Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daniel's 1st Birthday

We recently celebrated my great-nephew Daniel's first birthday.

Doesn't that make me sound old?  My great-nephew!
(I'm 17 yrs younger then my brother and 8 yrs older than my nephew)

Picnik collage

Anyway, we did a baseball/Angels theme all organized by my mom.

She is the official family party-thrower.

Picnik collage

I made a photo collage and the fabric bunting for the highchair.

I made it my own-self!

I have a feeling I'll be doing more of these.

Picnik collage

The birthday boy and his daddy.
Daniel is actually wearing shorts and shoes that were his dad's.

Who remembers LA Gear?!

Picnik collage

My mom did this awesome kids table.

The day before my nephew let me know that there would be 7 kids on his mom's side.
I rushed around buying party favors and such.
Apparently he counted his cousins and brother.
Out of the 7 only 1 was not a teenager or older.


Picnik collage

I think at first he was a little wary of the rally monkey staring at him.

Eventually he had a taste of the cake.

Mmmmm, sugar.

I feel like this picture is sort of necessary for a first birthday.

Daniel is not a fan of having his hands dirty.
He does not like touching his food.

Picnik collage

Cousin love.

Picnik collage

This little girl was hilarious and she loved Peanut!

She was such a sassy little thing.
That girly attitude comes early!

Picnik collage

Daniel did really well opening his presents and being the center of attention.

Picnik collage

Here the boys are trying out Daniel's new wagon!

It even came with beer holders.

Happy 1st Birthday Daniel!

P.S.  No babies were intoxicated in the making of this post.

After all, they were only light beers.


  1. Love the "beer holders". ;-) Peanut is getting big!

  2. Your cake is so beautiful! A simple party but it is memorable, thanks for sharing!


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