Friday, July 1, 2011

Peanut and the Penguin


In an effort to keep Peanut busy while I finished the last chapter of The Help (which I started on Tuesday), I broke out this penguin.

I have a stash of toys in the closet.

It's perfect when he's either bored or I want him to be distracted for a bit.

Mr. Penguin is one of those things that teeters around and pops back up.

He makes music and little exclamations when you move him.


The thing about Peanut is that everything is his long list friend.

He smiles and talks to inanimate objects all the time.  Really.

Bottles, pillows, chairs, posters, they are all his friends.

Then you go and put something like this in front of him and he is just so excited to meet his new friend.


Kisses for Mr. Penguin!

Of course, the love only lasted until Peanut got frustrated that Mr. Penguin kept moving away from him whenever he touched him.

Penguins can be cruel like that.


  1. So funny ,,,so cute!!!

  2. Such a species-indiscriminate lover he is!

    (And did you LOVE *The Help*? I think I plowed through in just a few days, too -- which only made me sad that the book wasn't longer ;))

  3. Just came by for a quick "peanut fix" before the long weekend.

    I just downloaded "The Help" to read at my friend's cabin this weekend.

    Have a great fourth!



  4. Yay! You're reading The Help! I can't wait for the movie to come out! On a side note.... I wanted that penguin for Emerson so badly, but our Target sold out.... booo... glad Peanut enjoys it!

  5. The pic of him looking right in the penguin's eyes? Cutest!!


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