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Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Watching this movie is part of my Halloween ritual. However until B and I saw this book at an antique shop I had no idea it existed.


Its a first edition and in perfect condition.
The book was published in 1967.


Reading the book and watching the movie are two different things.
I love having this in my collection.
"I believed in you! I missed Tricks or Treats to sit in this pumpkin patch! You owe me restitution!"


Restitution. There is a word you don't see often in kids books.


Does anyone wonder why Snoopy doesn't have beagle markings? What kind of beagle is he anyway?


You owe me restitution!
Sorry, I'm just practicing.
Someday I'll have a good use for that phrase.

Tomorrow I'll be watching Hocus Pocus while I bake.
What are your Halloween traditions?


  1. I have that book! Not a first edition but I have that book.

    So I'm watching Hocus Pocus right now.. totally a Halloween tradition, and I'll have on Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on Halloween while I get ready for my party. :)

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  2. You mean there was actually a book!!! That is just about my favorite holiday cartoon, that and the Charlie Brown Christmas.

    "I got a rock"

  3. Restitution. I'll use that word all day. What a beautiful book, and I wish it were mine.

  4. We actually watched Hocus Pocus earlier this week, as a friend insisted it was one of his favorite all-time movies. It was the first time I've ever seen it! It was a fun Halloween movie, but I'm not sure it qualifies as an "all-time favorite". I'll be spending the day modifying costumes for my toddlers so we have a chance at spending a few minutes out in the cold tomorrow!

    ps - what are you baking?

  5. Wow what a great find. We always watch Charlie Brown too! For traditions it's go to a pumpkin farm, carving pumpkins and sugaring up the kids. I think next year I'm gonna start making the same meal before trick or treat. For some reason chili dogs are a big deal to some in the South I heard it on the radio and the idea stuck but maybe it will be tacos or who knows!

  6. Oohh my husband would so LOVE that book!!! We are big Peanuts fans. He actually remembers when all these specials aired for the first time on TV. He's so old!! ; )
    We always watch The Great Pumpkin and around this time of year we always watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Our kids aren't old enough to watch it yet but we showed our son two clips...when they're going the wrong way on the highway, and the two pillows scene..he laughed for days!

    Be well! ~Andrea~

  7. i love the book..and the movie..
    my kids..not so much.
    but it will always be in my heart!

  8. I've gotta have the book! I've always always loved Peanuts and Charlie B. Did you know this? Charles Schulz's daughter Meredith Hodges is a famous Mule and Donkey owner/trainer and has a weekly television program (oh yes, you guessed it, it's my favorite program!).

    Restitution. A great word, and at my office.. we use it on a daily basis :) -Tammy

  9. I am a major pumpkin carver, and I love to make pumpkin pie from scratch....the whole roast the pumpkin and then make the pie, I feel the need quite frequently to make things difficult I guess...

  10. AW dang i forgot, I love vintage books I do I do...I want them all...I never knew that one existed either! I love adding holiday books to the coffee table!

  11. That is so cute!!!

    I make homemade tomato soup, grilled cheese, and watch Young Frankenstein. I'm embarrassed to admit that last one, but I just love it... I can't help it!

  12. I had no idea that was a book, either. Love it!

  13. I loved loved loved that when I was a kid!

    @ Lemonade Makin' Mama... I LOVE your Halloween tradition. Put the candle BECK!

    My tradition at least the last 13 years or so is to bundle the kid up and take her trick or treating, then have some late dinner and watch something kid-friendly...

    Now she's a big bad teenager though, so I think this year I'll do some *real* ghost hunting...someday I'm going to make it out there and we'll go to the Winchester Mansion! :)

  14. Love Charlie Brown! My favorite babysitter could play the whole theme song from memory and I thought it was the greatest ever. Love the happy Snoopy dance too! Our girls have watched the Christmas one and enjoy it, not sure about the Great Pumpkin though.

    We do trick or treating and in a small town like ours its still pretty quaint and safe. Lots of fun!

  15. I love Charlie Brown. We are all Charlie Browns at one point or another, aren't we? So nice that you can add that to your library in case you need a children's book for ONE REASON OR ANOTHER. ;->

    Halloween traditions ... party with the grandkids a week or two before Halloween, (That's a relatively new tradition.) Go to a Witches Night with my friends from work, have classroom Halloween Party with my first grade sweeties, help walk our grandson around his neighborhood with his mama while our son tries to scare all of the neighborhood kids out of their wits as he stays home to pass out candy on the night before Halloween. On Halloween night, turn the lights down low, play scary music and pass out candy to the kiddies in our neighborhood. Whew! I've never listed all my Halloween activities before! Think that's enough?

  16. How can you celebrate Halloween and not watch It's the Great Pumpkin. I mean I dressed as Charlie Brown one year complete with a sheet full of hole and a bag with a rock in it. I mean who can't remember who that is?

    I need restitution, I need tricks or treats as well. Well we are off to our schools Trunk or Treat and then home for dinner. Enjoy!

    I will probably watch Twilight this year!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. Dandy, this and the Christmas movies are so precious and simple and straightforward. WHAT A FIND!

    Thank you for your kind words and sweet support during the recent events in my life. It means SO much.

  18. We are off to our costume party kids allowed and then tomorrow it's the normal trick or treating. Love the book "Too Many Pumpkins". Have to read that every year. Have a great one:)

  19. I think I had that book when I was a kid. Such a great Halloween TV show--an annual classic.

    I'm finally having time to catch up on my reading! I've missed your blog!

  20. What a great find!!
    Baking sounds good...I am just washing up my new food processor in the dishwasher and I might give it a whirl (ha, ha!) tomorrow to make some carrot cake muffins, or something! You've inspired me.
    We will be taking the kids to a church party, and then maybe around the neighborhood. I made their costumes, so I want as many people to see them as possible. :)

  21. My hubby is a Halloween baby and has had a birthday party ever year since he was five. Of course since we moved to a city where we know three people, it's not worth throwing a party, but I did make him cake. We're going out for dinner and hopping a few bars this year (shhh, he's 30!). It just won't quite me the same.

  22. Halloween is so scary. I hide. The following day, I go buy up all the half priced candy. I'm a wimp.

  23. I love this movie and we haven't dug it out this year yet. Thanks for the reminder!
    Happy Halloween!

  24. What a treasure this book is! It looks like it's in great shape too. I collect illustrated novels, isn't it amazing to come across finds like this?

  25. I just have to say that I used to live across the street from the Charles Schulz museum. My town had Charlie Brown and Snoopy statues everywhere. I think there are at least 20 scattered all over town. :-)


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