Saturday, July 23, 2011

Playing, the way we used to


We were having one of those days. 

I was running on fumes because Peanut had been up all night growing teeth and such.

He wanted to be held and carried all day long.

He currently weighs 22 lbs.  
I cannot hold him all day long.

I had a stiff neck and was moving like a robot.
You know, where you have to turn your entire body to look at something.
That's hard to do when you have a little that is all over the place, 
scooting and cruising furniture and trying to lick the bottom of whatever shoe he finds.

Picnik collage

I just needed him to play for a while like he normally would.

I needed him to entertain himself for just a bit so I could regroup,
or eat, or change my clothes or pee forloveofGod.

One at a time I pulled out all of the toys that he normally loves.


Of course, he couldn't be bothered to look at any of them.
He pushed them away, moved them aside and pulled on me to pick him up.

So I looked around, grabbed some tupperware containers and filled them with 
rice, beans and baby food lids.

Anything that would make some noise and look remotely interesting.

Picnik collage

He was entertained for an unbelievable amount of time.

He loved it and I was reminded that we don't always need all the fancy toys.

I mean, I love them, don't get me wrong.
They teach and entertain and help him grow and learn....
but man, sometimes you've just got to keep things simple and new.


  1. What a great reminder! Like any good blogger I'm glad you took a minute to capture Peanut in Tupperware action. He is so stinkin' cute!

  2. Never underestimate a pan, wooden spoon, and/or meausring spoons, too. He is adorable. I think at 22 lbs. he is about as big as you!

  3. Amen, sister! Some of the best fun is found in boxes, water bottles filled with rice and paper towel tubes.

  4. Totally brilliant Dawn!! I love this. You are such a good and innovative mommy.

  5. haha, so true! It's like when you buy a baby a great present and they're too busy looking at the box it came in to worry about the actual present. Love it!

  6. you're a genius. isn't it funny the things that amuse them?? wish it stayed that simple and inexpensive;)

  7. I love it. I keep all of the tupperware and kids bowls, plates, etc in the bottom drawer. Molly digs through it at least once a day and pulls everything out. It's a total mess, but she loves it and it gives me 5 minutes of peace.

  8. Okay this totally reminded me of the rainy days (ahem* Washington*) when JJ and Ava were toddlers. I had a bag of "Play rice" and I'd set a cookie sheet in front of each of them, pour it full of rice, and let them drive cars, dump trucks, back hoes and all kinds of things in it. They would make roads and hills and rivers for hours!! Rice sweeps up beautifully too... Everyone was happy.


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