!

  9. Something sweet for an appetizer? That's my kind of pre-dinner food. :)
    My weekend included dinosaurs, and a brush with a huge bird of prey, and a squirrel. Also my kids. And I cooked dinner for the first time in about two weeks. Scary, but I think that's really true.
    Now I'm going to find some've inspired me.

  10. I love salmon, but I would have to pass on the cupcakes...looks too sweet for me.

  11. I LOVE your champagne flutes!

    Every time you write about B, I am so happy for you that you are marrying him! Definitely a keeper. :)

  12. That looks like a perfect evening...and that cupcake...yum!

  13. I love the picture of the tree. I have been loving the trees around here lately. They're finally changing colors!

    The champagne has me wishing it was the weekend! I'm going to buy some just because, that looked like a great evening.

    My weekend was pretty lazy and relaxing. I lounged a lot, and for once had Match with me the whole time! :-)

  14. How awesome is it that despite you are mere weeks away from your wedding, you two are still being romantic and taking time out to relax and enjoy each other. That is SO awesome! Xoxo

  15. That cupcake looks wonderful. Oh my. I wish I had it now:)

  16. WOW a man that can cook, good thing you are already marrying him or I would have to give you some advice ;D john doesnt all


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