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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A tale of transformation

Today's post is a tale of transformation (as you might have thought from the title). Its a tale of a diamond in the rough. It is a tale of the possibilites one has to change if one so deems it time to change in ones life for ones own good.


~snicker~ What in the world am I talking about? I think I've lost it. If you drive past me and see me walking down the street mumbling to myself, please pick me up and call the number on my id tag.

This is not a deep post. Its of the purely superficial kind. We are talking about diamonds though. So it can't be all that bad.

My grandma gave me this lovely diamond heart pendant. She said she really isn't into hearts and that its too fancy for her to wear. It really is lovely.


But I take after my grandma. I'm really not into hearts and I know I would never wear this pendant. So B and I took it to our jeweler. I love saying that. Its like we go get jewelry every day.

Our jeweler is who we purchased our wedding rings from. He knows me when I walk in and I feel really special. Its only because I like to gaze lovingly at the sparklies.


I brought in the pendant and asked ever so sweetly if they could make it into earrings for the wedding. He started to measure and count and draw and then he took my pretty neckalce and gave me back these earrings.


Ooooooohhh! Aaaaaaaahhh!


Aren't they purty?

Its hard to catch the sparklies on camera but they are there.


I wonder what grandma will think.


  1. The pendant was lovely, but I would've done the same... not a hearts kind of gal. I love the earrings, though. This can be both your something old and something new (and something blue, too)!

  2. So beautiful---oh, and I loved your engagement photos~~so great---and those shoes...LOVE THEM!

  3. OOOOOOO pretty! What is the blue stone?

  4. Hmmm...I don't think I'll ever have a jeweler. Although it would be good to have one regular person to whom I take all the pieces of jewelry I break.

    The earrings are really stunning - great decision!

  5. Oh, Dandy ... those earrings are just beautiful! How special that you'll be wearing something that belonged to your grandmother. You will look GORGEOUS in them ... just don't forget them when you get dressed on your wedding day!

  6. I think she'll love them, I do too!


  7. Very classy, and I love that they are something old and something new all at once.

  8. Wow, they turned out fabulous! I like the earrings much better they are very stunning and will look great on your wedding day.

  9. They turned out beautiful! I love the transformation :)

  10. Those are stunning, and so winter-wonderland, perfect for the wedding.

  11. I am sure she would love them! They are lovely

  12. beautiful! I cannot wait to see all the photos of the wedding...It really needs to hurry!

  13. I think she will love them. You are still wearing them just in a whole different way!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Beautiful! I think your grandma will be happy to know that it's not just sitting in a jewelry box, and you've made it "your own."

  15. Those are beautiful! Can I borrow them for my wedding so it will be the "something borrowed"?

    Your grandma would love them.

  16. I have been waiting with baited breath for this post. (Baited. Think about that for a second. Who comes UP with these sayings?)

    But I really am so glad you finally posted this post. And they are gorgeous and seem so very "You"... I bet Grammy will think they are anti-heart perfection! (I'm not so into hearts either)

  17. no thanks to hearts also - is there some sort of label for that- heartophobic? Anyway, them sure are purty and bet your Grandma will love them! Your big day is getting pretty darn close- are you getting nervous, excited, all that other good stuff?

  18. Oh, they are so pretty! What a wonderful way to use something that is so they are something old, new, borrowed (kind of), and blue. :) (ah, I see that is not an original thought, but I shall leave it!)

  19. Ooh! Soo pretty! Grandma will be so proud that her granddaughter was so smart to think of this!

  20. They are beautiful! Can't wait to hear what grandma thinks:)

  21. I think Grandma is going to want her pendant/earrings back! So pretty!! And something blue!

  22. I'm thinking grandma's gonna say, "Why didn't I think of that?" "Oh, and that's your wedding. You're welcome." :)


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