Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's that time


The time to go back to work has come.  It's here.  I officially start tomorrow.

It's actually been in the works since last summer when it was first mentioned to me.  I was going to start the beginning of January, then the end of January, then a few days before that, they postponed to March and again a few days ago they asked me to start tomorrow.  It's been a bit chaotic.  A bit stressful.  I'm used to a lot of organization and I've had a hard time adjusting before I've even begun.  I still don't know my schedule past my start time on Monday.

What am I doing?  Well, it's back to the restaurant for me!  Although I swore I'd never go back, this restaurant is only open from 7 am to 3 pm and that is a schedule that will work with me, B and the Peanut.  Besides, you know how I love food.

I think I've been in denial.  I went through a brief period of sadness and then a brief period of excitement back in the beginning of January.  Since then I've been in a state of denial.  I think it was just too much trying to get prepared each time I thought I was going to start.  So tomorrow at the insane hour of 6:30 am I officially start managing.

B will have Peanut in the mornings (somedays he doesn't work until 12) and his weekday off.  Then B will take Peanut over to my mom's house.  Unfortunately for B he needs to make a 20 minute drive to drop off Peanut before going to work 3 miles from our house.  Fortunately Peanut gets to spend days playing (and getting spoiled at) Grandma's house.  I'll pick him up after work which is halfway between our house and my parents.

We're in for a lot of adjustments.  I'm not worried about the Peanut at all.  We're already at my parent's house constantly.  In fact, he'll be even more spoiled without me around.  I'm not worried about my mom as she already knows his schedule.  It's really the ideal situation, getting to have her around to take care of my baby.

 I'm sure I'll miss him though.
 I'll miss the wake-up time in the morning. 
I love that time when he's all smiles and cuddles and we read books in bed.

B is a different story.  I actually can't wait until he has Peanut one day a week by himself.  B has never really had to get Peanut out the door in the mornings.  I believe he's had him twice for the day since Peanut was been born.  This is going to be fun for mommy!  I'm not sure B gets how much life is going to change for him having to run the Peanut around and take care of him during the day.  I'm sure it's going to be fine but you know how it is... somedays can be rough/exhausting with a little one.  Heck, that's why I have playdates and go to my parents house.
Remind me to lay out Peanut's clothes for B. This is what happens when daddy dresses the baby.
And his onesie is on backwards.
As for me, well I'm nervous and anxious and becoming a bit more excited as I type.  It's been a long time.  I'm so grateful to have had this time with Peanut.  15 months of my attention focused on helping my baby learn and grow.  I never thought I'd have that type of opportunity.

I'm curious as to how long it'll take me to get back into the groove of working.  B doesn't think it'll be long.  I've always been eager to work, to do things correctly, to iron out the kinks and put things in place.  I'm looking forward to being back around people... and food.   I'll have to learn to balance out my obligations, my writing, my reading and my playtime.

I think I can do it all.  I have my priorities and I'll stick to those.  I'm pretty sure I remember how to do this whole working thing.  It's like riding a bike... right?

Maybe thats not a good example.  I'm horrible on a bike.

So here we go again.  I'll report back on how work is going!


  1. Lovely Dawn you are going to be amazing! You're an incredible mummy with fabulous drive and resolve and positivity. Peanut will continue to thrive and I'm convinced you'll do an excellent job in your new role. I really hope you settle in quickly and that Peanut gives you some nice nights so you're not too weary. Enjoy every second! Xxxx

  2. It's going to be great Dawn! I'm excited for you!

  3. It'll be a first step on the long long journey of finding time for yourself again - even if it is work-time. Good luck! I'm sure you'll enjoy the new routine and be even better at your role than you were. Baby management skills, as you well know, are no mean feat, and can be applied in everyday life.

  4. What an exciting adventure! It is always an adjustment to go back to work, but I know you will do more than will be great! It's fun to be around grown ups and then come home to your snuggle baby. :) Good luck and blessings to you and your family in this new season!

  5. I'm excited to hear how everything goes! :) keep us all in the loop. Jolene

  6. CHANGE always brings adjustments but say to yourself . . ."all will be well."

    I'll be thinking of you and know you are "just fine! "

  7. I worked all the time my kids were little and it was difficult sometimes, but I always felt that my working was giving them a better future and it has turned out that way!

    Don't worry, you will be just fine and Peanut will thrive!! I'll bet your Mom is excited (I know I would be). Let us know how it goes sweetie...



  8. THinking of you friend... I hope it's been a really good first day for you... And you should be on your way home right now! (I think....) SO Yay first day DOWN!
    Love ya!

  9. I'm glad Peanut has the ideal situation to go to. I think it's great for B too! Now he can really appreciate all you've done for your little guy. I really hope you enjoy work and that it's fun for you. That will make it all worth it!

  10. Where are you going to be working? I will have to come visit you.

    1. Rooster Cafe in Costa Mesa.. catty corner to Memphis


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