Sunday, October 18, 2009

China Town, SF


Can you believe I still have photos from San Francisco I haven't shown you?!

When we first arrived we realized that China town was right across the street from out hotel.

We ventured in on the first day and the last day and there are always new things to see and experience.


That first day there was a celebration and the streets were lined with vendors and packed with people.


We stepped into a little Chinese restaurant for lunch and you will NEVER believe what happened. We ate our lunch... and... and... this is so hard....and.... I didn't take any pictures.

I know, its shocking. But you'll have to belive it was fantastic.


After lunch we decided to wander thru the many, many stores.

These buddhas are so cute.


This little one was taking a picture of her daddy. Too cute.


I love the many lanterns you find in China town.


Isn't this painting amazing?! Only its not a painting. Its silk and thread.


Here is a closer look. I cannot even imagine the kind of patience that goes into something like this.


San Francisco is the ultimate city for people watching. This couple was in line at the liquor store.


The headress and beading was amazing. You really don't see that every day.


Oh China town, I miss you so...


  1. So many different people ... all with their own stories. Maybe that couple was celebrating their anniversary. Or maybe they were getting married ... San Francisco is one of a kind! Beautiful pics!

  2. That piece of art is incredible. I can't even fathom the amount of time, and as you said, patience, that it required. Wow!

  3. Pooh, I never made it to China town when I went to San Fran, we just drove by it. I will not make that mistake next time I visit. Looks really interesting. Loved all your pics by the way!

  4. I've been to only two China towns: Boston and Philadelphia... Let's just say this one looks way cooler than both of them!

    p.s. Just fyi, I linked your blog in my new post...I thought it was fitting :)

  5. so cool! love the art! I bet you could do it, you are after all a crane operator. You have finesse in your nimble little fingers...which by the way are probably quite small compared to mine..since I am like, I giant and stuff.

  6. cool! I love chinatowns... maybe because I'm chinese, haha... except the one in L.A... that one is ... a bit boring I guess!

    Just saw in your sidebar, you're almost getting married! how lovely! congrats


  7. San Francisco is my favorite city in the world. I love it:) I wish I were there with you.


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