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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A vintage picnic, a talented Adrienne and a small meltdown, hurray!


A few weeks ago B and I had out engagement shoot. I have to admit that going into it I was sort of terrified. The thought of being in front of two cameras on an actual "photo shoot" made my stomach lurch. I just wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to look natural. I wanted it to be us.. only you know.. the best parts. When we arrived I realized that I forgot my earrings. The sweet vintage earrings I adored. I had them walking out and cannot find them anywhere. I must have dropped them. I'm a spaz. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the entire laundry basket of props we brought. Then Adrienne came and B and I instantly felt at ease.

Speaking of natural. Is there anything more natural than being in the wilderness with your bike, a dress and your 4 inch red suede peep toes pumps? I think not.

Adrienne has a spread on her blog here. I've talked about her before and if you haven't gone over there please take a look at her fantastic portfolio.

As a second added perk we've been featured on a wedding blog called Ruffled.. check it out, you'll love it. Some of you may be familiar with the site as it used to be called Vintage Glam.

May I first say that Adrienne was awesome and takes fantastic pictures. You and Scott are the best Adrienne!

May I also say that I realize I am overly critical of myself. I can't help it. I really can't.

This is what I learned from this photo shoot:

1. B is really adorable.

2. If you are doing a shoot that involves sitting down... don't wear a linen dress because it will wrinkle and then it won't lay right the rest of the shoot causing you to look oddly rolly and rumpled. If the dress is too stiff its really not good for sitting either. Practice taking pictures in your clothes for goodness sakes!

3. My legs refuse to tan and I should only wear pants.... ever.

4. I really love picnics.

5. I really love cupcakes.

6. I really love B.

7. I have man legs and weird knees. I should be a Seinfeld episode.

8. Adrienne is very talented

9. I love the prop photos.

10. I puffy heart Adrienne and Scott and I totally want to be BFF's and KIT.

So, all in all, I love almost all the pictures. I'm sorta mad at myself because I have the perfect dress for this photo shoot which is actually the one I wore at my bridal shower. It lays beautifully and its made of silk so its flowy instead of rigid. Only I didn't wear it because I tried it on about a month before the shoot and it wouldn't zip. But then I tried it on again a couple days after the shoot and it fit beautifully. I do realize these are just pictures and I'm being crazy by analyzing each and every detail. The more I look at them, the more I really do love them. Except the last one makes me cringe. I'm so excited for the wedding and the wedding pictures! Its so much easier to look good when you have people prepping you.... and a long wedding dress.


I sat on this post for a bit and then looked at all the pictures and really do love them. I'm going to chalk up my spaz out to being a frivilous, over-critical female whose hormones are completely out a whack and is weeks away from getting married. Its either that or I'm crazy. I decided not to edit out my initial reaction because, well, it was my initial reaction.

I had a slice of lemon pie, a pep talk with my best friend, some positive reinforcement from mom and some slow dancing in the living room and I'm back to feeling pretty and secure.

Then my sister Sherri sent me an email with a picture by picture evaluation. Seriously, she noticed every detail. She has decided (and I concur) that its the belt. The belt was too big and stiff and when it leans forward it gives that frump look. I needed something that was more fitted, that would stay straight and look sleeker. I feel validated. I need sisterly validation. I can now go to sleep.

Its like a roller coaster over here people, watch out!

Are you still with me or did you go running for the hills? :)


  1. I do that, too, whenever I am in the photos... but you look great and you know what? I really didn't notice your linen dress and all those items you pointed out. I noticed the beautiful smile on your face as you look up at B and I notice how he was looking at you, how you were looking at each other. :)

  2. Ha! You're so funny...and YES, way to critical of yourself! You're adorable and I'm quite sure your pictures are too, but I confess I am the same way, hence the no profile pic after almost 4 mos. now!

    :) T

  3. While I totally understand wanting to tear yourself apart in pictures, you both look amazing. The pics are gorgeous, so old school romance. Love, love, love them!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photo even though you weren't comfortable...but then who ever really is comfortable looking at a picture of themself? I love your photoshoot!

  5. I think I already told you what I thought of your engagement photos...but again, they are awesome!

  6. I like the dress you chose. A silky, flowing dress would be too predictable. This one is cute and sporty and even after reading about the rumples, I didn't see them, except in the last photo, so just leave that one out:)

  7. I'm speechless, they're amazing, I love them, I have never seen anything so original!! Girl, you rock!


  8. Dandy your photos are amazing!!! you rocked that perfect in every which way. I am so glad that you shared this, and your thoughts because we can all relate in so many ways!! but, you my dear are precious...and I love that you wanted a vintage picnic, bestill my heart!

  9. These photos are wonderful and the two of you are adorable!!!

    My favorite photo is the one in the field with the bikes and you and B looking at each other.

    TRUE Love is a beautiful thing.

  10. Those are just the most wonderful pictures!! And of course you can wear a dress and heels when riding a bike!

  11. You do NOT under any circumstances, have 'man legs.' You looked great. I love the one with the two of you on the road kissing. Great. stay calm the day is coming and it will be great!

  12. Wow they are beautiful shots! I love the look! What a great idea :)

  13. You looked adorable, and you do *not* have man legs, but I know what you mean...

    I hate every picture of me in existence. :)

    But seriously, you guys look great and the pictures were all fabulous.

  14. That was YOUR shoot!?
    I saw those photos and thought, "Man! I want my hus to get a fun couple like THAT to photograph!" And as they said on Ruffled, it was all YOUR staging?!
    DAAAANG Girl, you are FAWESOME :) (The F is intentional :)

  15. I KNEW they would turn out great. If the ONE picture you posted was any indication, I'm sure you will cherish those photos for the rest of your lives! You looked GREAT, I love the dress, and your legs don't look too pale at all. You're just over-analyzing.

    Listen to me!?! I do the same thing, so I can honestly say I've been there (literally ... about a month ago) but I'm glad both of us came to our senses before burning all the photographic evidence that maybe we aren't perfect? But, we're pretty hot am I right?!?

    Thanks for sharing your picture ... now let's see more!!!

  16. I just have to say SWOON! I love it all the details and the pictures. It is all so adorable and perfect. It's hard not to critique yourself but Girl you did good. I was just wishing for more wedding updates and this was fantastic.

  17. You guys are too cute!

    I actually like the belt/dress combo, though it might not have worked for your movement as much as you liked. HOWEVER! *You two* look happy and amazing and I never even looked at wrinkles or rumples. I noticed the setting and your expressions looking at each other, which is how engagement photos should be!

    Our initial engagement shoot had to be rescheduled a bunch of times, so when we finally squeezed it in, we had to shoot inside (wahhhh) and I was originally so bummed. But our photos were fantastic (much love to our photog) and I forgot that I had wanted to shoot somewhere else. Also, our wedding photos were amazing which washed the engagement photos out of my mind. =)

  18. Dawn,

    These pictures are so beautiful and breathtaking. My favorite is the one of you two off to the right with your bikes still in the view. Love how well you took these and still kept who you both are, as part of the pictures.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  19. I know we are our own worst critics, but SERIOUSLY... you look FANTASTIC. Stop analyzing and look at them from a strangers perspective, they are so great. I love how much thought went into them. Oh, how I wish I had all the wedding mumbo-jumbo to do again. I'd think things through a little better, and more carefully. Really, the pictures are beautiful, as are you.

  20. I am with ya, except I totally disagree with every negative thing you wrote gosh you two are so darn cute and you look gorgeous, man legs? for real? then I must be chewy from star wars...I love that dress too! WOW! I bet B is in heaven! silly girl, you are simply and purely lovely.

  21. OMG!!!
    1. You make me laugh!
    2. You look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    3. What are you talkin' about the dress and belt and the legs and the earrings???? You look gorgeous! (Yes I said it again!)
    4. These pics look like they are from Martha Stewart!
    5. They are sooo charming and sweet! They are YOU!!!!
    6. I can feel the love between you and B.
    7. I love all of the shots, but I especially love
    a. the one with his head on your lap and
    b. the field one with you all over on the far right
    8. You look GORGEOUS ... like a model gorgeous!

  22. Girl, these are fantastic!!! I loved all of them, you two make a really cute couple.

  23. Those pictures are awesome! You look great!

  24. Sweetheart, I would never run for the hills. (I have no idea why I just called you sweetheart. I call my children that. And sometimes my husband. And occasionally a random animal. I'm so weird and I apologize.)

    You think you have man legs and weird knees???
    (me picking myself back up off the floor where I've been laughing for the past five minutes)

    WhatEVER! Man legs? (still laughing) Man legs... My husband has man legs... they are all hairy and big and muscular, and um... manly.

    And Weird knees? Where did you come up with that? Okay well... I think all knees are a little weird when you really get down to brass tacks... I mean they are the place your leg bones bend... but still... yours are super cute! Super. CUTE.

    You might be experiencing what is commonly diagnosed as "pre-wedding appearance hormone attacks." They can be quite nasty if memory serves, but they aren't fatal.

  25. You look absolutely adorable!! I can't believe how little you are. I've never seen engagement pictures like that before...really clever and out of the box. So happy for you both:)

  26. 1. Your shoes are amazing!!
    2. Your pictures are incredible and make me smile.
    3. And smile, and smile.

    SO EXCITED for you!

  27. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! And I don't think anyone would have given your dress issues a second look if you hadn't said anything. :)

  28. Gorgeous photo! and congratulations!!!

  29. Gorgeous!!! I want to go back and do pre-wedding photos again!
    And man-legs are much hairier...I should know.
    Such cute shoes!! I could never wear them, but they are adorable.
    So are you guys.

  30. Okay, I just have to say, that before I even read your whole post, after I saw the photo on your blog, I thought, Man! I LOVE her legs! (Okay, that sounded weird) but I really did think she's got great legs! So, I guess we all have our hang-ups. I totally have man-hands, and I know this is true because they look just like my dad's and brother's, and I totally dreaded the hand picture at the wedding, and it doesn't look as bad as I thought, but it will never be my favorite. I really did love all your pics, and I just cracked up over the sisterly analysis. Isn't that so true - only a true sister/friend would look so critically at a picture to help you figure out what the problem was! And the men around are dumbfounded. I'm glad she made you feel better, and now you can relax and love your pictures because they are beautiful!

  31. The first thing I am going to say is that we women are SO hard on ourselves.

    You look adorable. I think your legs look fine and you smiling at B is just beautiful.

    I didn't even notice the belt until you pointed it out. The first thing that I noticed was your beautiful smile.

    Enjoy the up coming days and try not to be a nervous wreck. Relax and breathe!

  32. I looooove the picture. And your legs look just fine. Such a great capture and perfect lighting.

  33. DANDY!!! I'M FREAKING OUT!!! You two are BEYOND, like WAY beyond any and all cuteness!! You are out of control beautiful and you do NOT have man legs OR weird knees! The dress, the soda, the bikes--the vintageness was soooo incredibly charming and fits you too so well. I'm just in awe. Your dress was fab and the peep toes in red was the best decision of your life. Love the photos. Over the moon for you & B.


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