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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For the Mid-Century Bride


If I had to pick a favorite decade (style-wise) it would have to be 1955-1965. The style I like is what we call mid-century modern which makes my mom laugh. Mid-century sounds to old to her. Lindsay a family friend of ours (with the help of my mom) planned this fantastic shower for me. On the invitations they let the guests know we'd be doing a retro theme. So that is the part I told you was sooo me.

Then there is the rebellious side of these two evil women. Do you remember when I told you that for the wedding I ruled out: hearts, roses, tulle, little wedding rings, tulle-wrapped jordan almonds, pop-out paper decorations, bows and cheesy wedding birds? Do you remember that?

Now keep that in mind as you look thru this random assortment of pictures.


The tables! The centerpieces are made from those 3 tiered appetizer serving plates with flowers stuck in between.


Meet Tina, the Maid of Honor. You'll be seeing a lot of her here. Notice the tulip champagne glass filled with champagne punch. What is that on the bottom?


Ah yes, leetle wedding rings.


Paper wedding bells strategically placed so they hit you in the head whenever you try to get something to eat.


Its a whale made out of watermelon!


Three bean salad.. I hear it was all the rage!


My cousin's little girl, Savannah... she has the cutest dimples.


Uh-huh, swans.


My mom makes the best deviled eggs. She even makes Wasabi Deviled Eggs occasionally!


Cherry tomatoes filled with some kind of cheese bacon mayo mixture. They were really good, despite this picture!


~squish, squish~ I squished those cheeks all day long.


Sammiches! Salmon salad, salami and my favorite which was a mixture of pineapple, ham and cream cheese. Trust me.


Can't have too many jello molds!


Lindsay, my sister Sherri and my mom. This was actually at the very end of the day and they were exhausted from spoiling me. See how happy I am?


Flashback! Flashback! I responded with "OMG can I have it? What is it?"


Hearts and bows.


These were floating in the punch. Too cute!


I wore this vintage apron from Linda (found on ebay) for the rest of the day. I think I need lessons on being the proper feminine wife. They are laughing because I'm holding the rolling pin like I'm going to hit someone.


Frilly panites, I received quite a few and they are adorable. My sister told everyone how I used to wear the same kind over my diapers.


This basket. The box that it came in must have been original as it literally disintegrated as we pulled on it. Inside were the plastic plates and cups that you see, along with utensils.

I totally could have used this for the engagement shoot! Oh well. I can't wait to see B trying to cart this to the park... on his bike... full of the dinner he made us and the things I baked while wearing my apron.


Here my niece Kate is trying to hide from my camera but I caught her thru the window.


Are these to scale?


I'll leave you with this. This is the 3rd apron I recieved. Thank you Tina. Thank you for the tickler, what kind of woman would I be without one?
Don't answer that.

Tina wanted us all to know that she bought this "conservative" one as it has tummy coverage. She knows I am self-conscious about my tummy. Thank you for being so considerate of me, my ex-best friend... I can only imagine what the non-conservative lingerie looked like.

There is nothing like opening a package of lingerie in front of your grandma. Of course, I have no idea what her reaction was because I didn't look at her for the rest of the day.


  1. Ha! What a fabulous party. And I think opening lingerie in front of your grandmother is a rite of passage. She got to be a grandma somehow, I'm sure she understands. ;p

    My favorite gift combo: frilly undies, perfume, and a Barry White CD. Brilliant.

  2. Looks like a everyone had a super great time. :)

    I remember opening up sexy lingerie in front of my MIL, my mom, and my aunt, AND my under 8 nieces at my shower! I wasn't quite sure how to react... show appreciation for the naughtiness of the gift from a dear girlfriend? Pretend that I'm the demure, proper girl that they all thought I was? Hmmm...

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time. Oh, and all that food just looks delicious! Hmm, I can imagine that it would be mortifying to open lingerie in front of your grandma...but hey, you survived to tell about it :)

  4. What a great shower! (I had jello molds, but they weren't "retro" then!) Your mom is so pretty. You look like her. Beautiful family!

  5. I'm coming here first thing in the morning more and more often, when I should be getting breakfast for my children or something like that...

    Love the aprons- all of em! And can you please post that recipe for the ham-pineapple-cream cheese sandwich? I'm dying to try that!!

    You are the cutest.

  6. What an incredible idea. I love that they used all of the things you said you would not have at your wedding. The retro thing is fun.

    Congrats and I am glad you had such a good time. This is such a special time.

  7. FUN! I love the shot of you getting ready to whack somebody. :)

  8. you have some very clever and creative friends and family members...too cute! Also love the shot with the rolling pen. Has your betrothed seen that - is he worried? : )

  9. I love all the cute and creative stuff that you can spot in virtually all these beautiful pictures and these are just the shower. Can't wait to see the ones from your wedding. This is like the appetizer before the main course! It's going to be amazing.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. What a perfect shower, your friends and family did a fabulous job...including what you love and uhm, well what you don't! too much fun...and as for the apron I think that would be perfect for Sunday dinner with the family...just don't invite grandma!

  11. Looks like so much fun! And as much as you might have died a little on the inside, the tulle and swans and little wedding rings on the champagne glasses IS part of the theme. They were a part of every good 1950's wedding. And the jello molds - I LOVE them!! They scare me a little, but I still love them.

  12. Your shower looked fabulous! :) Love all your aprons! And Tina is a very considerate person you know.. super considerate hehehe ;-)

  13. Oh what fun!

    You look like you're soaking it all in - good for you! Enjoy it all. :-]

  14. What a beautiful shower! If "Love is in the details," you have been LOVED, girl! Those aprons are just too cute, and all those little girls in attendance are just adorable.

    After these beautiful details at the shower, I can't wait to see the wedding pics!

  15. the vintage apron was gorgeous!! love that you sported the sexy outfit! you are so much bolder than i am!

  16. These people truly love you, Dawn! Who else would go through all the trouble of jello molds and Jordan Almond/tulle swans?

    I love the picnic basket -- I think my mother-in-law had one years and years and years ago!

    What a lovely party. Congratulations on having such a great group of people who love and support you!

  17. Picture of perfection, that's what this post is. What a wonderful shower and such cute kids in here!! Squish, squish is right.

  18. seriously---I would have been the same way with opening lingerie in front of my grandmother---I love hearing about your life---thanks for sharing---oh, btw, I had a mammogram this month and all was clear---you reminded me awhile back (the boobie post) that it was time---so, thanks! :)

  19. AH! So much to say! Okay, you're gorgeous. Check. I think I have to say that in every one of my comments. Just in case you forgot that I think that.
    The table cloths/napkins color scheme was so fantastic. I love that you love mid century. I'm a '40's gal myself, but close enough.
    Your picnic basket and plastic plates are so adorable. The colors are so great.
    Is there any way you can get the pineapple, ham & cream cheese recipe and post it? That sounds soooo yummy. The stuffed tomatoes looked heavenly too...YUM!
    HA! I love that your mom & Lindsay got all cheeky and included all your nixes! Perfect! he he he.
    Okay, I suppose I've commented enough. Even tho I'm holding back a virtual tidal wave of "oh my gosh, I loved this & that" comments.
    PS Thank you for saying leetle. I was starting to get antsy, not hearing it for a while and all.

  20. Oh, this post made me laugh!!

    Your shower was absolutely adorable, despite the items you ruled out!!

    You are going to be a beautiful bride!!!

  21. What a great shower! I love the rubber duckies, and can I please have the recipe for the wasabi deviled eggs? I didn't think it could get better than regular deviled eggs, but wasabi?? Wow.

    Love the cute aprons too. I can't wait til it's my turn!!

  22. What a party! OMG... love the aprons! The cupcake one is my fave, and it looks perfect on you! Thanks for sharing ~ looks like a wonderful day. -Tammy

  23. I never got to do all that fun stuff but it cracks me up!!!! im glad they could spoil you...I wonder why I dont have conservative attire...or ticklers...are we supposed to?


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