Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cranberry Lemon Heart Scones


Can you believe that Valentine's Day is on Tuesday?
I had all these plans for projects :)
I was going to make things.  Pinterest things.

Well those projects may or may not get done but either way at least I made these yummy heart scones.


I used a scone recipe from Baked Bree, halved it and substituted cranberries for blueberries.
You can find her recipe HERE.

I also left out the vanilla in the glaze, substituting milk, but that had more to do with color than flavor.

Picnik collage

A quick word about scones.  It seems that some people like them dense and crumbly while others like scones to be light and flakey.

These are definitely the lighter, flakey type.
They have the consistency of a biscuit and are very yummy.

Picnik collage

These would be perfect with a nice cup of coffee or tea for your honey on Valentine's Day!

If you aren't feeling the completely homemade scones you could always try these easy semi-homemade Raspberry Heart-shaped Cinnamon Rolls.

Do you have plans for Valentine's Day?


  1. Oh man, I need to make these. Pronto. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I made heart-scones, too! Sour cream, cinnamon & nutmeg, with no fancy drizzles, but still: delicious.

    But oh, lemon scones....I need.

  3. You take great pics of food. That's a challenge. You need to link up with my feed your family some Friday. I'd love to have one of your meals on there. Scones make me happy...especially in the shape of a heart. Might have to try these.

  4. These look simply perfect for Sunday morning and I have a big old heart cutter sitting in my drawer!

  5. These look so delicious, I could go for one right this very minute. I just printed out the recipe.

    I always make an Italian dinner for Valentine's day and a chocolate heart-shaped cake. I buy little Valentine surprises for each of the kids. Then, my husband and I go out for dinner, usually the weekend before or after, for our own celebration. I love Valentine's Day!


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