Saturday, November 27, 2010

Food Coma


The food coma we had over the weekend is just the beginning of a whole month of food comas ahead.

My baking for the Christmas party in 2 weeks in almost done. I have loads of cookies frozen and a short list of things that need to be made at the last minute.


My mom has reminded me that as full as my hands are this year, next year will be even more... chaotic.


I've been eating pecan pie directly out of the tin.

FYI: Both of the above pies are Pioneer Woman's recipe. I used a mixer to beat the filling for the one on the left. Obviously the filling needs to be hand mixed otherwise you incorporate too much air.

Gingerbread loves the Peanut

With the amount of pie I've had Peanut is probably getting pecan, pumpkin and butter flavored breast milk.


I tried a new recipe that I'll be sharing with you. Did you notice the not-so-secret ingredient?

That's right, bacon. Caramel Pumpkin Bars with bacon!


  1. Wow, it seems like I was just reading about all the cookies you made for Christmas!!! This year flew by!!

  2. You amazing woman! How on earth have you managed to bake?! Love it! Xxx

  3. Love the pic with the dog by Peanut's head. So cute.

  4. Peanut and baking ,,,perfect!!! Is Ginger babysitting? Ryder is so cute in every photo!!! Thank you for having a blog for us to enjoy!!! luvuallbye

  5. oh my...the salty and sweet combo. you need to send me some of those;) HA! Sweet pic with pups next to peanut.

  6. Peanut is thriving on that pumpkin/pecan flavored milk. He looks very content! Beautiful pictures, as always.

  7. peanut looks like he is loving the holiday menu :)

    the holidays just get more fun with a kid...busier too...but sweeter...

  8. He's getting so big and is the cutest!! Nothing like having pumpkin and pecan flavored milk. He looks like he's totally content.

  9. Mmm looks good

    Peanut is so precious!

  10. You are amazing!! I don't know how you fit all that baking in with a newborn! Can't wait for the bacon-infused recipe--that's gotta be good!

  11. I can't wait to hear about the last recipe! Yum Yum! Peanut looks so much like B. WOW!

  12. And my box of goodies is already in the mail right? LOL

  13. Mmmmmmm bacons. Peanut looks like he had fun!

  14. I LOVE the shot of Gingerbread and Peanut. Hmm...why does everyone in your family have FOOD names?!? No surprise...


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