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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have a lot to learn

The first time we went into Babies R Us to register we walked around in circles a few times, laughed nervously and then left. We didn't even use the fun little scan gun.

Did you know there are no less that 125,079 different strollers and car seats?


This time I knew better and I came prepared. I asked friends and family about strollers. I did internet research. I poked and prodded them individually. I had it narrowed down to a few options for B to choose from.

I got a kick out of watching him closing and attempting to open them again. A few days before I had closed one and couldn't figure out how to open it again. I had to find a sales person who pointed to a little safety latch. B doesn't need to know about that.


Standing there we realized we had no idea how to put these car seats in the car. Actually, we remembered we need a car to put the seat in. My previous job came with a company car and now we're sharing B's truck. It's been really easy but I can't see us all piling in the Tacoma.

We'll add that to the list of preparations. Why is it that the list seems to be growing instead of being checked off? It really is the best never-ending list ever though.

I still can't believe we're going to be taking care of another human being. A helpless little thing that will rely on us for his well being.

Just in time we'll be taking a crash course in child responsibility. B's niece and nephew will be flying in tomorrow morning and staying through the weekend. Big plans this weekend and we are so excited!


  1. I know of someone who had to buy a new car because they had a two door car and needed to change to a four door car. They said it was difficult getting the car seat in the back seat of the two door car.

  2. I am so glad that I don't have to make these choices!! So much easier when the progeny were born. I have a feeling that I would just be paralyzed and unable to make a decision now given all the choices.

  3. I had so little money when my kids were born, that I didn't have to worry about making choices, I just used hand me downs! Thanks for letting us join you on this fun journey....

  4. Oh the good ole days. Before you know it you will be a pro at putting that stroller away. Changing a diaper will happen at lightning speed...all the little details that overwhelm you will seem small and silly. It will come and you will forever be changed. Oh and so will your house!

  5. It can be so overwhelming to choose one. But, definitely go for the light stroller!!

  6. Haha, I spent a solid 5 minutes trying to figure out (again) how to close the umbrella stroller for my 18 month old. I've only had it..oh, 4 months. And used it, oh, a ton. Gosh darn those kids items, they are just so clever. :P Hope you find just the right vehicle!!

  7. wicked-witch-westJuly 28, 2010 9:34 AM

    I had the exact same reaction the first time I went into Buy Buy Baby. I got really overwhelmed in the car seat/stroller section and it was downhill from there.

    Soon you will be removing things from your registry because you realize you look like the greediest person in the world. (Or your mom will admonish you for it, which is what happened to me... ha!)

  8. oh I love these photos! the pool man didn't come with me to register, he would have been a fish out of water there! you will get the hang of it and if you can't get the stroller back down while you are leaving the mall just invest in a car with a large trunk so you can throw the whole thing in my bff did! lol! Good luck, now where is that cute belly of yours?

  9. I really like the Gray and Yellow one!
    Just sayin ;)

  10. I fell your pain! I did TONS of internet research when I registered, and I was always swapping items from one registry to the next when a store had a better deal than another. I LOVE my stroller carseat combo... it is Graco and is a pretty blue and brown circle pattern. (Don't know what the exact model is called) You guys are going to be awesome parents, and I have realized with my now 9 week old; you will never stop learning!!!

  11. Ok, I don't 'fell' your pain... I 'FEEL' it... boy, I need to proofread!

  12. This was a very hard decision for me! I knew I liked the bugaboo, uppababy, and teutonia... It was in between those for me. Then I went on the Ellen Show and we won the Teutonia. I get it this Friday. I'm not sure which one your inbetween... but, if you have any questions, let me know. I went crazy researching. I wanted something durable, practical, and something that wouldn't throw my back out. Plus, with Grant being 6'8... something that would adjust. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions! xo

  13. I love the pictures of B looking so overwhelmed. That'd be me for sure! I don't know how to operate those crazy strollers. That's so smart that you guys did some research before registering. Good call-you don't want a stroller that falls apart or is too heavy to push. I feel like I need to take a class at the JC on parenting and infant care. I'm so clueless! Have fun with your "crash course" from your friends.

  14. It is overwhelming the many different choices that are out there!

    My husband and I were just saying yesterday how the best piece of baby equipment (in terms if mileage) that we bought is our Combi stroller. J had used it; Z still uses it occasionally. We use it to cart heavy groceries, laundry, etc.! And it's still intact --after almost 6 years!


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