Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#8 / 52 Food Adventures: Romanesco Cauliflower


We received Romanesco Cauliflower (or Romanesco Broccoli depending on where you get your info) in our last CSA box and we've never had it before.

It's quite stunning.

It was mostly that gorgeous lime green (the picture is a little light)
 with just a few bits of purple along the base.

We decided just to roast it with evoo, salt and pepper.

Picnik collage

Oh my.
Sweet, tender, delicious.

It tastes like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.

I'm crossing my fingers we get more!
It didn't even make it to the dinner table.

Peanut couldn't get enough of it.

Have you had Romanesco Cauliflower before and how do you prepare it?

What did you try this week?


  1. I haven't tried Romanesco but it looks delicious. Roasting cauliflower, peppers, brocollli, sweet potatoes and some onions is very good.

    What has it been like being a working gal once again?

    My "try" this week has been to eat less and exercise more. So far my plan has been working!

    1. It's going surprisingly smoothly! No tears, no drama!

      I'm "trying" not to eat everything on the menu at work. It's hard standing there while they cook 18 lbs of bacon first thing in the morning.

  2. I've never even heard of Romanesco, but I love cauliflower, especially roasted. Believe it or not, I had a food adventure this week, too, and linked up with you!

    1. Gah! I forgot the link thing, I'll add it after work and see what you tried!

  3. Ooh, I've been wondering what these taste like! I've always imagined they're what space cauliflower would look like. Here's my adventure for the week!
    PS - Is it easier for you if I continue posting them as a comment on each of your weeks?

  4. I've had it and it is wonderful, but it's hard to find out here in no man's land...

    sigh. I wish I had access to CA produce!!!


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