Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Maple Bacon Donut

It's Orange County Fair time!
B seriously looks forward to fair food for weeks and weeks.

I've talked about the fair before and especially about my love for bacon.

Specifically bacon and chocolate of which I'm sure I'll have on one of my other trips to the fair.

Picnik collage

But this year I couldn't help but be drawn to this massive "Texas" Maple Bacon Doughnut.
It takes up a whole plate and it is completely delicious.

My mom said it best when she described it's taste as breakfast.

Think pancakes with maple syrup and a side of bacon.

The doughnut itself has the lightness of a Krispy Kreme raised doughnut
 (vs. the heavier cake doughnuts),
the maple glaze is thick and the bacon...
well, it tastes like bacon.  Need I say more?

Try it... but it's definitely one to share.

Phew, after all that heavy richness I feel like you need a nice refreshing glass of 
Minted Melon Agua Fresca.

Head over to Dandy Baby to get this recipe!
Yes, Dandy Baby is for baby food but this recipe was made just for you!


  1. Ohhhhh my. This makes me hungry!

  2. OK Where's Peanut???

  3. oh yes. I cannot wait.

  4. My life may never be the same after seeing these pictures. I must figure out how to make them at home.


  5. Woah that looks SO good! Need. One. Now.

    I say that, after I had three cavities filled this morning...heh!

  6. I had a mini cupcake at my hairdresser's the other day that one of his other client's had made. She's trying to start a cupcake business. Anyway, it was a vanilla cupcake with maple icing and a piece of bacon on top! was good!


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