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Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Ice World


Yesterday was a super hot July day.

I think I might be melting. I want a break from the heat.

I do believe last week was overcast and dreary and I just wanted the sun.


I got more than I bargained for.

It seemed like the everything was melting when I happened upon this little world of ice.


I'm fascinated with ice. Ice and snow.

It must be because of my Southern California upbringing and limited exposure to both.


So I sat and studied this ice world.

Who can't spare a few summer moments to dedicate to imagination?
I'm pretty sure that's what summer moments are for.


I watched the crystals catch light as they slowly melted in the heat. They sparkle and shine.

All these prisms inviting me in to cool down.


I held them in my hand and waited as the chill spread thru my fingers.

I wished I could shrink down and climb around them.

This magical little ice paradise appearing on such a hot, sticky day.


It's amazing what can be found on the inside of a forgotten tupperware in your freezer.


  1. Hahahahaha! And if you want to see some snow come and visit me in say....Feb. I will have plenty to spare by then. Some years we get 120+ inches over the course of the winter.

  2. Hot here, too! And humid also. I could use a little of your ice-- maybe in a drink with a little umbrella!! Ooooh...sorry! You won't be doing that for awhile!!

  3. Yeah I'm with Debbie. Come visit me this winter and I will knock your socks off with our winter wonderland;) You can just dress your little one like an eskimo and come on over!

  4. I don't even want to think about snow yet. We get sooooo much. I'm enjoying the heat and hoping it doesn't end too soon. I do love those photos, in tupperware, who would think of it?

  5. Okay funniest thing ever. When ever I open my freezer, my 9 month old puppy comes racing through the house, plops her little bottom down and stares at me, all the while wagging her little tail adoringly at me. She BEGS FOR ICE CUBES. And if you aren't going to give her one, do not, I repeat DO NOT say the word, "Ice cube" or she'll start doing doggy back flips on you in excitement. If you do happen to give her one, she takes it in her mouth and starts prancing to the backdoor with her prize, so happy. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. She licks it and plays with it until it melts.

  6. Great photos with such detail! It's HOT here too. In the 100's. Now that's just gross.

  7. Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode where the ladies are seriously so hot that even the paintings are melting? That's what it felt like today and yesterday here in Southern California. I'm ready to move. I don't know if I can stand it living here in the desert.

    I'll just think cool, icy thoughts. The ice in the tupperware is a good idea.


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