Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful Bouquet


This past Saturday B and I had our engagement shoot with the lovely Adrienne Gunde.

Just so there is no confusion (I wouldn't want to give Adrienne a bad name) the photos are not from the shoot. These photos were taken Sunday morning on our balcony because I just wanted you to see my pretty flowers!


Beforehand, Adrienne and I talked for a while to get an idea of how we were going to do the engagement shoot. We wanted it to be reflective of B and I. What do B & I do? What do we love?

So what came to mind? Well... eating, bikes, eating, books, eating, vintage and eating.


So we decided to do a picnic! B and I love picnics! We brought vintage sodas, cupcakes from Frostings, my Sting-ray, some books and had a nice relaxing picnic.

There is nothing more natural than wearing high-heeled red peep toe shoes in the wilderness.


Speaking of the relaxing picnic... I was terrified. I was seriously nervous. AND I forgot my earrings. I felt naked. How could I forget earrings for a photo shoot! I was filled with regret.

Then I had some Bubble Up and some icing and B made me laugh and I completely forgot about how nervous I was.

I also forgot about how I get a double chin when I laugh.

Dear God, I was laughing the whole time! What if all my pictures have double chins? What if you can see my fat rolls? What if I'm cross-eyed? What if I have frosting stuck in the corner of my mouth?


Do you see what I have to deal with? My own mind. Thats what. I am my own worst enemy.

It was bad enough that I couldn't wear the original dress I had planned on because it must have shrunk in my closet. What is with that closet of mine?

Seriously though, Adrienne and her boyfriend Scott (who is the second photographer) are so easy to be around you can't help but relax.


Have I not talked about the bouquet yet? Isn't it so pretty! The florist literally threw this together in less than 5 minutes. Hydrangeas, roses, gerber daisies and various greens. I love hydrangea.


Now isn't this pretty. B did such a good job. I wanted something vintage, something different and I had a few ideas but nothing concrete in my head. We went to check out some rings to give him some ideas but B made the final decisions. I'll tell you all about that sometime.

I love the detailing on the side. They had to get the same man that etched the engagement ring to etch the wedding band so that it would match. I can only imagine the work that goes into that kind of detail.

I still stare at my hand and smile. Preferrably not while driving... but hey, I'm only human.


All in all it was a lovely few hours and I'm praying I don't look like a total dork.


What is your take on engagement shoots? Love 'em, hate 'em, can't wait for one, wish you had one, glad you didn't?


  1. No engagement shoot here, but I can't wait to see your photos! I love the idea of a picnic or a "theme" for the photo shoot. Your ring is amazing!! Absolutely beautiful...B did himself proud!

  2. We didn't do any engagement shoot.

    I love your bouquet. It's so "fresh" and I love that you have Gerber daisies in there. They're such "happy" flowers. :)

    Your ring is just lovely! Oh, the details --just enough to be interesting and not over the top. Tell B he did REALLY well (if you haven't already done so).

  3. I have NO idea what an engagement shoot is!! Is it a big tradition? I'm so clueless! What a gorgeous ring though - looking forward to seeing some pics if you're happy to share!

  4. Beautiful bouquet! And he DID do a fantastic job picking out that ring - how could you ever get tired of that?

  5. Loved the photos...and I could "see" you smiling with happiness between every written word!

  6. Can't wait to see your engagement shots! Your bouquet is lovely and the ring is just beautiful :) I like everything about this post, OK?

    Oh, and I love engagement photos, and I was going to say that I've never seen them before a few years earlier. False. I've looked thorough some wedding invitations that my mom saved from the early 80s...and they all had photos of the couple! I don't know, maybe its a Ukrainian thing, but apparently engagement shots are nothing new :)

  7. Your ring is gorgeous!! Love the idea of an engagement shoot...we were 19 and a dorky picture of us from JC Penney's was all we could afford...ha:) Oh to be able to go back and do it big;)

  8. Beautiful ring - and love the bouquet too! Our engagement shoot was soooo late-70's. Matching sweaters from JCP & jeans. Not bad though - for the 70's! At least once in my lifetime I want to do (as in photograph) an engagement shoot. How fun!! I can always think of so many possibilities. Can't wait to see your pics :) This is so exciting to me - I love following along to your big day. -Tammy

  9. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous. I love the vintage look of it. So many rings are over the top and yours is classic and beautiful.

    We did the JCPenny shot as well. I would love to go back and do it all again. With the same guy:)

  10. Flowers Schmowers, look at that ring! It's beautiful! I love the vintage look!

  11. Can't wait to see the shots. Sounds like a great day and the bouquet and ring are wonderful!!! Sounds like things are moving along. ENJOY

  12. The flowers are amazing, but your ring, I spied that on the first photo, so pretty, it!!!!!! I can't wait to see your photos, you are going to share right? :)

  13. I love how they decorated your bouquet so creative with the tied raffia and the ring attached. Now we are just waiting on the photos for you to share for us! I can only imagine that they will be priceless!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. To echo everyone else, I love your ring. I also love the idea of looping it through the bouquet. So pretty! Can't wait to see the engagement pictures.
    My take on engagement photos is a big hell yes. I make D take pictures with me because it's a day that ends in Y, much less a big deal like being engaged! So I'm all for them. :-)

  15. I just had mine done on Labor Day (I blogged about it a few weeks ago). I am glad we did it. It was a beautiful setting, but I too worried like a banshee leading up to, and even after the shoot. I hated my hair that day. My shirt kept rising up on my belly. It was hot. I felt like a beached whale. I had a zit beginning to form on my chin. Then, I GOT the pictures and I was WAY too critical of myself in them. It took 2 good cries and a few rounds of looking through the pictures before I relaxed and enjoyed what I had in my hands. Memories ... trapped forever! Can't wait to see yours!

  16. I love your flowers ... And your ring is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the final engagement pics. Will Adrienne let you post them? --- Probably a link to her blog. I love her compositions!

    What an exciting time for you and B. I feel lucky that I get to tag along!

  17. LOVE the picnic idea!! And especially love the red shoes. :-) Those are gonna be cute! We didn't do engagement pics... I don't know why!! Now I wish desperately that I had some. I should rope my hubby into going and doing some fun ones one of these days. HA! Nevermind...

  18. The flowers are beautiful as is the ring. This post was so sweet:)

  19. So when do we get to see her photos. Yours are so amazing, I have to say. What a bouquet. And, your rin. Oh my! YOUR RING!!

  20. Hahahaha, I just saw this and remembered that I even *had* an engagement shot done... it was horrendous. Done at what amounted to Sears Portrat Studios, complete with requisite head-tilting and un-natural hand placement.

    I can guarantee yours will be one million percent better, no matter how many imaginary double chins you think you have. :)


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