Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cinnamon Productions, Ladera Ranch

Oddly enough, in our city there isn't really an independent breakfast place.  There's Coco's and Mimi's and a bunch of coffee shops but not really a go-to place for breakfast.

When my friend Courtney suggested we try Cinnamon Productions about 15 minutes away, 
we jumped at the opportunity.

In addition to an awesome lunch selection and
having an drool-worthy bakery (that I somehow didn't photograph),
they also serve breakfast all day!

Have I talked about how much I love eggs benedict?
I try really hard but I just can't resist ordering it.

I love hollandaise but surprisingly, I've learned that not everyone does it the way I like it.
It's supposed to be hollandaise sauce, not lemon sauce!
CP does their hollandaise wonderfully AND they serve their eggs benedict on a croissant.

A croissant.  ~sigh~  And Black Forest ham.  And fantastic hash browns.

The eggs benedict normally comes with a fresh baked muffin, toast or breakfast bread.
What is breakfast bread?

But since I'm watching what I eat, 
I opted to spend an extra $1.25 and have a cinnamon roll instead.

You heard me!

The cinnamon roll is gooey and delicious and everything it should be.

B was originally going to order the same thing and I was.
When he does this I normally change my order so we get to try 2 different things.

He ended up getting the belgium waffles with fresh strawberries and a side of sausage.
How do they get their waffles so light and airy and so crisp on the outside?
And look at that pile of strawberries.

My only complaint was that he didn't get it with whipped cream... or butter.
I need whipped cream or butter with my fruit.

We usually swap plates halfway thru.

Courtney had Dave's Breakfast Sandwich with eggs, Black Forest ham, 
cheddar cheese and lettuce on a croissant.

It normally comes with tomato but she doesn't like tomato.
I like to give her a hard time about her distaste for tomatoes.

I might have to get this the next time we go.

Picnik collage

Cinnamon Productions has 2 different South OC locations.

They do french toast with cinnamon rolls... what exactly is this about?  
I must find out.

Their lunch and dinner menus look equally delicious.

I'm already thinking about the things I want to try from the bakery side. 
Loads of delicious desserts.

Picnik collage

This is Courtney's car.

She's a bit of a Harry Potter fan. 
Just a bit.

Her license plate is Harry Potter themed.

The other side of the car said "Down with Voldy!"

She cracks me up.  

I cannot wait to see the last movie.  Who wants to babysit Peanut?!


  1. <3 Can we go again sometime soon? I didn't even let you take a picture of my cheesecake, I had it the other night and it was the most amazing thing I've ever eaten in my life.

    I'm still laughing at the fact that you took pictures of my car. Too silly!

  2. You've never had cinnamon roll french toast? Oh you gotta... :)

    And I'm jealous of your friend's car...wish I'd thought of that first! hahaha

  3. I love breakfast!!! And Peanut is so cute!!!

  4. Cinnamon roll french toast--never had it but you really can't go wrong there!

  5. First of all, I'll watch peanut. :) Second of all, the fact that you switch plates half way through (and I know you've said that before) is brilliant and I really need to start doing that...only Adrain can be a little possiessive of his food. And he normally eats all of his and half of mine. I think we need a new arrangement!

  6. Duuuuuude! Have you been to Break of Dawn yet?
    That's a darn good breakfast joint in Laguna Hills; behind the mall in the Marshalls shopping center. Definitely check them out (they're closed on Mon & Tues), they have a great family story behind the place too :) Enjoy!

  7. There is a place in St. George, UT called "The Bear Paw" and they make french toast out of cinnamon rolls. It is one of the greatest culinary feats I've ever encountered.

    If I were a little closer, I'd so come and watch Peanut for you while you went to a movie!


    Grandma Rocky

  8. I always leave your website hungry. That cinnamon roll looks delicious!

    ahhh I love your friend's car! I watched the new HP7 TWICE! Once in 3D once in 2D. Such a great movie and I'm so sad it's over. Just be sure to bring tissue when you go. I bawled like Peanut on a grumpy day!


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