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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Tupperware Guessing Game


Living with B always has it's surprises and they often make me giggle. Well, now they make me giggle, we won't go thru my initial reactions.

You see, when you live with B things like innocent looking tupperware become exciting guessing games. I mean, mostly they just contain the contents of a previous dinner.

But sometimes they contain something you've never seen before. Sometimes they contain things I'd never expect to see in a tupperware in my refrigerator.


B never wastes a thing...ever. This means that I often find bags and tupperware containing food odds and ends for things like stock and what not.

I opened up this tiny tupperware to be greeted by a bunch of tentacles. My first thought was calamari. Although, I've never seen calamari that was red.


Why hello, baby octopus... what are you doing in my refrigerator?

You're almost cute. I'll try not to label you as cute because then I'll be sad my husband has been snacking on you. I'll be quite honest, I never thought I'd find you in my fridge.


Really though, it's B we're talking about. It could have been a lot worse.

Then again, if the neighbor could see me taking these pictures they might think I am the odd one. Here I am talking to the baby octopus and dancing them around the plate with my chopsticks.

Apparently they are covered in a sweet sauce and cooked. B said they're just like candy and are quite addicting.

Whats in your refrigerator?


  1. I'm sure they taste marvelous, but they look soooo creeeeepy!
    I just cleaned out my fridge, and it's time to go grocery shopping!!!

  2. Oh goodness. I couldn't imagine eating the body part of them... I could do the tentacles though.

    My fridge had picnic making foods in it, because this weekend we'll be loading up the bikes and heading out for lots of riding, hiking and picnicing. Yay!

    Happy 4th sweetie.

    Hey- guess what? You're pregnant!!!!


  3. Hmmmm, I do not have anything as exciting as baby octopus. I do have homemade mayo and homemade pizza in there along with odds and ends. We don't have that many leftovers at the moment because Shoe Queen's boyfriend has been here and that boy can eat.

  4. oh no seriously, I would die!! They are so creepy looking and I am assumuing they don't taste like skittles!! happy 4th!

  5. hehe, they are kind of cute. We have couscous and left over pizza in the fridge. Not that exciting I'm afraid. I did find sea urchin in Match's dad's fridge once. That was crazy!

  6. Let's see, we might have freshly harvested squirrels, fresh picked juicy blackberries (he picked 3 gallons this morning) or the catch of the day of fish BUT never octopus!!!!

  7. As usual, taking amazing foodie pics ;) however--these look like they were taken out of Finding Nemo and I just can't stomach the idea ;)

  8. Many many half-full jars of spaghetti sauce, condiments galore, beer left over from beer-cheese soup adventuring, lots of milk and my very favorite yogurt... Wallaby pear flavor. YUMMO

    I don't think I could eat the baby octopi.

  9. Hey, you. I've missed you. I stopped in to see how you were doing, and, of course, got a great big giggle. Take care. Happy fourth!

  10. That would not even be in my house much less my mouth. Truly. I may even have a nightmare about that thing. Thanks alot Dandy. That should have come with a warning: Open at your peril. I'm not even asleep yet and I'm already having nightmare images. Tell B I said he is a very sick man. I can't even think about that thing moving through his digestive track.


  11. They are kinda cute!

    My high school chemistry teacher used to be a mortician and told us about the time her husband opened up the fridge to grab a snack only to be greeted by an arm. She had brought some work home with her. Surprise!

  12. LOL, you know what your neighbor would think you the weird one for playing with your food (& taking photos)!

  13. IY YI YI! Don't think I would eat that! Can you tell me some good places that y'all ate in San Francisco? Nothing really fancy. Caden will be with us and I am married to a good ole southern boy.

  14. Hahha, NOT that! They do look fun tho! Fun. Not tasty. :OD

  15. Oh, my! I have boring things like eggs and fruit! yikes!

  16. This is Becky. That is so gross! Catching up on all your the middle of south dakota:). You looked so cute in your patriotic sun dress. Great parade pics. Your little niece was adorable. Can't wait to see your little peanut:)


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