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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OK Gardeners, diagnose this agapanthus...


I know you come here for the riveting posts..... but today I need your help. As usual.

My parents have had Agapanthus (aka Lily of the Nile or African Lily) in their front yard for as long as I can remember. They've always produced the distinct violet/blue flowers.


This year one of the plants looks like this.

It's very odd.


Have you ever seen this? What does it all mean?!

Things, they are a changin'. What used to be pretty flowers are now little clusters of pokies. Pokies or horns or pods or something.


That same plant has even sprouted one or two flower buds (buds?) but for the most part remains odd little clusters of plant defiance.


Any suggestions or should I just tell my parents that their offerings have angered the gods and that plant is just a hint of what is to come?

I really have nothing to add to this. I have one live plant in the house and it's nearly impossible to kill the thing.

Do you have a green thumb?


  1. You should contact a Master Gardener in your area. A local arboretum or botanical garden should have some on staff. I am sooo not a green thumb. I've never heard of or even seen that plant before. Hope it feels better soon;)

  2. I kill all living things.

    I mean all plant-like living things. Better be clear on that one.


  3. That is a mystery! I've never seen that before. Hope someone can help you better'n me!

  4. My dad thinks it could be 2 things. 1) it could be the opposite gender (not sure if the flowery buds are the female or male but which ever it is the thorny pod things could be the other gender.) 2) another plant specie could have started to infest or grow along side the agapamthus.
    But he's never seen them before.

  5. I have a black thumb. I can kill a hosta at 30 paces, and that is HARD...

    Almost as hard as killing a cactus.

    Which I also did.

    I am not allowed near plants.

  6. I think I know what it is. I'm pretty sure this happened: There was a plant from another yard (or a weed) and the seeds blew over to your parents yard. This is called a volenteer. Volenteers either stick beside the plant, or TAKE OVER the plant, which is prabably what happend to tha agapanthus. We used to have agapanthus' border our walkway in the front yard of our old house. Now in the front yard of our new house, we have one. Sometimes seeds from all over the place come to volenteer. they're like weeds. You could keep them or get rid of them. The next time you go gardening there, look closely at the root (eend of the stem) of the plant. if you see to roots, follow the one that leads to those icky flowers (or have your parents do it). The weed or other plant probably took over the agapanthus. just pull out the correct roots (not the agapanthus's) and you're good to go for next year. Unless, the plant took over the agapanthus COMPLETLY and you have to take out all the roots and plant a new one. Sometimes you should do that to be safe, but the worst case is that you will have to plant another one, which isn't that bad!


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