Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What do you get when you mix Lemons with Peanuts?


You get a perfectly wonderful visit with a great friend you'd never really met before!

Many of you are already familiar with Sasha and so you know why I jumped at the chance to meet her. When she told me she was coming to town I promised that I would come see her. I wasn't sure if I would be able to shower... or waddle and sit by then but I was determined to meet her if only for a short amount of time.


Let me tell you, Sasha is a ball of energy. Oh my goodness, you have no idea. I mean, I suspected as much but that woman is pure happiness and energy, stuffed into a bottle and shaken vigorously. She is contagious.

She even gave me energy and I had a 10 day old baby. Sasha, I'm sorry if I seemed a bit dazed :)

Don't you just want to squeeze her?

Her family is amazing. Polite and as sweet as can be. You would never know that those kids had been doing an entire weekend of Disney site-seeing because in my experience that usually leads to total meltdowns. Her kids were adorable and so sweetly showed me some of the things they got during their stay.


Adrain and Sasha are just an adorable couple and looked just wonderful with a baby between them .

I would've taken a picture of Adrain holding Peanut but Sasha only gave Peanut up for about 30 seconds and I couldn't whip out my camera that fast!

It was so incredibly lovely to meet LMM and such a fun visit! We'll be friends forever, I just know it.

P.S. If you'd like to come hold Peanut, you just need to make your way to the Orange County/Los Angeles Area! :P


  1. Cute family ,,,and Peanut is so cute too!!! luvuallbye

  2. So sweet! Ya'll are just too cute!

  3. Girl you look ADORABLE! Seriously gorgeous. And I know from first hand experience that Sasha is pure joy in human form. I love her so much:) Isn't it wonderful to meet someone and have them turn out even better than you thought!

  4. How exciting that you got to meet a bloggy friend face to face. And doing it after just giving birth ten days prior? You're AMAZING!! So glad you guys got along and had a nice visit.
    PS I love the Chloe reindeer the little girl has. "She thinks I'm CUTTEEEE!" love Rudolph.

  5. I am super jealous of you both. How wonderful and I can only imagine how much fun it was too. Dang it! We don't plan to be in that area until the boys turn 10. That will be our next trip to disney for sure. I guess Peanut will be well over a year then, but not too big to hold ;)

  6. What a fun time!! it is always fun to meet a fellow blogger and have them meet your expectations and beyond! Uhm, I think I need to come and meet Peanut!! :)I promise to be on my best behavior and won't steal him...if i didn't have one in the oven, I just might! hehe!

  7. Oh my word, you are hilarious. What a sweet email. Isn't it funny how you can know someone but not literally KNOW Them? And then you meet them and you love them just as much as you knew you would?! You are so right, we WILL be friends now! And I wanna come back and hold that baby and give you a break again. We really do look great with a baby in the center of our family! Who knows, maybe someday I'll adopt. :) I think it's funny you said I had energy. I felt a little worn out by the time we met! LOL And I also think it's funny you said you were sorry if you were dazed... I think you were perfect and not dazed in the least! My goodness, you had JUST Had a BABY!!! You looked gorgeous and I was thoroughly impressed. I feel like we were the dazed family! Ha!

    Let's for sure do it again. Soon!!! :)

  8. Why did I call that post an email? I think I need someone to hold my children and let me nap too. LOL!

  9. Awww, what a treat to meet a friend face to face. You are looking great for just having had Peanut!


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