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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I like listening to my organs.


When I was browsing the Babies 'R Us website (that I am convinced has waaaay too many options for first time parents) I noticed a fetal heart rate monitor.

I immediately told B how crazy it was to get those and how one would become obsessed with listening to the heart beat of their unborn child. A fellow gestating friend and I had a brief conversation about how we will not be getting those because we will surely freak ourselves out.

Then a workout buddy of mine gave me a bag of pregnancy goodies. As we are about the same size (just about... I mean, noone is as short as I am) she passed on maternity pants and belly bands and the fetal heart rate monitor.

I smiled and said "Oh, how interesting" very nonchalantly and she explained that she didn't pick up a heart beat until around 8 months along. Of course, being only nearly 19 weeks along at that point, I went straight home and turned the thing on.

So far, I can hear my heart beat, B's heart beat, the sound of my stomach processing food, the sound of B's stomach processing food, the sound of the baby kicking and the whoosh-whoosh of my placenta passing nutrients.

Yep, I said the sound of the placenta passing nutrients. I read the pamphlet and that's what it says the whooshing sound is. I believe that having this fetal monitor is the equivalent to some kind of medical degree.

I'm sure I won't get addicted to the this.

I've only used it twice so far today.

PS. Celeste feel free to come by and listen to your organs if you like. Heck, anyone else in the area want to listen to their innards?


  1. Your word for the day: The sound made by your stomach as it is rumbling is borborygmus. Aren't you glad you know this now. Let it roll off your tongue.

  2. You are so cute! You listen to that heartbeat as much as you want to!

  3. I would totally become obsessed with that too. What a sweet picture! That's going to be an amazing day when you can finally hear the heartbeat!

  4. Cute! I've never tried one of those things. I'm afraid I'd be the same way and become obsessed and then freak out every time I couldn't find the heartbeat.
    Have fun with it though. Can't wait to rub bellies!

  5. I think you should grab random strangers at the mall and ask them that same question, "Hey wanna listen to your innards?" Then post the video of reactions on your blog. LOL

  6. in my obsessive compulsive nature I would be all over that all day long!! have fun!!

  7. I love you!! You crack me up. I'm sure B appreciates you listening to the noises of his stomach!

  8. I got one of those too! It was with Bug at like 6 weeks. I was so worried about having a miscarriage, I wanted a monitor to be able to reassure myself by listening to her heartbeat any time I got anxious. Well. Of course, I never heard a single beat--just wooshing and gurgling...And then every time I'd get worried and think there WAS no heartbeat! I had to send that thing back before I lost my mind. :o) Geez, I was high strung during that pregnancy! You look much more relaxed. And much cuter, too, by the way. :o)

  9. I just finished reading every post I've missed while I was off the planet! You have had so much fun this summer it makes me wonder what in the world have I been doing???
    I have a stethoscope that I use for taking my blood pressure and was addicted to listening to all my babies little hearts beating and even the placenta noises are facinating.
    I hope you're staying strong and getting enough rest. Tell you what, I'll avoid eating bacon wrapped chocolate covered oreo's along with you until your baby is born so maybe you won't feel like you're in this alone! Heh, seriously though, I'll be praying for you and peanut. You guys are almost to the finish line!
    ☺ Celeste


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