Saturday, February 25, 2012

He's Just Lost Without Me


As you know, I went back to work 2 weeks ago.
I've been meaning to get on here and update how the transition went.

I've spent nearly all day every day with my little Peanut for his first 15 months. 
Sure we had play dates and time with friends and family... 
but I've always been near, just in case he needed me.

The first week was traumatic.
When he woke I was already gone and he cried for me for hours on end.
A few days a week I go to work later and end up taking him to my parents.
He cries uncontrollably when I leave.

When we are together he clings to me, starting to panic whenever I go to leave the room.
After work when I pick him up he runs to me... flinging himself into my arms.

His whole world has been turned upside down.
I'm not sure he'll ever recover.


Oh wait a minute.... NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.

In fact, it was the complete opposite.

I think me leaving before he's even awake has worked out really well. 
Thats how we start off the week, Mon-Wed and he gets into a nice routine with daddy.

He didn't seem to miss me at all, although he didn't go back to sleep cuddled in bed like he usually would.

When he gets dropped off at my parents he sweetly waves goodbye.

That first day back, I sped over to pick him up.
I couldn't wait to see him.  I couldn't wait for him to run into my arms.

I quietly opened the door as he was playing with his cousin.
They both looked over.

Peanut went back to playing.

When he finally made his way over to me it was only to grab my phone and start talking to it.

Rotten kid.

Poor Peanut had Roseola and the rash got much worse but he's fine now and all is well.

How did I handle the separation?

To be honest I was totally fine. 
Perhaps it's just the fact that I'm still learning something new and 
so my mind is focused on something else.

I think in the mornings I'm too tired to think at all.
I leave the house by 6 am and I'm home from work by 2:30.

Sometimes I get home earlier and I'm there when he gets up from his nap.
The schedule just really works out for us.

Of course, Peanut celebrated my first week back with Roseola, temperatures in the 103 range, followed by a whole body rash.  Lots of sleepless nights and lots of coffee.
He's better now.

I'm adjusting to the early rise.  I used to go to bed at 1 am and now I try and force a 10 pm bedtime.
It's all cut into my blogging and my reading but I think I'll get into some kind of a rhythm over the next couple of weeks.

Overall it's been shockingly trauma free.

Whats it take for mom to get a running welcome 'round here?


  1. It just shows what a good job you are doing that he is so secure and well adjusted :)

  2. "Rotten kid." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  3. Very, VERY, delightful post. At first I was at . . . OH NO . . . and then . . . ALL IS WELL in the "clapping world.". He is a well adjusted little one . . . no surprise at all. Happy Day great and sweet momma!

  4. Love it! He is so typical. My girls were always the same. They loved me, but loved their world with day care kids. It was always more traumatic for me than for them. Darned kids!

    Seriously, I'm glad everything is going well in your world. It makes it so much easier! Wouldn't want it any other way!

  5. Haha! Glad the transition is going well. Just shows you have a happy, balanced little guy. Hope your enjoying your new job! :)

  6. i keep a little girl 5 days a week. she runs in my house every morning and does not want to leave lots of afternoon. her mom says it makes her sad and happy all at the same time. so glad your first weeks went well

  7. So glad everything is going well! When I come home my daughter cries lol, she doesn't want her Nana to leave... I would love to just get a smile, but a running welcome would be pretty great also! :)

  8. Oh girlie so glad he adjusted without missing a beat. I'm sure it helps your mom and dad are taking care of him. What a relief. You've got great hours.

  9. Hahaha; I was fully forming sympathetic "it'll get better" anti-working-mom-guilt advice for you and then you slayed me. Slayed me dead. :) I'm glad you're both adjusting so well!! :)

  10. awww! Well I'm glad he hasn't been traumatized. Poor baby and his rash. I am all too familiar. I hope I don't pass on my terribly sensitive itchy skin to my baby. They are MISERABLE. Glad he's feeling better!! How are you liking the new job??

  11. Sooo glad that first scenario was a false one! lol

  12. I am so happy it is going well for you. I am sure the first week with Roseola at the time seemed a little stressful, but all looks great!! Congrats on the new job and since my office is right on the other side of South Coast I think I may have to stop by for lunch one day and say Hello, I would love to see you!! By the way Peanut is just getting cuter and cuter every day!!!

  13. Well that kiddo is getting LOVED on baby. I'm so happy you are doing well with this- I have thought about you so many times and hoped that was the case! I miss you in blogland too. Just so you know you're missed. :)


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