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Friday, July 30, 2010

27 weeks and counting...


Excuse the sun flare over my face. Usually my halo is in just the right place but it must have gotten askew while I was out doing all my good deeds.

Or maybe that's what people mean when they say you have a pregnancy glow.


Just a quick post as we are in the midst of our fun-filled vacation with our niece and nephew. We made plans over a year ago to have them out here and include a trip to Disneyland. Both of them were so young when they went to Disneyland before they don't remember it. It is going to be an exciting day!

Boy do kids have a lot of energy. A lot. From the moment they got off the plane it was non-stop.

Maybe I should rethink this whole Peanut thing.

Ha! I kid, I kid.

We spent the day exhausting them at the beach and then came home and made dinner. I'll tell you more about it later but they are great kids. The trick is in letting them just run themselves ragged so they crash out later.


I'm blogging right now because they just put themselves to bed.

You read that right. They put themselves to bed.

We watched Ratatouille and then they brushed their teeth and I went to use the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom their light was off. I'm sure Jordyn (who is 11) took charge and decided she and her brother (who is 7) should go to bed. B said after they brushed their teeth they just hopped into bed, told him they didn't need anything and he turned off the light. We haven't heard a peep from them.

Incredible, no?

Maybe I should send Peanut to live with them and have him returned to me after they get him in a bedtime routine.

Wish us luck navigating Disneyland today!

~giggle~ I just realized that B is asleep in the chair beside me. I guess the kids weren't the only ones worn out from the festivities.


  1. You are adorable! That bump is just gettin' bigger and bigger. It is definitely wonderful when the kids get older. I love how independant they are. I still have to wrangle mine at bedtime, but for the most part they take pretty good care of themselves:) Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  2. You're definitely glowing! You look great! Have fun with the kids today. It's a great way to see D-land, through the eyes of kids.

  3. You are such a gorgeous pregnant girl! Cutest little belly. I hope you have a great time at Disneyland. You and B already sound like the best parents ever! Good job!

  4. You're looking great! Great fun reading your blog at work with Courtney. We like to style baby boy outfits that look literary :) Today we saw a onesie with a tie on it! cuteness!

  5. Oh we just got back from Disneyland... Hope your day was full of fun memories. We spent 3 days there with two 8yr old boys and one 4 year old birthday girl. It was a blast but exhasting to the max!
    Cute pictures of the baby bump and you look beautiful with your sweet preggo glow.

  6. How FUN!!! I want to send my kids to you and you can take them to Disneyland next week Mkay?


    Oh. And they won't be putting themselves to bed. You'll have to do that. It's quite a chore. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'll make you a list.

    (I'm just killing myself over here on my computer. My kids heard me laughing out loud and thought I'd lost my mind.)

  7. You look so cute! :) And healthy. That's awesome.

  8. You do have a pregnancy glow about you. :)

    Have fun at Disneyland!

  9. I don't know so much about the bacon, chocolate and oreos, but you have such a fun blog. I stumbled upon you from a cake pop blogger. Best wishes with the growing baby!

  10. You are adorable!! Cutest little pregnant girl I know! I was just can NOT be 27 weeks along. It seems like you just told us yesterday!! (Well, it might seem like a little longer to you!)

  11. you look so cute!!! have fun!

  12. I agree with Mrs. E-that 27 weeks seems to have flown right by! I love your turquoise top. You look so adorable! Those little ones sound like a dream come true, putting themselves to bed. If all kids were like that, I think I'd be planning to have my first one right away!!

  13. You look GREAT at 27 weeks... what's the pregnant equivilant of blushing brides? I want to look like you when i'm pregnant.. you probably don't even look pregnant from behind do you? haha! ;D

  14. You look gorgeous!! And yes, I definitely notice a glow in *all* the pics ;) How fun for you and B to take those kiddos to Disneyland. They sound like perfect children too. Have fun!! -Tammy


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