Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#7 / 52 Food Adventures: Chocolate Cheddar Cheese


I'm running way behind on this weeks posts but I think you know why :)

I adore cheese.  I adore chocolate.  
I saw this at Trader Joe's and didn't hesitate to try it.

I was curious about the pairing with cheddar, a creamy brie seems more likely, 
but I really liked this.

Picnik collage

The cheddar is strong, sharp and slightly creamy and the chocolate is dark and not too sweet.

I think it's a great conversation cheese and I really liked it.
B thought it was good but he'd rather eat a stinky blue cheese.


Peanut liked it.
He's saying cheeeeeese in this picture.
This is after his first day home with daddy.  They are both exhausted.


What is your absolute favorite cheese?

What did you try this week?


  1. Hey girl been thinking of you this week. I love all kinds of cheese..never would have put those two things together. My favorite cheese would probably be cream cheese...does that count?

  2. That looks amazing, especially with my weird preggo palette. What do you eat it with? Apples? Crackers? Or just by itself?
    And I'm pretty sure I can eat up Peanut with a spoon. He's too cute.

  3. My all time favorite is Stilton...

    I would fly a thousand miles for a good piece of it!

    I've been quite boring and haven't really tried anything new in a long time.

    I may have to look for chocolate cheddar...

  4. Haha... I actually just tried this cheese last Friday, and I really enjoyed it! But apparently no one else did :(
    YUMM!! Too bad I ate way more than just my portion :)

    1. My mom wasn't a fan either. I guess it's just us!

  5. Trader Joe's is such a great place to grab something new to try! The prices can't be beat, and the products are usually delicious! Here was my adventure for the week, sorry for the lateness!

  6. I would have totally bought it to try, too!

    My favorite cheese is Gruyere. :)

  7. Ive bought this and Loved it. Im looking for receipes to use it in.


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