Saturday, July 2, 2011

A moose goes a bicyclin'


B has been looking forward to this moment for soooo long.

We received this bike seat at one of my baby showers last October and 
B has been looking at it ever since.


He made it a point to keep putting hats on Peanut regularly during these last 8 months so that when it came time for a helmet, it wouldn't be such a huge adjustment.

For some reason that really makes me laugh.  
It was that planned.

Make sure he wears a hat so he won't get too freaked out about the helmet!

Picnik collage

I wasn't sure if Peanut would be nervous riding the bike. 
The seat is on the front so he wouldn't be able to see daddy behind him.

I love how the seat has that panel in front for him to lean on.

It was so odd seeing them ride away.

Picnik collage

Peanut absolutely loved it!
He was smiling and looking around while they rode up and down the street.

I don't know who was more excited... Moose or B?!


When they stopped, there was lots and lots of talking.

I assume he was recapping the adventure for the rest of us to hear.

Happy 8 months baby boy, what a great way to celebrate!

UPDATE:  The bike seat is called the WeeRide LTD Kangaroo seat.
You can check it out here on Amazon.


  1. I think this has to be my favorite post! Peanut looks like he was just born to ride bikes. It must be in his blood... :)

  2. Start them early! That is so cute.

  3. Oh my, that is just toooooo precious! What a cute little man you have, happy 8 months!

  4. It is quite obvious that Peanut has a great Dad! (Mom, too, of course! lol)

  5. Fantastic! What a great activity for Moose and B. One of my favorite posts, too! (Although the "making dirty diaper grunt" sure ranks up there.) :)

  6. all i can say is OH MY GOODNESS! he's finally on a bike. that is the cutest thing ever;)

  7. Omg this is by far one of the most precious things I've ever seen. If I saw them in the street I think I would have stopped to take a picture. Peanut looks so thrilled to be on that bike! He'll be one of those extraordinary kids that learns to ride his own before he walks, lol!

  8. He's the cutest peanut! I'm rather curious though what is the name of the bicycle seat? I'm in the market to purchase one and I would absolutely love to try this one out!! Please post any info that you have :D Thanks!!

  9. I just showed my bike lovin' husband and he wants me to ask if you know where your friend purchased this awesome baby bike seat?

  10. That might be the coolest bike seat I've ever seen. I have only seen the ones on the back, and it makes so much more sense to put them on the front!! I wish we'd had those when our kids were babies. I LOVE riding bikes. LOVE IT I tell you!!


  11. Oh My Goodness!!! So cute!!!

  12. What a cool seat! I like that P gets to sit up front, it's a great start to riding his own bike.

  13. That is toooo great! And the hat/helmet thing made me laugh out loud. Not such a good thing when my three-year-old is sleeping next to me. Oops.


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