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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crate and Barrel Loot

First off, I went back and forth about whether or not to post the loot I've been getting as bridal shower gifts on top of posting all the details from my wedding and telling stories about my life and.... it all seems a bit self-absorbed. Is it getting hot in here? I'm feeling flushed.

But then I thought What kind of blog isn't a bit self-indulgent. I mean here I am writing about my world. Me. Me. Me. So, I'll be balancing it out by posting some more food posts. It'll be the food I like and my thoughts on it. See, its not all about me. Sometimes its about the things I eat.

Also, I wouldn't want the givers of these gifts to think I'm not over-the-top excited about them... because I am. So here goes.


Can we take a moment to admire this box? Isn't that the best idea . This was painted by May. May is my friend Amy's mom. Amy and I have gone to shcool together since kindegarten. May has suffered many years with us girls, she was my confirmation sponsor and obviously a great artist as well.

Inside the box were my new plates! They might go this way.

Or this way. No that doesn't look right at all. I love the unique shape. I've already gotten rid of our old chipped Ikea plates and placed these lovingly in my cupboards.

I love colored china but is there anything better than a pretty white background for your food picks?


Love these champagne flutes. I do believe that my champagne will taste better having been sipped from these flutes.

Oh and bellinis! Who wants to come over for some peach bellinis? Its been in the 80-90's around here so we could use a refeshing beverage.

I'd also like to say that I hate the type of blinds you can see in the background. Oh the joys of living in an apartment.


Ooooh shiny! On the top we have the big platter B picked out. In the middle is the plate I just love... its sort of weird and crooked like me.

On the bottom is a plate with tasting spoons! Basically you put a little morsel of whatever on there and use it to serve appetizers that wouldn't be your typical easy finger foods. Like ahi tartare OR a seared scallop with a bit of sauce OR fresh sorbet to cleanse your palate between courses OR mini caprese salad OR a slice of caramalized banana topped with chocolate mouse OR... the possibilites are endless.


My purty silverware.. its called Twist. Thats because at the bottom it has a twist. You didn't see that coming, did you?

Side Note: I was originally thinking I would do various plates and dishes and the same flatware. Then I started pricing the jadeite and milk glass that I loved. Then I started taking pictures of food and realized I do love the white and its more affordable (sometimes). Then I saw PW post with the mismatched flatware and decided I would start to collect that as well. (and then, and then)

In summary, I want everything.

That, my dears, is a cupcake carrier! The bottom is the cupcake tin you can bake in and the top layer is a plastic tray. Who has a good cupcake recipe?


I actually put this all out and gave B a presentation when he got home. I was wearing my apron of course... which he got really excited about until he realized it was just for show and I wasn't cooking anything.

Clarification: I was wearing the cupcake apron, not the one with the tickler.

B has been lovingly caressing and seasoning that cast iron skillet for days now. I may have to hide that thing soon. Also note the fondue set, tart pan, appetizer plates, tear drop plate and the gadgets!


I almost left this plate out! I've already used it and put it away.

FYI: Regardless of the fact that B and I have never had a dinner party we will use all of this. We rotate between eating directly out of the pot while standing in the kitchen (its a despicable habit, I know) and setting a beautiful table with all of our food displayed on pretty dinnerware.


OK be honest here... How many of you use the dinnerware you received for your wedding?


  1. Lovely pieces, Dawn! You're right, food shows up much better on white and your uniquely shaped serving pieces will definitely make for a spectacular presentation!
    Your friend's mom is definitely talented, isn't she! What a great idea to paint the box! ... I learn so much from reading your blog!
    Over the years, I've gone through several sets of dinnerware, but I still kept a few pieces from our original set. It was our everyday set and was called Franciscanware.
    Glad you clarified the apron modeling! ;->

  2. I love it all! The serving plates are wonderful, I need some like that. We registered for mostly casual, everyday dinnerware and we use it all the time. I did replace the stoneware stuff I had with classic corelle ware because I was tired of the other stuff chipping. My silverware are beginning to disappear (??) and I like the idea of having many different kinds, kinda like my collection of shampoo...

  3. Thanks for clarifying exactly which apron you were wearing..'cause I was wondering! : )


  4. I am SO jealous that you have a Crate and Barrel...I long for one, but they don't seem to want to put one here in Vegas. Meanies.

  5. Ok, now you make me want new.... After 26 years I still have the stainless but don't use it very often. I do still use my china and still love it. But the rest has gone away...

  6. Don't worry about talking too much about yourself...snooping into peoples lives is what makes reading blogs interesting! That box is so pretty and you got such lovely dinnerware loot...but I think that when I get married I will register for camera guests can eat off paper plates :)

  7. Love everything you selected, very tasteful, It's fun to read about it just like Yelena said it's why we read each others blogs. It does make me wish I could register at a Crate and Barrel. My hubby already had China from family so I didn't register for any and since it's not to my taste I never use it. All my silverware is mismatched, maybe it's time I replaced it... I love that twist pattern! Since our 7 year anniversary is coming up I should look and see what the gift is...oohh it's copper and wool. Copper is my favorite!

  8. Love the cupcake carrier best-est! But the dishes, flatware, everything... so awesome I can't stand it! I would have them out every day 'playing'.. haha. Thank you for sharing ~ beautiful pictures too! -Tammy

  9. flippin' 'eck - how gorgeous is all your stuff?!!! SO glad you did share it, do you know I live vicariously through the beautiful things other people own?!

    We used our wedding stuff from the day we got it. Unfortunately I'm a terribly clumsy person, so we've nearly run out of most things! Also, pre-marriage I hadn't anticipated having 20 people round for meals as a regular occurance so in the end a lot of our stuff is beautiful plain white stuff I found at the pound shop (would that be a dollar store for you?). Unintentially, I'm v mix and match!

  10. OMG that stuff is beautiful! The teardrop plate, the champagne flutes, the tasting spoons (?!)...beautiful. I need to register and have people buy me gifts. Do they do that for Christmas?

    In the second picture of your dinner plates, I'm totally seeing a uterus. Enjoy your dinner ;)

  11. Now this post tells me you are some what of a modern girl, and I love your choices!!! Nope, don't use my silverware I got for my wedding, still in boxes, i should really change that, actually when I get home, i am going to rip them out, pop a bottle of champagne and order some take out and use my wedding silverware to eat our take out and then let the pool man know, this is my wedding silverware in which he will look at me cockeyed and ask where is dessert and in retort I will just open another bottle of champagne?
    See what you started?

  12. I used to keep it all for special occasions and then realized that using it on my family was making them feel special everyday. How could I not use it on them. Were they any less special than when company came? Here is hoping you use it all, every single day. Your hubby is the most important special person in your life.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. A uterus?! Oh you just wait until I tell B that half way thru dinner.

    I do love my presents!

  14. You received such beautiful things! I agree..I do love the white background for food!!!!

    Have fun w/ all your new goodies!

  15. Okay well I would have used the stuff I got for my wedding, but it was chosen my some alien that invaded my body on registry day. Who knew aliens liked blue and mauve floral patterns.


    Bellinis are my all time fav. drink.

    I would be drinking one right now, except they don't taste quite the same when you are following them up with a Nyquil chaser. You know?

    Perhaps I can take a rain check.

  16. Tasting spoons! How cool! I've never seen them before. As for white dinnerware, while visiting DGD we checked out her local Goodwill and found a set of lovely white plates by Pottery Barn! She loved them! And brought them home to reside in her kitchen.

    Your wedding excitement is a fun read.

  17. Gorgeous stuff that I could never pull off! I'm more of a traditional girl myself, but heck someone's gotta fill that spot, right? I do use my china and silver that we got for our wedding, mainly for birthdays, holidays, etc. My everyday dishes came from Target but I love them! :-) It was great to meet you last night and I'll be checking back in on your blog!

  18. Thank you for sharing your wedding plans and fun with us! Brings back such happy memories for me. We chose white Pfaltzgraf for our dishes and most of it is long gone. I still have all the serving pieces -- white goes with everything -- and I loved using my dishes. I have several sets now, some heirlooms, and I use them all, changing out for the season.

  19. Ooh, those tasting spoons are a great idea!

    I loved the stuff from our C&B registry. Our dinnerware and flatware (used everyday!) are plain white from there. We got rid of our mismatched stemware and have gorgeous, inexpensive wine glasses from there, too. My favorites, though, are the place mats and cloth napkins we got. We use them all the time and they're something I wouldn't have bought for myself but love having. The colors brighten up the white dishes, too!

    Now please go make these cupcakes. They're so delicious but so rich that you will eat one, then two, then shove the rest in the cupcake carrier and rush them to a friend's house to stop yourself from eating them all. Er, so I heard. From a friend.


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